Priyanka Chopra on working with the Roshan duo

Published On: 2015-02-28

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Priyanka Chopra on working with the Roshans



Source: TOI 

Date: October 4, 2013 



Excerpts from the interview 



Q- How was your experience of working with the father-son jodi of Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan? 


Priyanka Chopra- I was two years old in the industry when I did Krrish. While Hrithik and I are friends, I was hugely intimidated by papa Roshan. Hrithik and him are poles apart. It's fascinating to see how even though one speaks Spanish and the other French, they understand each other so well and are like yin and yang. Rakesh sir has an incredible understanding of the story, the characters and the soul of the film. Hrithik brings in the style and the modernity. When they talk to each other you feel they are fighting, but actually you realise they are speaking with love. Together they are brilliant. No matter how early you think you have come on the set, Rakesh sir is always there before you waiting, fresh as a daisy as he wakes up at five in the morning. He knows exactly what he wants, is hyper on set, but commands respect. Rakesh sir has a temper and can be scary, but he is like a child in his head. He is a soda pop bottle. He will get angry and get okay in five minutes. He knows everyone gets intimidated by him so he will yell at you playing a joke and then he will start laughing so you don't know whether he is joking or he is serious. He loves pulling people's legs and has a straight-faced humour that is scary. During the shooting, both Hrithik and him were on a crazy diet, Hrithik for his role and papa Roshan for his health that made him lose some ridiculous amount of weight. At the time of Krrish, Rakesh sir and I used to love to eat and he loved feeding me, but this time I lost my partner in crime. Rakesh sir's films have been loved by several generations and even today, the youngest person wants to see Krrish 3. 



Q- Hrithik was gracious in giving you credit for your inputs on the current trailer ofKrrish 3, which he believes made it work even better. Let's talk about your relationship with him? 


He is lovely when it comes to me. We have done three really long films together. Krrish took two years, Agneepath took a year-and-a-half and now Krrish 3 has taken three years. I have consistently worked with him for almost all my career. We have a great track record together, but we also share a relationship where creatively as an actor, I can say anything to him as I consider myself a creative person. I can't keep my mouth closed when I have an opinion. What I like about him is that he has an incredible strength about him, lives a lot in his head and plans a lot. He has the ability to get through anything and has taught me in my tough times how to find the balance in my head. I was not a trained actor and would just come and say my lines without giving it much thought. He taught me how to focus and how you have to think about the graph of the character before you perform. We can just say anything to each other and he is one of the few friends I have had in the industry throughout.