Table No 17

Published On: 2012-05-23

Author: Aalia

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Aman- Hrithik 

Nysa- Priyanka Chopra 

Ishaan- Kunal Kapoor 

Priya- Aishwarya Rai 





Nysa. The name still made him nervous.


So many years had passed but his heartbeat still rose at that name. First it was love. Now, it was anticipation and fear. He looked at himself in the mirror but didn’t see his reflection. He saw the Aman that Nysa would see tonight.


His sea green eyes were still vulnerable; his face still boyish. The pullovers had been replaced by a buttoned down black shirt- open to reveal a well toned muscular chest. The faded jeans were no longer worn- in its place he wore an Armani grey suit. He no longer wore sneakers or carried college text books- he was no longer a boy. His heart no longer beat for her. But he still felt nervous at her very name.


“So is my handsome husband ready for his big date?”


Aman turned around and as always focused on his wife’s twinkling eyes that continued to captivate and guide him. He smiled at her loveliness leaning in the doorway, coffee cup in hand. Even in casual attire, Priya was so inviting, her perfect figure belying the fact that’s she was a young mother.


“Hmmm- so let me admire you...” she said as she turned him towards her.


He glanced at her kind face, concentrating on his handsome face and knew that every time he did that, he fell in love with her all over again. Her face had so many expressions- each cuter than the last. She understood him like no other- she loved him crazily, often laughing at things that made him mad. She was his rock and he loved her for it.


“You still can’t comb your hair right!” she said as she brushed the front of his hair with her fingers. “You just leave it all over your face...” she carried on.


“You said I looked c-cute that way!’ he laughed as he held her around the waist as she brushed her fingers over his smooth, handsome face. She brushed his eyebrows much to his amusement.


“Err, h...hello, I am not Natasha!” he said.


“Oh believe me, there is not much difference between father and daughter when it comes to grooming!” Priya smiled.


“So, am I looking g-nice?” he said quickly and carefully changing words.


“You look perfect!” she said as she put her arms around his shoulders.


“Actually a bit too perfect” she said as she raised an eyebrow. “I hope you don’t come home with lipstick marks and love bites from this college reunion!”


Aman laughed as he kissed her.


“Nope! I will save that part of me for la-later when I get back home to you” he said as he hugged her tightly. “You are the best Pri” he muttered.


Priya closed her eyes and engulfed herself in the warmth of her husband. Tonight was going to be the greatest struggle of his life and he had stubbornly insisted that he was going to do it alone.


She walked down with him to the garage and Aman flicked on the light to reveal his pride and joy- his Mercedes, the first car her had ever bought. Walking hand in hand, he grinned at it- the emblem of his success. He touched the car with his fingertips hoping that the grace and majesty of the automobile would give him the confidence he felt was slipping away.


“Good luck my love” she said as she squeezed his hand.


“Yeah!’ he said as his eyes looked away.


Priya knew that look- she knew them all. She had learned to read him well over the years that they had dated, fallen in love and married. He no longer had to speak to her- he communicated with her through his eyes- she could see inside his soul by just a glance into them.


“Baby- shall I come with you?’ she asked.


“Heh! No way! Then all the girls will think that I am un-unavailable and I can’t t-test my worth in the market!’ he said with a twinkle in his eye. She slapped him on his back and he giggled.


He looked into her eyes and said, “You know that you are the only one who will love me in the way that I like” he said. “You are the only girl who will have me!’ he laughed.


“All I know is that I am the only one who has the honor of being yours and I am not sharing that with anyone...” she smiled.


“You will never have to Pri!” he sad as she cupped her face in his. “You are my angel and I am not hu-hurting you ever...” he said with the intensity of a poet.


“Heh, don’t get so serious” she said as she kissed him. “Now go before I get in that seat with you and chaperone you to this thing. Besides I have a spy!’ she laughed.


“Yes I know...” he sighed. “Your trusted Ishaan!”


Priya waved him off knowing that beneath his wide smile there were memories that had come back to him when he had received the invitation card of this event. She knew that beneath those memories, the scars were still left to heal.


He drove through the traffic and noticed the bright lights adorning 'Mumbai College'. He had passed it many times and it had made him smile. The canteen guffaws, the success and failures in the classroom and the girls they had all swooned over- especially Nysa.


He stopped the car in a quiet lane as the radio bellowed out the hit “Purani Jeans’. That song was Ishaan’s favorite and he rested his head against the headrest as he closed his eyes and let his mind wander down memory lane.





“Purani jeans aur guitar” Ishaan’s voice rang out loud and clear, as he sat on the canteen table with an imaginary guitar.


“Purani jeans and an absolute dork, more like it!’ Rishi said as he plugged his ears with cotton wool. “Do you have to do that every morning- it is almost like a pre assembly ritual!’


“Yaar- people don’t realize the worth of my nightingale voice- when I am gone you will miss it!’ he said as she held his fist to his forehead.


“Yeah, yeah! So tell us about the big date” Rahul said as he too pulled up a chair.


“Oh please don’t remind me- the girl would have been happy with Aman who would have gazed at stars all evening! It would be like a silent movie with birds tweeting in the romantic moments!’ Ishaan said as they all sat down. “It was like I was on a date with myself. I asked the questions and answered them too. I held her hand and she jumped like I was an ogre or something” he moaned. “She drank three cokes too...three... and not even a small peck in return!’ he laughed.


“Dude you ain’t far from an ogre- kissing you would be like kissing a frog minus the prince!’ Rishi laughed.


“Anyway it was a big dabba so just went home, phoned Aman and then to sleep”


“Do you call him every night?’ Rahul asked.


“Yep- sure do!’ Ishaan said as Aman rushed in on cue.


“Almost late as usual” Ishaan said as he gave him a chair. “Dude get an alarm clock!’


Aman was breathless and just shook his head.


“I h-h-have one” he managed to say.


“Yeah and do you know how to use it?’ Rishi asked. “The big hand is for the hours and the small one is for the minutes.’


“Y-y-yes I-I-I k-know” Aman managed before Ishaan hit him on his back.


“Yaar...drink some coke and then start again. How many times have I told you that don’t speak on a dry mouth!’


“You gave that girl three cokes and won’t forget for a lifetime!’ Rahul said. “And you give him few drinks all the time- what of that?’


“That’s coz he is Aman- one in a million!’ Ishaan said proudly looking at his best friend. “Could give my life for this guy” he whispered protectively.


Ishaan had bought Aman into his group of friends. He too had mocked Aman on his speech at school but had taken him under his wing when he saw the younger boy being teased by bullies. Over time he had recognized that Aman was the gentlest, most honest soul he knew. Always getting into trouble, Aman had become a savior especially when his parents were going through a rough divorce when Ishaan was 14. He knew all of his secrets and Ishaan knew that they would go to the grave with him.


Once after a night of drinking, Ishaan had smashed his father’s car. Aman had taken the blame, the beating from his father and secretly paid for repairs too. Always proud to be a toughie, Ishaan had embraced his friend and cried vowing through his tears that he would never let harm come to the vulnerable boy.


Aman’s thoughts were disturbed by the ring of his mobile.


“Oye where are you?’ Ishaan said clearly irritated. Aman could hear the party was in full throng as the sound of loud music and even louder laughter bellowed into his ear.


“Why are you so im-impatient? We meet every day!’ Aman laughed.


“Yeah but Rishi is here for just another three hours before he is off to Delhi again—we are waiting for your highness as we discuss his receding hairline” Ishaan laughed.


“On my way’ Aman smiled thinking momentarily if he should ask if Nysa was there or not. He however stopped at the last minute thinking how inappropriate it would look. Aman shut his phone and started the engine- a smooth purr compared to the anxiety building up in his chest. He finally made his way to the college reunion- and Nysa.





He parked in the car park and saw the bouncing party from afar fully under way. The area that once held rusting motorbikes, mopeds and bikes was brimming with posh cars. “Yeah we have all grown up”he thought as he slowly made his way to the hall, breathing in the fresh air and soaking in the atmosphere.


He glanced over to the sports grounds, the tennis courts and football pitches- all places he had made his mark. His eyes fell on the old bicycle shed where he like many before him, had stolen their very first very awkward kisses. He burst out laughing at the dingy grey shed and thought “Please let Kiran not be there!”He carefully walked to the hall- sitting pretty on top of the green grassy hill. He stared at it conscious that in the sea of faces there was only one face he cared for.


“Stop drooling!”all three guys chorused as Aman blushed and shook his head.


“Guys c-c-come on!”he blushed.


“What c’mon?”Ishann grinned as he slapped him on his back. “Your jaw is lying on the floor right now dude.’


“Ask her out!”Rishi said for the millionth time.


Aman rolled his eyes and stared at her yet again.


“W-w-way out of my le-league”he said almost to himself, his eager eyes drinking up her lovely vision. His eyes followed and memorised her every move and noticed every toss of her shiny black locks. He thought that each mannerism was more perfect than the last- she was more beautiful each day. College seemed brighter when her laughter rang through it. The sun shone stronger and the birds chirped louder. Aman’s day stood still as she walked across the campus.


She was the darling of the college- impeccably turned out, hair settled to the last strand, she was more like a cheerleader, with no need for the costume. What she wore was the fashion for the month and what she discarded was “Out’- no questions asked.


He entered the hall and walked over to his group. They met him with a great big cheer and they all hugged. They were getting together after six years and could hardly make themselves heard over all the noise. They asked about wives, girlfriend and children over glasses of champagne as Aman’s eyes roved over the hall.


“Where is she?”he thought impatiently. He looked at several faces; most familiar, some unknown. He turned his head to the corner of the room every time he heard a cheer, knowing that wherever she was, she would be the centre of attention. He imagined her to be more sophisiacted, more beautiful than she had ever been. His heart was beating faster as the realisation dawned on him that maybe..just maybe she wasn’t there.


And then he saw it- the fall of the lovely black locks that he had known for years. He heard the same soft voice, the same lovely laugh. He saw someone dressed in black- a short black dress as people moved in and out of his view. He looked on impatiently wishing for the sea of people to part so he could see her clearly. He saw her again. This time, her back was tuned. Her skirt just touched her mid thigh and her high heels did her long legs full justice. She was still slim- still glamorous as she turned to face him. His heart skipped a beat as he lay eyes on her face- older but still extremely attractive. She was engrossed in conversation and just like in college, he registered every frown and every laugh as she talked.


Aman saw her almost in slow motion and then looked away. He did not want to lust- he couldn’t now. But did he still have feelings for her? He had expected his heart to jump at her sight, for him to be drawn to her. But maybe the memories were too painful afterall.





Atlast she looked over at him and her eyes stopped at him. She walked over and said




“Don’t stammer”was the first thing that came into his head.


He carried on looking at her as her eyes roved over his six feet frame.


“My God! That’s you isn’t it? Look at you- you look good enough to eat!”she laughed flirtatious as ever.


“Yeah he does”Ishaan interrupted. “And totally taken and eaten I may add!’


“What- by you? I must say, I always had my doubts about you in college too!’


“No! Definately not- this dude is happily married and I am happily engaged!”Ishaan laughed. “And you?’


“Hmm- single and ready to mingle”she said looking at Aman again. “Maybe we can catch up later”she said brushing her fingers along his open shirt, letting one finger gently caress his body. He shuddered at her touch and it felt exciting.


He stared as she walked away and Ishaan roughly turned him around.


“Now look her Romeo! You are not gonna 'catch up' or throw up or anything. The woman is a man eater. She has married like twice and is divorced... again! So stop staring you goof!’


“No not like that”he said as his eyes followed her across the room. His eyes fell to her backside and he breathed deeply and shook his head. “No you are right! This is wrong”he muttered.


“Good! Now lets eat”rishi said. They all walked over to the buffet and Nysa came and stood infront of Aman. She now knew that he was General Manager with a leading IT company and was suddenly more interested. She had pulled her dress down to reveal abit more cleavage and made sure he noticed a she stood close to him..abit too close. Ishaan knew from his face that she had attracted Aman’s attention and he rolled his eyes. Not that Aman could take his eyes off her to notice.


“Do you wanna talk over dinner outside?”she asked. “It is much too noisy here?’


Aman thought carefully and said “Yeah why not?’. They chatted as they collected their food and amidst glares from Ishaan they went outside. Nysa followed him and thought that he had become the ideal package- rich, successful and amazingly attractive.


She studied him as he walked her out- the broad shoulders, setting off the perfect V to an irresistable waist and firm, long legs. Aman chose the table- there was just one he wanted and it awaited them with open arms- seemingly reserved just for them.


Table no 17.


They placed their plates on the table and sat down facing each other just like before. But this time, in a twist of fate, it was Aman who was the object of desire. Nysa’s eyes fell down his body as they started to eat. She glanced at his deep seductive eyes, his pointed long nose- all too perfect on a manly handsome face. She glanced at his firm chest visible and tanned under his shirt and his taut perfect abs. She wanted him and was determined to get him. “It is too easy”she thought. “The game was half won in college- he cant refuse’


Aman looked up as he sat back in his chair. He slowly sipped champagne as he looked at Nysa. This wasn’t a date- just a quiet dinner with an old friend. Friend? Was she a friend-? No. Just an acquaintance. Yes, “Acquaintance’- that word was perfect. She was never a freind.


“Ask her out- please before we all die!”Rahul said as college entered its last week.


“He is right- what have you got to lose?”Ishaan said “Except for your virginity”he smiled.


“Oh cmon!”Aman said blushing red.


“You must be the only guy...heck the only person who leaves her uninitiated- cmon go for it! College closes in a week and then you will never see her ever, Even if she says no, you won’t see any of these people again so what does it matter!”Rishi reasoned. “She even went out with that zitty Rakesh so you stand a chance mate!’


“Yeah and now she can teach you the whole Kamasutra man!”Rahul said as Aman threw a pillow at him, hating anyone said bad about his girl.


“Th-th-those are all l-lies”he muttered defensively.


“Okay..okay”Ishaan said. “So she is waiting for her shining prince and he is you! Look Aman- ok, so you stammer but otherwise you are a cool dude! Why wouldn’t she say yes- atleast try!’


Aman looked at his friends”genuine eager faces. Maybe they were right. Noone knew him better than these three and sometimes he marvelled at why they loved him. But they did. They saw beneath the fumbling tongue and desperate eyes. He wasn’t even conscious of his stammer when he was with them. He felt naked infront of the world but with them he felt at ease; he could be himself and didn’t have to withdraw into his shell. Maybe Nysa would be the same. He had often fantasised about how she would understand him and love him. How she would melt at his kiss and make love to him. His first time. Maybe that could be true after all.


“Ok! buh-b-but I wont duh-do it!”he said nervously.


“Then who? You fairy godmother!”Ishaan asked confused.


“No! Y-you ask. Ask her f-f-fr-friends if sh-she will”he said.


“Huh?”Ishaan asked.


“Yeah don’t get Ishaan to do it. He will take her dude!”Rishi said.


“I would never touch her”Ishaan said sternly. “She is not mine to even lust after. Ok- what do you want me to do?’


And from that moment, Aman put his plan into motion- a plan that he had hoped would be the start of a fairy tale romance.





“So what have you been doing for the last six years”Nysa asked,


“Ummm nothing m-much”Aman started.


“You been working out though- you have a great body”she gushed.


Aman blushed and smiled. “Yeah I take care of myself’


“Well maybe I can take care of you too- abit..tonight”she said suggestively.


Aman stared back as Nysa leaned over the table, plunging her neckline down a couple more inches.


“I would like to get a feel of that up close”she whispered.


“Hmmm- in your dreams!”Aman smiled back.


“A girl like me- for Aman- in his dreams!”Nysa retorted as Payal suggested the idea.


Ishaan had requested Payal to put in a good word for his friend and although sceptical she had agreed.


“Oh c’mon Nysa- it is just a coffee- what have you got to lose”Payal insisted.


“No way- you crazy?! The guy can’t string together ne sentence- what will we talk about? Nysa said as she got out her nail file.


“Oh c’mon he is kinda cute”Payal argued.


“And what is in it for you?”Nysa said as she raised an eyebrow.


“A date with Ishaan”Payal said shyly.


“Now Ishaan I will take”Nysa laughed. “But that creep- no way- uggh!’


“Oh c’mon he isn’t that bad! He is better than Rakesh any day!’


“Excuse me Rakesh is the man- after just two dates, he took me out shopping, dinner, the works. That loser can’t even but me a drink it seems. And he isn’t even remotely handsome- just girly, under confident type thing..”she remarked as Aman’s image came to her.”No way!’


“Oh c’mon Nysa please! I have been gunning for Ishaan since I came here and now is my one last chance to go out with him- all just for a silly coffee hour with the geek. I will pay you Rs 1000 for Gods sake- just do it”Payal said desperately.


“No way- Rs2000”Nysa said holding out her palm.


“And if you kiss him then you give me the money back”Payal said as she found her purse.


“Uggghh kiss that weasel- now way! I am doing this for you and baby you owe me big tie”she said as she spooned up the money. “If it wasn’t the last days, I would never have done this yknow- my rep and all that’.


“Yeah I know you are Miss popular!”Payal sniggered.


“But I will not go out- 'out' with him- just a coffee in the school canteen ok?’


“Ok done”Payal said as she picked up the phone. “I will tell him that you two will meet this evening in the canteen!’


“Ok man you can’t mess this up”Ishaan said as he replaced the receiver.


He looked at Aman who looked stunned.


“Sh-she said Ye-ye-yes???!!!!’


“Yep dude she did”Ishaan said as he slapped him on his back. “I got goosebumps too when I heard”Ishaan said as he sat down next to his friend.


“Ok is that what it is? Goosebumps- I thought it was your biceps”Rishi laughed.


“ok grow a brain”Ishaan smiled back


Aman was deathly silent and had visibly gone pale. He couldn’t believe that the girl of his dreams- the Nysa would be going out with him- on her own- on a date.


“Are you sh-sure she said “yes’?”he asked again.


“yep dude, she did”Rishi said and boy are we gonna get you dressed!’


The next hour was spent rummaging through Aman’s wardrobe for the best tee shirt. Aman owned a staggering amount of white and Ishaan also went to his house to raid his wardrobe/ at last they all agreed on a red t shirt with blue jeans.


“N-no way!”Aman moaned. “I will s-s-stick out like a re-red ch-ccherry”he said.


“Good then stick out like a red cherry!”Ishaan laughed. “And Aman keep on drinking something- you stammer less and dude keep it simple and don’t talk a lot- just use your eyes or something! God hasn’t given you those green eyes to just stare at books, TV and Nysa yknow- use them”he said.


“Aman laughed and said “ok B-boss!’


“And best of luck”Rishi said in a rare moment of maturity. “She knows all about you and your speech so don’t get conscious- just be yourself and you will knock her for six’


“I duh-don’t know about th-that”he moaned feeling frustrated at his speech.


“So what say?”she asked with a smile.

“About what?”he asked back with a twinkle in his eye.


“You get a nice hotel room and I will take care of the rest”she said.


“For what?”he asked flirtatiously, his heart bet rising.


“For the best night of your life”she giggled. Under the table, her hand reached forward and touched his knee. He looked up and bit his lip as he stared into her deep black eyes. She looked straight into his eyes and traced her hand up the inside of his thigh. He closed his eyes, the desire and excitement undeniable.





“Huh-huh-hello”he mumbled in front of the mirror when he was alone.


He closed his eyes and imagined her in front of him- smiling, her hair slightly tousled in the wind. She had kindness in her eye4s and was slightly shy. She was waiting for him waiting for him to sweep her off her feet.


He tried again.


“H-hello N-n-Nysa”he stammered again.


He cried out in frustration. “God damn it!”he thought. “Just give me this one day-Please!!”he begged.


He tried again.


“Hi N-Nysa”he said very slowly.


“I can’t do that!”he thought. “I sound like an alien- oh forget it. Let’s just give up and cancel”he thought as he sat on the bed with a thud. However a part of his heart knew that she would understand- she would complete him. She was so kind, so beautiful that she would handle him.


“No I will go..”he thought as he took a deep breath and started towards the canteen.


“Nysa- I am married. You do know th-that don’t you?”he asked.


“Yes I do but I don’t want to be the wife or anything”she said as she touched his fingers with her hand. “I just wanna have fun and you look just like the kinda guy I can have it with. No one has to know- it will be our dirty little secret”she said as she grinned at him.


Aman stayed quiet and took a sip of champagne. He looked at her fingers gently caressing his.

“What would that feel like...?”he wondered quietly.


He chose his table carefully. He wanted one which was private but caught the sun too. He looked around and at last came to Table no 17.


“Hmm perfect”he said as he sat down. He looked around and felt panic stricken all of a sudden. “How about if she didn’t come?”he asked.


He looked around again and there she was – she looked absolutely stunning to him. He saw her approach in denim shorts and a tight pink t shirt. The fabric hugged her figure and he smiled.


“She is so perfect”eh thought as she came up to him.


“Aman?”she asked.


He nodded his head and she sat down.


“Ok so why am I here?”she asked.


“Nysa- I am n-not sure.....”he started.


“Not sure about what?”Nysa asked. “I was married too once but still found my fun”she said as she lit a cigarette. “Why tie yourself down to one person. I mean how boring! We are young and so why not?”she asked as she blew smoke into the air. “Aman you have no idea what you are missing,”she said as she grinned at him. She crossed one leg over the other as Aman’s eyes fell down to her toned legs.


“Hmm- I just”he stared. “So far so good”he thought relieved.


“Hang on- let’s eat first. I am so hungry”she said as she called over the waiter.

“So I am gonna have no 17, 19 and coke”please. She put the menu in front of Aman and started to look around.


“Hmm- I will h-h-have ..Umm”Aman started to feel very nervous and he started to fidget with the card. The waiter started to get impatient and Aman looked up at him.


“Well..”he said.


Aman cleared his throat and took a sip of water. “Hmm I-I-I..”and then he stopped.


Nysa let loose a small laugh and then she hid her mouth with her hand. She didn’t make eye contact but sniggered behind her hand.


“Hmmm N-n-nothing”Aman finally managed.


“You have to eat if you are gonna sit here”the waiter said thrusting the card back into his hands.


Aman picked up the card again and put his finger on the number for a club sandwich. The waiter rolled his eyes, glanced at the number and walked away.


Nysa and Aman sat in silence and then she finally said


“You ever thought of surgery- yknow for your hand?’


“Oh god”Aman thought. “He had totally forgotten about his right hand and he quickly yanked it under the table. He shook his head at the question and Nysa looked away.


“You should yknow!’


Aman blushed and shifted uncomfortably. This was not going well.





The food came much to Aman’s relief. Nysa started her food in silence glancing around her as she did so. Aman was far too nervous and just played with it abit before leaving it to one side.


“Can you call the waiter- I want another sandwich”she said.


Aman glanced at the waiter who scurried over.


“Aman tell him please for me”she said with a wicked grin.


Aman closed his eyes and picked up the card. With a shaking hand, he pointed at the number and the waiter hurried off.


“Why exactly did you call me here?”Nysa asked annoyed. “You haven’t or rather couldn’t say a word the whole time and the only reason I came was for Payal and the 2000 odd bucks she gave me.’


Aman looked up startled at this admission and his mind switched off at her words. All he saw was Nysa- his Nysa waving her arms wildly at him.


“So now that I have eaten and you have had the privilege of sitting with me, God I have to go!! She got up and left leaving Aman in the lurch- embarrassed, humiliated and hating himself. Through the tears in his eyes, he saw her walk away. And he didn’t think he would ever see her again. He felt too numb to be upset, too hurt to be angry. His heart was palpitating so fast he thought it would burst. He sat alone on Table no 17, rueing the one and only chance he had had with his dream girl.


“Tell me about yourself,” Aman said genuinely interested.


“Nothing much to tell”she said as she lit another cigarette and blew the smoke into the air. “Got married but didn’t work so I got a job. Well a few jobs actually but I am not the type to work in an ordinary 9 to 5 job. So I get my alimony and then from rich friends wanting company”she laughed.


“And th-that’s it?”Aman asked.


“No well...I am also a ummm waitress at a cocktail bar”she said quietly.


“Bu-but you had so much going for in college”Aman asked amazed.


“Yeah but it wasn’t for me- I want..well I want the world Aman and I want it quick.”Nysa laughed. She looked over at Aman who was staring at her. But it was different from before. She knew he was crazy about her and there was an unmistakable air of lust and mischief in his eye before. But now..what was it? Pity? She hated the word and looked away.


“What a waste!”Aman thought. He looked harder at her. “Was she the same Nysa. She seemed nothing but a shadow; a caricature of the girl of his fantasies. She seemed more desperate for him now than he had ever been for her. She had a great body but no soul- she seemed to be dead and Aman was very much alive.


“So what is it to be lover boy?”Nysa asked. “Now do you wanna show me what you really are all about? she said with a grin.


“Haven’t you seen en-enough coz I sure have”Aman said leaning forward.


Her high pitched laugh- the one he so loved filled the air.


“You aint seen nothing yet Mister”she said raising an eyebrow. “Now c’mon lets not waste any more time!’


Aman leaned back in his chair and said “Yknow Nysa. At college, you-you were everything I had dreamed of becoming. And now you are everything I would never want to become.’


Nysa looked at him in shock. Her hand shot to her mouth and she sat back in her chair slowly.


He got up and said “This is not petty revenge or anything like that. I would never dream of hu-hurting anyone. You will always have a special place in my heart Nysa. And your offer- as good as it seems, it isn’t for me. I am not that kind of person. Anther time, another place- maybe but now where I am at, there is only one wo-woman for me and her name isn’t Nysa. Take care and goodbye.’


He placed some money on the table and walked away. He didnt hear Nysa call and he didn’t look back- not even once.


“Hmm- may I sit here?’


Aman put his newspaper aside to lay eyes upon an angel- she had fair skin with gleaming green-blue eyes. She was carrying a tray and had only found one empty seat in the crowded hall- the one next to Aman.


“Ye-yeah sure”he said.


They were at an IT convention and the place was swarming with people.


“God thanks! I was thinking I would have to eat standing yesterday”she laughed.


“Now we can’t ha-have that”Aman smiled. “Mumbai is kind to its gu-guests! He looked up to see if she had noticed his stammer. She didn’t or maybe it didnt matter to her.


“Hmm not sure about that one”the beautiful stranger laughed. “My hotel is a huge pain and well the people here arent exactly friendly to a single woman.’


“Well you didn’t meet me uptil that point, d-did you?”he said.


“No guess not”she said with smile. “And who am I talking to?”she said straining to read his name off his name tag.


“Aman”he said. “And you?’


“My name is Priya and I am pleased to meet you”she said as she extended her hand. He shook it and there it started- the true and real love story of his life.


“Hi Honey I am back”he called out.


“Oh good- and early’.. Pri said as she gave him his welcome home hug. “And how was it?’


“I will te-tell that after”he said as he collected his beautiful wife up in his arms. Her legs rested on his hips as she giggled.


“After what?”she whispered.


“After I take you upstairs and show you how much I mi-missed and love you”he said as he kissed her.


Hours later as Pri slept in his arms, he allowed himself to think in the dark of the night. He kissed Pri’s head and played with her hair.


Nysa- the name still bought a smile. He had conquered so many painful memoires but she would always be special. But she was an illusion- an image that not even she could live up to. His reality lay beautifully in his arms and he hugged her closer. She loved him for what he was- and he held her tight- never to let go.



----The End----