Dogs give you unconditional love

Published On: 2015-03-06

Author: unknown

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Dogs give you unconditional love



Source: TOI 




“He passed away last year. And lived eight years with me. It was heartbreaking, but you have to accept the truth and remember the good times that you gave the dog and those that he was there to contribute to in your life. It gives you unconditional love. Language forms only 5% of the communication with another being. 95% is what we are unaware of and is the body language that will tell you more than what you can ever get with words. Dogs are a great example for human beings. What do they ask for? They only give. You can live even with a strange dog and give it love by being around him for just two days and that dog will not leave your side. So you can learn to give and receive from dogs. The lesson to be learnt from them is that to get love, you have to give it first.”