Hrithik Roshan's diet secrets

Published On: 2015-01-12

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Hrithik Roshan’s diet secrets: Exclusive interview with his nutrition expert Marika Johansson



Source: India NY 

Date: May 14, 2013 



Our Bollywood actors have always endorsed fitness and the importance of having a fit body. While six-pack abs is synonymous with almost every actor now, there are few who still stand out of the lot and are termed the fittest of the fit. One such Bollywood hunk is Hrithik Roshan. Take his name and the first thing that probably comes to your mind is his Greek godlike looks and his chiselled physique. Marika Johansson, Hrithik’s diet trainer and personal trainer to his entire family tells Kriti Saraswat what the actor eats to stay that gorgeous! Excerpts from the interview: 



Since when are you coaching Hrithik and his family? 


I started working with the Roshans last year in January during the filming of Krrish 3. I mainly helped out with teaching Hrithik’s chef how to cook the diet food he and his sister had to eat and I also came up with recipes of healthy Indian food options. Along with his nutrition I also train and diet coach his entire family. 



What does his current regimen consist of? 


He is now doing weight training, crossfit and cardio which is the best combination for achieving the physique he now has. His mother, father and sister are all doing the same. 



What diet does he follow to complement his workout? 


He is now getting ready to start shooting for a new movie called Bang Bang and is eating the same food as he did for Krrish 3. He eats 6-7 meals per day, each of which consists of very simple food in the right ratio. They consist of good protein sources (chicken, beef, egg whites, fish and protein shakes) and good carb sources (brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, whole wheat pasta). He also consumes healthy fats such as omega oils and nuts. 



What kind of workout do you recommend for the Indian body type? 


I always suggest weight lifting no matter what body type you have. Train with different muscle splits, add functional training for building and strengthening the body and then do cardio for fat burning. I really don’t like to see people spending hours on the cardio equipment and never doing weights. I try to make people understand that while cardio just helps you lose weight while you’re actually doing it, when you weight train you continue to burn calories throughout the day. You also achieve a stronger and more toned body. It boosts your energy levels and also improves your overall health. 



Do you have any quick tips for our readers? 


I would suggest try to train with free weights as much as you can to learn how your muscles work. Get back to basics such as squatting, bench press, dumbbell presses, deadlifts – they have always worked and built the best bodies in the world. -Make sure you train the whole body not just your favourite parts. -Educate yourself about training and diet. -Train 4-5 days a week and add some functional training to your normal weight lifting to help prevent injuries and also strengthen and shape your core.