Meeting Hrithik - Himanshi (2009)

Published On: 2012-05-17

Author: Himanshi

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Finally the day I had been waiting for the past 8 years came alive on 22nd may 2009. I got the opportunity to meet HRITHIK ROSHAN (the man of my dreams literally) through a coke contest. 


I was one of the 200 lucky contest winners who had the chance of meeting and interacting with Hrithik. 


The event started @ 5:30 pm and I waited with bated breath to see him but he only arrived at 6:45 pm...That wait of 1 hour and 15 minutes seemed like a million zillion years but somehow I managed to sit through calmly ...and then he arrived... like a true rock star...dressed in a red shirt, grey jeans and blue jacket he looked every bit a superstar but equally grounded. 


The event commenced with a chat session. When asked about 'coke' as a soft drink he answered “that when it goes down your throat on a hot summer day it feels like heaven”. He was also asked about his secret of fitness to which he reluctantly responded that he did not believe in rigorous workout but it should be on consistent basis. 


After this chat session we were finally asked to form 20 groups each consisting of 10 winners for the photo session. Mine was the fourth group and all through I was thinking what am I going to talk to him about and at the same time I was worried that I would faint on stage and land in his arms (which silently I wished had happened ..hehe). 


I reached the stage safely and before I could say something he shook hands with me (he has amazingly soft hands) and greeted me with "nice to meet you!" .I was so taken aback that I stood still for like 2 minutes and then finally came to my senses and said "thank you". 


He was so worried about every single person on stage and wanted everyone to be in the frame. When we were getting clicked he put his hands on my shoulders and I kept praying to god to never let this moment end. We got our picture clicked and before leaving the stage I walked back to him and wished him all the luck for Kites to which he responded with a warm “Thank you”. 


I came down and I was shivering but after watching him for almost an hour from a very close distance I realized that he is very much the same person that I have admired for the past 8 years...there was nothing made up about him and he came across as a very humble and a down to the earth guy. 


After this interaction I have started to admire him even more as a person alongside the brilliant actor that he is. 


This is one day I will cherish for a very long time. 




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