'My sister is a bigger superhero than me' : Hrithik

Published On: 2015-02-11

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'My sister is a bigger superhero than me' : Hrithik



Source: HT Cafe 

Date: August 20, 2013



On Raksha Bandhan, Hrithik Roshan calls his elder sister Sunaina a “superhero” who he can always count on. 


The warmth that Hrithik Roshan shares with his sister Sunaina is quite unmistakable. Even in the photograph that the Roshan siblings shot for us, he points out that “the emotions” remind him of images of them as children. Hrithik is two years younger, but Sunaina says “he behaves as if he is elder”. But does anything change post marriage, with a new person entering their lives? “The core equation never changes,” says Hrithik, adding, “Any equation of love will never change. There may be refreshing ways to connect with each other… Any two people growing up together have to find new ways to connect with one another.” Sunaina adds with a smile, “Nothing has changed between Hrithik and me. Both of us have our priorities. We may not even meet or talk every day. But whenever we need each other, we leave everything aside and we are there for one another.” 


Hrithik even calls Sunaina “a greater superhero” than him. “As a superstar, I have an audience to perceive a sense of greatness about me. But true greatness is one that comes without an audience, so my sister is much greater than me, because she has been one without needing an audience to applaud her. She has fought battles like cancer and other issues in her life,” he says. 


Sunaina even admits that she is “much closer to my brother than even my father (filmmaker Rakesh Roshan), maybe because there’s no generation gap. I can talk to him about everything and anything. He is the most loving brother. In fact, he is a super brother. I look up to him for advice. He is sensitive and loving.” We ask Hrithik what he’s doing for his sister on Raksha Bandhan, and he reveals that he will take her out for lunch. 


On a different note, he adds that Sunaina doesn’t know how much she has contributed to his career. “There are so many times when I think of her when I’m facing the camera. I think of my sister because she is the greatest love of all. I know she is the one person who will be by my side no matter what. And at the same time, she will never be afraid to tell me that I am wrong. She has integrity as well as the power to love,” he says.






A smile on Sunaina’s face adds spark to Hrithik’s life



Source: Mizon News 

Date: August 20, 2013 



Hrithik Roshan and his sister Sunaina share a special brother-sister bond and the Hindi film star says a simple smile on his sibling’s face is all he needs. “Let me start by saying what is the best thing she does for me. Every time she smiles, it just adds that little spark I always need in my eyes,” Hrithik said in an interview. The actor is currently busy promoting “Krrish 3?, his new superhero thriller slated for a Nov 4 release. Sunaina enjoys the small little things that her brother does for her. “He just keeps doing these small things everyday, which means a lot to me because small things later on become big things… it could be a hug, a smile on his face, and it could be seeing him happy,” she said. Sunaina was diagnosed with cervical cancer almost five years back, which she fought and overcame.