My life is from my sunrises and my sundowns : Hrithik Roshan

Published On: 2015-02-13

Author: Meena Iyer

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My life is from my sunrises and my sundowns : Hrithik Roshan



Source: TOI 

Date: August 31, 2013 

By: Meena Iyer 



Hrithik Roshan is on a break from the studios, post surgery for a blood clot in his brain. And that is perhaps why the Bollywood superstar, who is known for his testosterone, appears leaner than usual. His hair, which was shaved for the surgery, is growing back and it peeks curiously from beneath the cap he insists on wearing, even when he's at home! Other than this, there are no telltale signs of a man on medical leave. Reclining on a throne-like chair, in his well-appointed drawing room (done up by wife Sussanne), his amber-coloured eyes dance with mischief. And we ask: 



What does a superstar do when on sick leave? 


In one way, it is a break from shootings. But it has not really been a break. I have been doing all kinds of things that I can possibly do, whether I was in bed or in the boundaries of my room. There is always a possibility of adding to your life or adding to your growing. No matter what. The brain surgery experience has been mind-blowing (literally). I feel stronger and better; I feel proud that I went through it with absolute ease. It was effortless and not even for a second did I feel fear; that was surprising even to myself. I was very objective about the whole thing. God knows where such clarity and strength came from. I've realised through my years that there is no need to be afraid of anything. 



Your films Bang Bang (originally scheduled for May 1, 2014) and Shuddhi (meant to release on Diwali next year) will not be able to keep their dates because of your break. Do such things bother you? 


The Prague schedule of Bang Bang went for a toss, so I don't know whether Shuddhi will come by the end of next year. I'm guessing we will have fresh release dates for both films. Nevertheless, every film has its own destiny. All I have to do is, do my best. I should simply work towards making an even better film. There are things beyond my control, but I will be even more charged up after this surgery because that is how I am. The films will see the light of day when the right time comes. 



Coming to your work, you have been the first choice for many filmmakers, including your father (Rakesh Roshan), Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar, for a multitude of projects. Yet you're so fastidious and greenlight so little. 


If I had a wishlist, it would definitely be beyond my capacity of how many films I can possibly do and how many makers I can work with. But films have an organic way of coming together. Cinema has to magnetically draw you towards it. Unless that happens, there is nothing you can really do about it. It is like falling in love with someone. One has no control over that. It is an instinct. If love happens, it happens. It draws you into it. People who are achievers and creators understand that. So, when I refuse a film, there never really is an issue with such people. If you are honest and say I am not really drawn to this, they understand. And they very simply decide to look forward to the next opportunity to work with you. 



One thought Uday was your best friend. But you seem to have a very special equation with Adi as well... 


Adi is someone I look up to as a mentor. He is a friend, a brother and someone who has guided me along my journey. He is someone I often look to for advice on various matters. He is the funniest man in the world, so I love his company. Looking at his serious face makes me laugh. 



What have the last few days been like? Have you succeeded in spending quality time with Sussanne and your sons? 


Yes, I've spent a lot of time with the family. But other than that, I continued my life as usual. Of course, there was a little more time spent on the bed resting my head. I kept myself busy — reading, writing, watching films, doing a lot of things. 



Writing... can you share what you have written? 


I wrote a poem and posted it on a social networking site (read it on Page 3). I really enjoyed it. Anything creative can get you out of a dark place very easily. It lights up those parts of your brain, which coincide with happiness. Try it. You will realise that if you decide to be creative about something when you are down, it will automatically make you happy. The rewards of my journey seem ever so amazing. It motivates me to do better and more. 



So, what's the plan now? 


November 15 is my physical cut-off point from Krrish 3. That's the date when I get into the schedule of Bang Bang. I'm doing my best for Krrish 3 in every single way possible. It is fun and challenging. Running from the edit to the VFX studio and watching the entire film coming together is exhilarating, exciting and yet, nerve-wracking. 



One hears there will be a Krrish 4? 


Why not? It is the only franchise that has lasted a decade. All the other franchises — be it Spider-Man, Superman or X-Men — have had to be revamped. They have started from the scratch. But Krrish is the only one going on. 



Heard your seven-year-old son Hridhaan loved the trailer of Krrish 3? 


Actually, he liked the music of The Avengers and Krrish 3. His unbiased opinion was that these two are the best in the world. That's a good sign. If he liked the background score and if he has compared it to The Avengers, it makes me happy. He's a child and his opinion is very genuine. 


One never hears of you getting into the competitive space of the Khans and Kapoors. You seem to be running parallel... 


Drawing comparisons with another actor, who is powerful, is a negative way of gaining significance. Remember, everyone is doing it by themselves. So, the moment there is a story about me or some other actor, the fact that we are being mentioned together, gives each of us more power and significance. It feels like, 'Oh, I'm so important', because I have something to do with this guy. But that is simply not on. I don't need that. I get my significance from positive things. 



In your case, there are very few fights, patch-ups, etc. The drama seems to be missing in your life. 


I don't get into fights. There is no drama with anyone. I left that back in school. Honestly, how can adults fight and not talk to each other? Finally, you have to come to a point where you grow out of that. In fact, when I look at other people, I see if there is something positive I can pick up from that person. Of course, if someone does me wrong, I will set him right. If it needs physical force, I will use that too. But that is only to make sure someone who is wrong is corrected. Beyond that, I'm happy living my own life without comparisons and drama. I will not clutter my life. My life is from my sunrises and sundowns. Nothing comes in the way of my enjoying that. 



A Poem by Hrithik 


Eyes on the stars... Feet on the ground... I am..... Homebound... If the clot recurs...a bigger price I pay... So I'm bound to the bed... 4 weeks they say... (A test of my will in every way) Duties, tasks, promises unsettled and undone... The confines of this bed even denies me the Sun... Betrayed trapped imprisoned restrained... (I smile) these little blows many a times I have sustained... In doing so, a trick I learnt... yes a trick I say... Cause life's just a game dammit, u gotta see it that way! So a curse or a boon? Opportunity or doom? The trick of the game...is invent the freakin Rule!! Who decides? ..Who ordains? We give up that Power..! is that Sane? "Luck", "Fate", "Destiny", "Why me?" With all of these I disagree. Its a helpless state... n that's not me. Cause What I think... I will eventually Be. I turn to my bed...now my magical cocoon... Armed with a vision N my Attitude... A miraculous tool! So 'I' decide...and 'I' ordain... This is my enchanted vehicle for infinite growth n gain...! Read, learn, love, laugh, discover even invent! The things I can do... this is going to be a supreme event! So when its time... I'll fly a higher kind... With wider wings... n an enlightened mind... Cause the promise I made yesterday... Is a promise I cannot betray... That a Champion I must be... come.... what may..! Now I look up and Rise... With stars in my eyes... My feet on the ground... I am....... Homebound. In the horizon I see a glimmer...(Flashbulbs) In the distance I hear a sound...(Action) I return a wink to my mother... My sister's laughter resounds... They are soldiers who've battled forever... This is their turf...their ground. A father stands triumphant... His pride silent yet loud... A wife walks along steadfast... The meaning of her love avowed... Eyes on the Stars. Feet on the ground. Firmly... ... on the ground... I am .................Homebound.