Guzaarish Promotions in London

Published On: 2012-05-29

Author: Sudha

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I met Hrithik last Thursday, the 11th November at around 17:15 PM. We (Me, Isha and this reporter) went to the hotel where he was promoting Guzaarish. We had to interview him at 4PM but of course there were delays. After waiting at the reception for 1 hour we went back upstairs on the 3rd floor where the interviews were being held and we were told we had to wait for another half an hour but we can wait in this room next to the one where the interviews were taking place. Apparently Hrithik was busy giving some TV interviews.


Needless to say i was damn nervous and excited. Butterflies in my stomach, heart pounding, hands shaking, waiting patiently. People kept walking in and out of the room and I was way too anxious to pay attention. After 5 minutes, all a sudden someone very familiar walked in.... I turned around to look AND OMGGGGGGGGGG IT WAS HIM I was stunned and frozen. The reporter was laughing at me and asking if I am alright hehehe he had a quick look at us and probably said hi, can’t remember...


He looked at me for a few seconds, must be wondering why I’m staring at him like that


Thankfully he wasn’t wearing his shades...his I can write a book of those beautiful eyes. He way more handsome in real, much better without the tan though... I’m finding it very difficult to put into words how I felt about him, so I might do that later.


He asked the 2 other guys sitting at the table with us to come with him...I think they were people who work for him

First few things I noticed about him straight away...his biceps are huge and he looks a bit chubby compared to when I saw him 2 months ago


I haven’t even recovered from that ‘shock’ that he returned back to ask us if he could please have the room for 2 minutes. He came and stood in front of me reading this interview he did months ago for kites...waiting for us to leave...I almost got a heart attack here


After he left, we went back to the room to wait a bit more....

Then we were called to the interview room, we had only 10 minutes. We thought it would be better to interview them seperately. i was suppose to sit not far from him where i could see him and drool. but Aish wasn't going to let that happen she thought they'll disturb each other. So, Hrithik suggested we go to the room next door, which was a bedroom...He sat on the bed the reporter sat on a chair opposite him


Unfortunately I had to stand kind of behind him, but I could see his side profile a bit and his back lol

He was asked the usual Guzaarish questions, and also he talked about Krrish, his dad’s next film, his fans <3 <3 <3 and also message for his fans


While talking he started coughing and after they finished he left.

Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn how I wanted to follow him...standing there I watched him go...but i was extremely regret at all...glad i got to see him


So I thought I should go and see Aish, finally she can get a bit of my attention but that wasn’t going to happen because I was on cloud 9...the only time I really looked at her was when the reporter made a joke about how ugly he’s looking now that he’s next to


Aish, Aish, Aish...what a lady! No I really mean it. She is STUNNING, very sweet and friendly, graceful. She looked very relaxed despite the hectic schedule...


And here he comes again with a glass of water in his hand, YESSSSSSSSS he did come back to take pics with us. He stood in a corner patiently waiting for us to finish with Aish ...I couldn’t take my eyes off him, admiring his stunning, gorgeous looks.....I was so mesmerised that I couldn’t even as k him for a pics. And he was looking at me too *sigh*

Isha asked him if he could take a pics with me


Hrithik “ya ya sure” these words of his are still echoing in my ears <3


He moved the chairs out of the way (how sweet he is), I stood next to him, clicked a pics. I have no words to describe how I felt at that particular moment. I was literally speechless, didn’t even thank him. How rude of me!

He took a few pics with the others and signed a Guzaarish poster. Then he left. That was it.


I must add I LOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE the way he stares at me *blush* blush*...but I’ve never been able to maintain the eye contact for too long. It was AMAZING to see him from so close when he isn’t acting like a star but a normal person. He walked pass me a few times.....


He was wearing a blue tshirt and a blue scarf (my fav colour although it was an ‘ugly’ blue’ and i was wearing my scarf just like him) jeans, black shoes, and his watch on his right wrist. Got a glimpse of his tattoo....