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Published On: 2014-12-17

Author: David Light

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Hrithik’s choice



Source: Khaleej Times 

Date: 3 February, 2013 

By: David Light 



Superstar Hrithik Roshan gives us an exclusive round-up of his 2012 and what this year has in store. 



He has been hailed as a dead ringer for Jesus by the local population when filming Kites in Mexico, played every role from a comic book superhero in Krrish to a paraplegic RJ in Guzaarish and is many women’s idea of physical perfection, yet speak to the mild mannered Hrithik Roshan and you could forget all this. For what greets you is an eloquent calm man, not corrupted by the trappings of Bollywood fame and secure in the off-screen life he enjoys with wife Sussanne (pictured) and their two sons. Here, the 39-year-old grants us a one-off chat to review last year’s achievements and what to expect from 2013. 2012 has been an eventful year for you, what is the one highlight that stands out? 


The opportunity to work on a film as poignant and engaging as Agneepath was a wonderful start to 2012 – it’s simply a dream film for any actor. It has been an awesome year. Resuming my role as Krrish was nostalgic and very exciting. To end the year with an homage of your films at an esteemed festival, the Marrakesh Film Festival, was such a humbling experience. All in all 2012 was a high throughout and I am looking very forward to starting 2013 with a bang. 



Agneepath was one of the biggest films of the year, in your opinion how do you feel about the reaction to the movie? Was it everything you thought it would be? 


Yes and more! We had a huge, huge job on our hands to ensure we gave justice to the original title – from the narrative to the characters. We took the challenge to experiment with such a revered script and to add new nuances and stances, which was a risk. We were so pleased when the audiences responded so positively. 



This year also saw you become Asia’s sexiest man. Your physique and fitness regime often gets commented on. Can you share the secret of staying so in shape? 


I work out a lot and have a strict diet and exercise regime that I follow religiously. Being fit isn’t just about being physically strong but also mentally. My fitness workout is a major release for me. In a way it’s my way of chilling out. 



What can you tell us about the upcoming Krrish 3? 


I think the audiences are going to be in for a treat with Krrish 3. If you loved the first two films, you will adore this edition. Krrish is our home production and was like coming home. I did miss Krrish’s character. It’s still early to comment fully on the film. 



Outside of films what are you most looking forward to in 2013? 


Spending every bit of quality free time I have with my family and friends and, of course, looking forward to working on some amazing projects. 



What is your take on awards? The season will soon be upon us, do they matter to you? 


Awards demonstrate an appreciation of an artist’s work especially those decided by the public. They are always an encouragement. 



Tabloid gossip doesn’t appear to affect you and your wife too much. How do you make being a famous couple work when many others find it a strain? Do you take an active interest in her renowned interior design business? 


People (and the media!) will always speculate and talk. I think Sussanne and I have enough respect, trust and faith in each other as we’re not just husband and wife but best friends. We are in tune with each other and have an infinite understanding of each other’s needs. Sussanne is very, very hands-on at work! As much as I would love to take an active interest, I’m unfortunately just not good at what she does. She is so talented to the extent that I don’t think she even realises how good she is. 



Do you have any plans to visit the UAE in the near future? What do you think of the place? I have been to the UAE various times. I must say it’s one of my favourite places to visit, there’s so much to do and see. I absolutely love the culture and spirit of the country. I have celebrated several occasions including my New Year’s Eve in Dubai. 



Do you have a message for your fans over here? 


I would just like to thank them all for the continuous support and love they have given me. I am what I am today only because of my fans! You are a very important part of my life!