Less is more for this Superhero

Published On: 2015-01-06

Author: Jaydip Sengupta

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Hrithik Roshan : Less is more for this Superhero



Source: Gulf News 

Date: April 25, 2013 

By: Jaydip Sengupta 



It’s been 14 months since we last saw Hrithik Roshan on screen, unless of course his cameo in Main Krishna Hoon at the start of this year is taken into account. In what has become a trend with niche actors in Bollywood these days, one film a year is all they are ready to offer to their fans, maybe to let the anticipation reach a crescendo, before unleashing their blockbusters. The much-awaited Krrish 3 is set to be released during Diwali and the ‘Superhero’ is busy with its post-production, besides also gearing up for the shooting of his next movie Bang Bang opposite Katrina Kaif. But despite the packed schedule, the 39-year-old actor took time out to speak to XPRESS in an exclusive interview. Excerpts… 



Q. In this age when actors need to be in the news to be in public memory, do you think the gap between your last release and the next one is too long, or would you rather prefer doing about one film a year? 


A. I believe it’s not about bringing out multiple films in a short space of time which may not be of high quality because of the rush, but instead, it’s about bringing out high quality, memorable films which would take a longer time to produce but would definitely be worth the wait! 



Q. We've seen you do a number of complex roles in Lakhshya, Guzaarish and Jodhaa Akhbar. What attracts you to these roles? 


A. Every film or project I work on is extremely different to the norm. As professional actors, we do set the benchmark for ourselves as well as to entertain our audiences. However, much of these films pushed and shaped me as a performer. The audience is the ultimate jury and it is for them we perform. 



Q. You have won quite a few Filmfare awards which at one point was considered India’s equivalent to Oscars. But given that there are so many different awards given out these days, do you believe they have tended to lose their significance? 


A. Awards demonstrate an appreciation of an artist’s work especially those decided by the public. Rather than them losing their significance, I see that they are always an encouragement. 



Q. Besides your acting fan base, people also like Hrithik as a dancer. However, the dance seems to be missing in your movies these days. Is that intentional? 


A. Not at all! However clichéd this sounds, I guess the scripts I’ve currently been working on just haven’t demanded any breakthrough dance sequences. But never say never though! 



Q. What would you have done if you weren’t a Bollywood actor? 


A. I cannot imagine doing anything else! I know it sounds cheesy, but I love what I do! It really is in my DNA. I have had the opportunity to live multiple lives in one lifetime and through the power of cinema, did my small bit to touch a chord with the world and form an indescribable bond. 



Q. Dubai is a hotspot for Hindi movies and you were here last year promoting Agneepath. How much do you enjoy being here and what are your favourite places to hang out in Dubai? 


A. I LOVE hanging out in Dubai, it’s such a beautiful place. I particularly love spending my evenings around the beautiful Dubai Fountains, so relaxing. I have spent many a holidays here in Dubai.