Hrithik at Dubai Mega Mela

Published On: 2012-05-28

Author: Vanita

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Apr 2, 2010



Hello ppl ,

Yeh I'm obviously smiling away- just had the most hectic but fun weekend I've had in ages. Got back from the Mela a while ago been working on the pictures and videos.


I wasn’t planning on attending the event after the news that he won’t be performing and that he missed the first day, but just took a chance with my cousin cause she knew someone who was working there and we managed to get through with the passes. The event started off on a very poor note, hardly ANYONE was present at the venue but by the end of the evening there was a decent crowd...most came only to see Hrithik and the crowds disbursed everytime he went off stage. I didn’t enter the VIP area so have no clue about what was going on there. Did attend the fashion show once and Hrithik's interviews thrice. There was no panel to go up and speak to him, unfortunately! He did request the organizers to set up a area where he could sit down and sign autographs for ppl and shake hands etc but they said they MIGHT do it tomorrow not today.


Either way he was in a verrryyyyy good mood and boy did he look GORGEOUS! Black suit ...uff killer! And the best thing was he was forced to remove those sunglasses and since everyone kept insisting on autographs and he had no way to sign so many today so he decided to walk by and shake hands with as many ppl possible...I got to see him up close...and I could swear, those are the most gorgeous eyes EVER! I did have the paper/mag for the autograph but the damn pen refused to write on it, he struggled to write for a minute then just gave it back saying sorry this is as much as that it writes, I cant write anything more....awwww!


As for the interviews- most of the questions we've heard before, some new bits on Guzaarish. He's completed the shooting and has only 1 more shot left to finish after which he's going to chop off his hair and finally shave...he seems pretty annoyed with his own hair hehe.


Kites- he spoke about how jittery he was, kept repeating that he hopes all those who have supported him for 10 years would do so again with Kites. What I loved the most about his interviews was the emphasis on feedback- he kept requesting people to give him feedback on his performances and did ensure to highlight that he did not mind negative feedback or criticism because it would help him improve on his weakness as an actor.


Spoke about Hridaan and Hrehaan and having a daughter- said he would have loved to but now he does not want to think of it. Both his sons are extremely naughty right now and he has his hands full. He was also questioned about whether he would be able to bring his kids to the same level as himself and responded by saying that he believed kids learnt by example so as parents he and Sussanne are trying their best to set the right example for the kids.


They also asked him about his weight gain/loss for Guzaarish and he said his waist upto 2 months back was 36 Kg and he had to work really hard to reduce it- he didn’t give many tips for weight loss, just said listen to what your mind is saying and make sure to exercise even if it’s just 15 mints in a day.

Then hmm...he escaped the singing part haha! PPl tried hard to get him to sing just one line but he wouldn’t do it...he did a little jig on the floor, because the crowd was screaming for him to dance.

At the fashion show he spoke about how Fashion is being comfortable in what you are (same questions again). And in the cooking section said that the only thing he has ever cooked would be eggs.


He was really touched by the crowds enthusiasm- people kept screaming I love you, God Bless You, Hrithik Rules (:P and it was not me) to him. He repeated as many times as he could that he was happy to bring a smile on everyone’s face and wished that he could give back as much love to people as they were showering on him.


Overall, the show was blah minus Hrithik's interaction with the crowd. The host Harsha was really sweet (cant remember the females name), Harsha has been a Hrithik fan since KNPH (been listening to him on the radio forever) so he was very very kind towards him, loads of good words about Hrithik at the event and yes I did mention this to someone, I slipped a card to Harsha and requested him to give it to Hrithik on the stage...thank the lord he did not remember my name when he was on stage...he kept insisting he'll tell Hrithik this is a gift from Vinita (ahem!) ...and I was like nooooo just give it to him and dont say anything.


Honestly I didnt have time to prepare anything else, I had something on mind with regards to Kites but then just gave up hope on going to the event and thought I'd go to the hotel later tmr. The plan with my sis was sudden so picked up a good luck card on the way (which I thought was VERRRYY had teddies flying away with balloons...unfortunately no Kites ) and made my sis write something REALLY cheesy on it haha!


Video: Hrithik reads the Card on Stage