I remember God in gratitude : Hrithik

Published On: 2015-02-24

Author: Priya Gupta

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I remember God when the suffering gets too much to bear : Hrithik



Source: TOI 

Date: Sep 15, 2013 

By: Priya Gupta 



Hrithik Roshan visited Lalbaugcha Raja with the Times of India on Friday night for the aarti that is granted only to a lucky few. While speaking to TOI on the way in the car, he kept singing his Ganpati aarti and the Gayatri Mantra that he unconsciously learnt from his nanaji during childhood. Once he reached Lalbaug, despite being surrounded by thousands of his fans, in true superstar style, he kept smiling, waving and wishing his fans. One of them came up to him and said she had seen Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai a hundred times. She obviously won herself a picture with him. Excerpts: 



Your memories of Ganpati? 


I have beautiful memories of Ganpati. My maternal grandfather used to keep Ganpati for 10 days. We have a really large family of 45 people that came together during this time. Also, our friends from the industry — Yash uncle's family and others — would visit us and it was a great time for celebration and spreading love. I was a modak fan and would steal the modaks before it was time for them to be distributed. My nanaji used to call kids from the nearby basti and we would all sing and dance with them with fervour. The energy used to be so amazing. Somewhere I manifested that in my head in Agneepath. As a child, listening to the Ganpati aarti, I had learnt it by heart. Due to my mom, our house is filled up with Ganpatis. From the house we would all put the Ganpati on the trailer and then dance all the way to the visarjan. Till this day, we keep it in our house for one day and still walk, but this time, I could walk only half way. 



Do you ask Ganpati for things you want in your life? 


I have immense faith in him. God is a great invention by man to centre oneself to believe in good and to separate what is right from wrong. When you are going through a tough time and you leave it to Him, it's suddenly off your shoulders. The contribution of God in our lives is more than we can admit or are aware of. We take Him for granted. I get my mental strength from the immovable belief that there is a purpose to it all, there is a meaning waiting to be discovered in life, nothing is impossible and nothing in life is a tragedy. It's my motto that I am in service in my life and I always look at how much I can contribute to other people's happiness. I remember God when the suffering gets too much to bear, but most times, I remember Him in gratitude and to thank Him for how much I do have in my life. If you close your eyes and focus on how much you have and have to thank Him for, it will stack up all the positives in your mind and will change your state. That is why gratitude is so powerful.