How to be a Responsible Dufan

Published On: 2012-03-23

Author: Reena

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Hmm Ok, usually when people start giving advice on how to do stuff, that means they’re a pro at it themselves. But those fellow Dufans that know me know that in this case, pro I am NOT. But then again, thanks to those very kind fellow Dufans and their willing advice and help, I’m also learning. So I thought, ok, why not share it with you all and be responsible together. Considering the consequences of being irresponsible Dufans can be unpleasant (I should know!) these do’s and don’ts probably should be taken very seriously! ; ) Of course those of us whose whole families are crazed Dufans, you’re lucky cos you’re all likely to have a mutual understanding and can enjoy being crazy together! HA! HA! HA! But hey, keep reading, you might just find some useful tips that even apply to you! ; ) OK here goes...


1. (very important!) Act NORMAL when our Duggu is on tv! Going into dazes and getting dreamy-eyed, or even worse, getting hysterical, or behaving strangely can be VERY detrimental to your freedom of watching him again!

2. Be good! : ) Not a easy task for youngsters I know (Wink!) but believe me, be on your best behaviour with parents, make the family happy, get into their good books in all other respects and then your little quirks will be forgiven/brushed away with a ‘she’s crazy!’ laugh! 

3. Being a good daughter/son/wife etc also includes occasionally chatting about their interests too so yours can be forgiven/forgotten/accepted easier! I mean imagine, if all you ever wanna talk about is Duggu Duggu Duggu, OF COURSE they’d be sick and tired of him! 

4. If you’ve got a understanding family then explain to them that you ain’t just infatuated with a handsome star, that it goes much deeper than that.

5. (For desperate cases) Do all the surfing and watching him non-stop and collecting/drooling over pics, gushing over him etc when they’re not around, when you’re alone, when you’re at work/college, when they’re not noticing, or most importantly, when its not getting in their way of doing something with you or using the TV/computer for their own purposes. (I.e. Be a sort of a closet Dufan when they’re around) 

6. If you’re still in the school/college-going age group, do your best in academics etc, If your academic performance is to your parents satisfaction, they’re likely to let you get away with anything! And anyway, as Duggu would tell you himself, a good result is always more rewarding when well-deserved and when it’s a result of hard work. 

7. Prove the family wrong when they say that so-and-so is affected because of your obsession with Duggu. Put things right and show them that it had nothing to do with Duggu. Then none of their threats will have to be carried out either! : )

8. Set your priorities right. Restrict yourself with the time you spend on him cos you do have other stuff in your life – career, family, studies – I know how difficult this is, believe me! We’re in this together! ; ) Spend time for stuff like going online, watching TV and listening to music only when you’re free from your other duties and priorities. 

9. And remember that putting him after work, family and studies doesn’t make you less of a Dufan! : ) 

10. To all the youngsters, keep the pictures/wallpapers for future use! To bother the hubby with! (Wink!) Hey, this isn’t my advice! ; )

11. Remember he won’t be there to pass the exams, pay the bills and sort out your problems! You can get your strength and conviction from his example but YOU have to do it : ) So balance it out like all good things in life! Put YOU and YOUR life first.


1. Don’t rave and rant when the family says something against him! BIG mistake! BELIEVE ME!

2. As a converse of the “Act Normal” Do: Don’t go into dazes at the mere sight/thought/mention of him! 

3. Don’t let them get sick of him and call you obsessed by talking/watching/living only Duhabits day/night. 

4. Don’t plaster millions of pictures of him all over your books and walls and computer (of course millions is the extreme case, even 10’s is too much for some parents/family! i.e. Control in accordance to what your family can handle! ; ) ) 

5. Don’t resent your family for not appreciating your devotion to Hrithik – they do deserve most of your attention after all : ) 

6. DON”T let the studies get affected! Geez believe me, if there’s EVER one thing parents can’t handle its ANYthing getting in the way of studies! The last thing in the world you need is your parents concluding that your love for Duggu is negatively affecting your studies. And anyway, remember that Duggu wouldn’t like that either!

7. When your family accuses you of showing too much affection for Duggu, DON’T turn the argument into a ‘bigger issue’ debate – its guaranteed to make things worse! 

8. Don’t take your family for granted either! You love them too remember! : ) 

9. If your family just doesn’t understand, don’t let it get you down – hiding how much you love him is hard but we all know! – letting the depression affect your life is just as bad! 

10. This one is especially for situations with parents: Don’t talk back to them when you’re getting a “This is all because of your obsession with that stupid actor” lecture. It’s only likely to make them even angrier!

11. Another one especially for situations with parents: If things are seriously bad and the threats are close to being carried out, don’t do anything DUrelated around your parents. Don’t let them get even the slightest hint that you’re still very much a adoring fan. 

12. Don’t stop living YOUR life because of all the time you’re dedicating to him. Don’t let him take up more time or let him affect the other parts of your life in a bad way, and don’t forget your own responsibilities. Again, even Duggu wouldn’t want you to! Remember what a hard worker he is and follow suit of your role model! : )

And of course,  The Great Undecider – you all will haveta help me on this one: 

What do you do when Hrithik is (proverbially) right on your doorstep, and you have the rare and (possibly) life-changing opportunity of meeting or at least seeing him in the flesh. BUT it will only happen if you have the family’s permission, and that’ll only happen if you ASK. 

So The Great Undecider is, how do you, the ‘closet Dufan’ who’s been painstakingly keeping your (well-justified) adoration of this man to yourself for MONTHS in order to not acquire the wrath of family, now explain to them that you HAVE to drive a few (or a few hundred) km’s to some place, just because Hrithik is there and you MIGHT get a chance to see him??? 

So do you ask, and risk having the “Oh Hrithik, yeah he’s just one of those actors” attitude that you carefully created fall apart into tiny bits and pieces, and once again acquire the wrath of all those who scream “You’re OBSESSED With him!” Or, do you NOT ask, keep pretending you don’t care THAT much about him, and keep your despair to yourself as you pass up the possible opportunity that might never come by you again. I ask you? 

I hope someone has an answer. I know what I decided! And I wouldn’t change it for the world!!! : )

UH OH... reading my own column I just realized how many of the do’s I’m still not doing, and how many of the don’ts I AM still doing!!! God help me, ok gotta go people, let me go re-sort my life. TOLD you I knew how hard this is! TOLD you we’re in this together! ; ) Thanks to all those DEAR Dufans who reminded ME! I still give the credit for this column to all of them! You all are THE BEST!!! MWAAAAAAH! : )

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