'Hrithik is down to earth and loving' : Rajesh Roshan

Published On: 2015-03-05

Author: Priya Gupta

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Hrithik is not manipulative like others stars : Rajesh Roshan



Source: TOI 

Date: Oct 21, 2013 

By: Priya Gupta, TNN 



Rajesh Roshan, 60, is the only music director who pans the old and new world of music. In his 40-year music career, he has given music from 'Julie' to 'Krrish 3'. He is humble, sensitive and a man of pujas who would not wish bad even for his enemies. He is a complete family man who would rather not take a holiday than to take it without his children. He does not have big dreams and is a composer by heart. We met in his studio which is also the house where his father lived during his peak years before he died. Over an hour long conversation with TOI, he talks about his strong brother, friendly wife and why today's singers are not legends. Excerpts: 



Your father Roshan sahab was one of India's most respected music directors. At what age did you lose him? 


My father moved in to this place where we are sitting today in 1960. This house was very lucky for him and he gave his biggest hits (Barsaat Ki Ek Raat, Taj Mahal) here. Stalwarts like Dharmendra, Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali used to come here. Whenever Roshan sahab and Sahir (Ludhianvi) sahab, would do their sittings, they would call me and take my reaction. I would hardly speak then but they would make out my reaction from the glow in my eyes. In 1967 (he was just 50 then), he sent me in his Impala along with Rahul Rawail's family for the premiere of 'Jewel Thief' and he went with my mother to a party. He was enjoying his whiskey with his friends when suddenly while smiling, he was gone. He had no pain and no sign that he was about to go even though he was a mild heart patient all his life. During the interval, I read a card that said I should go and meet the manager. Mr Raj Khosla was waiting for me to take me and said, 'Your father is not well'. 



Do you find a difference between singers earlier and today? 


Today's singers don't have the time and are very restless and they want to record and just run away. This would never happen with legends like Lataji and Kishoreda. Today, a singer, will start singing before I have finished singing the tune to them. Lataji would never do that. They would listen and understand and give respect to the song. Super confidence is a superiority complex. 



Your memories of Kishoreda? 


He loved me a lot. There were some notes in my blood that he respected. He would often tell me 'Tum mahir aadmi ho' and I would swell up with that. I was the only music director who was allowed to go to his bedroom. I had once gone to meet him at home when he had just got married to Leenaji and he invited me up to his room. He would always wear his lungi for his recordings and was fearless. Sometimes, if he was not in a mood to shoot, he would tell his own production, 'Give me money to shoot'. So in a way he needed to give himself money to shoot. His people would tell me, 'Go back, sahab, as he is not a good mood today.' If he wanted to make fun of anybody, he would not care and do it. When 'Ek Duje Ke Liye' went to SP Balasubrahmanyam, he would feel insecure and say, 'Main gao chala jaata hoon.' 



What makes your team with Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik a hit? 


It is because of the captain of the ship, Rakesh. It is easy for him to understand how Duggu will act. He will want hit songs but will provide a lot of inspiration. Both Rakesh and Hrithik are very musical. All three of us are stubborn and nobody knows who is right, so if two are on one side, the third one has to give in. 



Talk about Rakeshji? 


He is one of the finest directors who is both commercial but can make you cry. Unlike me he is not a sentimental fool and is the pillar of the house. When a man makes a mistake morally and goes on making a mistake then he is spineless and that is what we both hate. Our integrity is a lot we can talk about. If Rakeshji does not like a step of Hrithik, he will make no bones about it and will tell him even in front of me. And no one's ego comes in the way as there is a spine we all have that we can understand and can take it. He is morally very strong. Just because Duggu is his son does not make him right. If his family member does wrong, he will shout in front of eight people. We don't manipulate and are not hypocrites. 



Do you feel envious of your brother? 


On the contrary, I pray everyday that both the pillars (Rakesh and Duggu) should be as strong as they are and that the company should go ahead. They will not compromise with music. The day they feel the music is not as good, they will not hesitate in telling me that and likewise, if they like the music they will compliment generously. 



How is Hrithik? 


Like all big stars, he is not manipulative. He is down-to-earth and loving and the best part about him is that his love is not artificial. That is the biggest quality he has that makes him such a big star, actor and dancer. I remember the first time I met him after he had become a big star in his vanity van. He saw me through the mirror while doing his makeup and immediately got up and said, 'Chacha how come you are here?' and touched my feet and was so happy. That is what has taken him to the level he is at. If I would have been in his place, I would have thought, why has he come here as I am working. That's the difference between him and me. I am so tensed about work, that you will appreciate your family members not coming there. You must have that gold in you to become a Hrithik Roshan. And I am sure that Shah Rukh and Salman will have that too because you can't become a star otherwise. 



Let's talk about your wife? 


She is a strong woman from Punjab. She has a lot of friends unlike me and is the strength of the house. She manages to take care of the house as well as go out. I grudge that at times and even have an argument but she has a nice balance. Everyone loves her including Pinky bhabhi. They are extremely close and share things with each other that they don't share with us brothers. During the 80s when I was peaking in my career, I was a heavy drinker and would not be in control post my drinks at times. I used to be a tough husband to live with and had a bad temper. But I have now learnt to control both my drinks and my temper. 



Any regrets in life? 


We are in an era today of 'Badtameez Dil', 'Sheila Ki Jawaani' and 'Fevicol' that are hits. Kudos to Rakesh, that he switched careers at the right time. But with me, I am only swimming in music and can't see land. Sometimes I feel scared as life has gone by very fast. This realisation has come to me very late and should have come 20 years back. What you are doing now will not last and I know that at 75, I cannot be the top music director. While this feeling has been there with me past 10 years, I was so busy that I did nothing about it even though when I was young, I saw this in the eyes of the biggest music directors. RD Burman was one of the greatest and yet in the end, even his closest friends left him and he was all alone. So I do feel every music man should not be just only in music but should have an alternate career. While I am very happy today, I wish I had become a businessman. I actually toyed with the idea of becoming a producer that even Rakesh would encourage me for in the past, but he now dissuades me as he knows that the outside world is not simple and it will take a toll on me.