Call a Doctor! Quickly

Published On: 2012-03-22

Author: Dufan Reena

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UH OH! I'm afraid I've got some scary news for all our Dufans, there's a illness going around, and I'm afraid its spread like wild-fire at the club, and we've ALL caught it in mild to severe forms! NO it's not the SARS virus, its called CWS… What's that, you ask? It's what's otherwise known as Celebrity Worship Syndrome! :-O

Or, mad icon disease! No no no NOT mad COW disease, mad ICON disease! So, do we Dufans have it? Well what do you think?! Hmmm? Do you wake up in the morning thinking about our Duggu? Or wonder what he's eating for breakfast? (I think all our food articles answer that! ; ) ) Or wonder if he ever washes the dishes? (I do! HA! HA!) Or… you get the idea? 

Well if you do, then listen to THIS: You could be one of a startling number of people suffering from this newly-identified psychological condition! According to psychologists, one in three, YES one in T-H-R-E-E people are sufferers and one in FOUR are "so taken with their icon that the obsession affects their daily lives"! (Clearing my throat) I guess we need not ask who those crazy people are! If a psychologist visited our club, I think we'd all be sent for consultation! HA! HA! HA! 

And I'm not kidding you, this is straight from an article in our local newspaper (the article was credited to the Daily Mail, London), it even says that the mildest form is when you talk non-stop about your icon to your friends' irritation! I quote: "Those with a mild affliction (about 22% of people) were likely to be extroverts with a lot of friends. Their worst symptom - at least for their friends - was a passion for talking about their chosen celebrity." Now where have I heard that before… (Wink!)

"In the moderate form (12%), sufferers showed signs of having an intense personal type relationship with their idol… The hardcore CWS sufferers (2%) feel they have a special bond with their celebrity, believe their celebrity knows them, and are prepared to lie or even die for their hero. Their celebrity worship was borderline pathological." !!! :-O

Well what to do, our Duggu is such that we HAVE all become CRAZY about him and are PROUD of it too! So to what extent exactly has he affected our daily lives? Well, lets take a walk through the everyday life of a Dufan: 

· Wake up in the morning - with a smile both on your face and in your heart if you've seen a Dudream while you slept… :D If not, with a frown of "Is it already morning?" 

· Time to start get yourself ready for the morning ahead, but first, return Hrithik's Good morning smile from your wall poster with a half-asleep but pleasant greeting smile of your own. 

· When you're out of the bathroom and capable of thought again, you drink your morning coffee. And while sipping at the coffee you greet the smaller but still delightful picture of Hrithik's lying on your desk, this time with a more awake and cheerful "Hey Gorgeous!" and a nice big smile! (This does wonders for your morning spirit!) 

· Then you start to get dressed and while you do, to keep your early morning spirits up - and to make sure you're wearing what looks best on you of course! - you have a conversation (all on condition that no one else is in the room of course!) with the muscle-bulging Hrithik poster on your wardrobe door! You know, the usual questions " Do you think these match Dugguji ; ) … does this suit me…, do I look good in this…… Ah perfect, this will do for today… what do you think Gorgeous? Yup! I thought so too!" 

· At this point if you're feeling particularly happy, you can even blow him a kiss before you leave the room! ;D 

· Of course all of these previous activities have to be perfectly timed… so that by the time you've grabbed a plate of breakfast and sat yourself in front of the TV while you eat, you find you're just in time for B4U's Hit Mix program. And you're guaranteed to see a DUsong or two considering how popular NTJNH, AMALL and Yaadein songs are on it, and how often they show them. 

· So according to which of your fave DUsongs you heard, your mood is set for the morning drive and sometimes even the whole day. If you heard a Yaadein title track you spend the morning in a far-off nostalgic dreamy-eyed mood with a distant little smile on your face (not hearing most of what anyone may be saying to you). If you heard a sad Tum or Jaa Sanam from NTJNH you start the day on a emotional teary-eyed note (Not the best song to hear so early in the morning!) If you heard a Jab dil mile from Yaadien or a Hawao ne from AMALL, then you must be in a romantic mood. If - best of all - you happen to hear a Chamakti shaam from Yaadein, or Ore Gori or Hum ese he jawan from AMALL then you start the day with a spring in your step, feeling like you could get up and dance with breakfast in hand, and singing Cham cham cham cham cham or Hindaroo pindaroo or Ikka mikka gussa sasa all day (even if you have no clue what it means!) HA! HA! 

· IF of course you were unlucky that morning and didn't hear any DUsongs then you can always put on the car radio and either hope to hear a DU song, or do the needy yourself and put in a tape from your fave DUmovie! : ) 

· Once you get to work/college/school, if you happen to be a few minutes early you log onto the nearest Internet connected computer (If you weren't early you carry on whistling the tune in your head until your next break) and Before you even check your private mail, you go to your favourites list and click on! True to your insatiable thirst for DUnews you ALSO go to!

· Just before you read your daily news snippet of Duggu you already open a new window, go to your favourites list again and click on your favourite chat club in the world - anewfaceforanewcentury! 

· So after you've oohed and aahed over the latest news on our man, you log in to Yahoo clubs and join in the discussions at the club while also catching up on the numerous messages posted since the last time you visited. 

· You say hello to everyone online, you get hysterical about some HOT new picture/trailor that everyone's seen, you clutch your tummy with laughter at some of our Dufan's funniest remarks, you get hyper-furious at any idiot who's said anything bad about Duggu, you get super duper excited about any good news - his film's release dates are approaching, his performances are being praised, his film's music is doing well, excitement is mounting in anticipation for his next release - you get a hundred times more excited when you read about anyone else's excitement! :D

· If friends/ colleagues happen to pop by your office or room while you're visiting the club and they ask what you're doing you give them the whole low-down on who Hrithik is, what a LOVELY person he is, how sooo in LOVE with him you are etc etc etc until they get sick of hearing it! ;D 

· At the end of a long day of work you go get some exercise at gym and when you feel like you're dying of exhaustion and can't go on much longer - just like you think of Duggu in emotionally difficult times and wonder how he'd handle the situation - you think of how Duggu would persevere even if he was exhausted, and you think about his body beeeeeeeautiful and you keep going! (For the guys in the hope that you'll one day look that good, for the girls in the hope that you'll one day find a GUY that looks that good! ; ) ) 

· Did I forget to mention that if you can, you spend all day doing your work WHILE you're listening to your latest fave DUsongs on your computer, that you've either downloaded or that you're listening to on the Hrithik station! :D 

· Anyway at the end of a long day you drive back home, most likely by now humming a DUsong that's in your head (when all else fails, there's still the car radio and DUfilm tapes in the car). 

· After greeting your family, getting rid of work luggage and kicking off your shoes, you walk into your room to change and you immediately burst into a smile when you see that "Welcome home" greeting smiling down at you from the wall and you respond with a "HEY YOU Gorgeous!" and even blow him a kiss for welcoming you home so affectionately! ; ) 

· You change out of your work clothes and plonk yourself in front of the TV with a cup of tea and some snacks if you like, again in time for the afternoon's Hit Mix (they sure do time their programs well) to enjoy more songs from DUfilms. If no one's in the room to get irritated you even grab the remote, or flower vase, - or any appropriate nearby object - and use it as a microphone as you sing along with Duggu! : )

· After maybe a couple of daily soaps you have a relaxing bath, getting out in time for the evenings episode of Sony's Chartbusters so you can marvel over new or old trailors of Duggu's latest movies! Scrutinising every frame so you can discover something new every time you see it, that you'll then just have to tell fellow Dufans about at the club the next day!

· The whole evening routine, whatever it includes for each of us, including supper and quality time with your family of course and, if you have time, even a DUmovie! 

· You might enjoy reading a book in bed until you get sleepy, but when you do get sleepy you don't forget to blow a goodnight kiss to that always smiling, darling face on the wall before you... 

· Drift off to sleep anticipating beautiful DUdreams… Sigh… : )

What's that? It's obvious? What? That I'm stricken? With what? With mad icon disease? OH. Oh well so what! And anyway I'm proud of it so there! : P Proud that we can all now officially claim to be bitten by the DUBUG! Even the scientists have confirmed it! ;D

On a serious note though: I smiled when I read this article about Celebrity Worship Syndrome cos in just one line they summed up all my symptoms, when they said something like, "it starts of as a normal interest in a celebrity but with time the 'fan' becomes emotionally attached to their idol". Never has a truer thing been said! Emotionally attached… I've used those very words on MYSELF explaining my relationship to Hrithik! Not realizing that saying it itself was a symptom that I was more into this man than is considered normal! HA! HA! HA! 

But then if you think about it, its not that funny! If the progression from one stage to the other is made that easily then how much longer before we reach the more serious stages… How close to borderline are we all? Lets hope none of us reach the pathological stage! :-\ Control my Dear Dufans! CONTROL! Du is not a God he's an INSPIRATION to help us lead better lives! Take the good that he's given to us but pleeeeease leave behind the not-so-pleasant consequences of idolising such a huge star! Keep things in perspective so you KNOW when you're obsessing a bit too much and keep check of yourself PLEEASE! And also, some people just don't see what we see, DON'T let it get to you!