Hrithik is a simple boy : Rakesh Roshan

Published On: 2015-02-15

Author: Lipika Varma

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Hrithik is a simple boy : Rakesh Roshan



Source: Freepress Journal 

Date: September 3, 2013 

By: Lipika Varma 



The filmmaker who is awaiting the third installment of his superhero series talks about how his son’s humility has kept him going.


Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan does not believe in putting on any airs despite his upcoming ‘Krrish 3’ already having left behind major Hollywood movies in terms of hits generated through the Internet. He also divulges about what keeps his superhero son, Hrithik Roshan ticking. On working with son Hrithik on the sets, the proud father proclaims, “Having launched my son in ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ (2000), neither did I nor Hrithik ever feel that he needs to be the number one. We do not believe in the number game. In fact, Hrithik too believes in working honestly, sincerely and likes to put in all his energies in the right direction. He is a simple boy who loves to strike a balance between his work and family.” And adds, “Unquestionably, I make just one film in a year. I need to do a lot of preparations before going on the floors. I take almost six months to sort out my productions job and there after I launch a film.” Coming to his latest release, ‘Krrish 3’, he clearly states, “It took me few years to really come up with ‘Krrish 3’. When I sat down to script the first draft after finishing ‘Krrish’, somehow nothing was finalised. So, I had decided not to do ‘Krrish 3’ at all. After a year, when I decided to script again as Hrithik was very keen, surprisingly within the first three months, everything fell in place. When the foundation is strong, there’s no looking back for any filmmaker.” 


Shedding light about the characters of the movie, he says, “The super villain’s role too has been shaped up emotionally. Indian cinema needs drama, emotion and thrill, so I have to keep that in mind. I have shown why this super villain has hatred in his heart and mind. However he is not a bad man. We have made these characters keeping in mind some animals like the ant — who has the strength of carrying the biggest leaf on her head. Kangana Ranaut is the chameleon.” Expressing his satisfaction with the ways the characters have done justice to their roles, he says, “I was more nervous that I will be working with Kangana and Vivek Oberoi for the first time. But when I saw Kangana in her attire, seeing her matching my vision was half my job done. Vivek too has given an excellent performance. These are all animals in the human body.” Further adding about his homework before going to the shoot, he reveals, “I make small miniatures of the set, thereafter shoot them in videos. We decided to shoot ‘Krrish3’ in Ramoji rao in Hyderabad. There we erected Mumbai, its roads etc.” Talking about his son’s performance in the film, he shares, “My son Hrithik looks the character. No sooner he appears on the screen, he looked the super hero. When all the producers and directors want to work with him, why should I not work with him and give him something that his heart desires. I am proud of his humility and sincerity. He does not want to compete with anyone and also keeps himself away from the number one race.” 


And adds, “Hrithik always likes to do what he is asked not to do. For instance, while he was getting ready for his debut film, the doctor had asked him not to overdo with gym exercises as his bones will not agree to any over dose. But then he decided to go to the gym regularly and came up with his wonderful physique. He is also the doctor for all of us. No sooner anyone falls ill, he rushes to our rooms and starts advising us. We depend on his advice a lot.” Divulging his trade secret about how he has kept the audience entertained over the years, he discloses, “I always like to watch films,while sitting amongst the audiences as it gives you a different feel. Every Friday, I go for the 3 o’clockshow and watch films. Every film has its good and bad points. I love to take away good things from every film. Hence, I feel I am able to make films for audiences belonging to either Jhumri Talliya or Switzerland. I always try to keep emotions involved in films especially for my Indian audiences.”