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Published On: 2012-07-02

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There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved. – George Sand

“It was sheer destiny I guess that Hrithik and I met, it’s almost like we were supposed to…It wasn’t love at first sight or anything but something definitely out of the ordinary; just a little magical feeling in the heart that told me this was special. Yes, that’s how I think it all began…just a little feeling, and the beauty is that that little feeling still exists…and it’s still magical!

We completely bonded as people, we had so many common interests and exciting differences…then gradually we started falling in love with each other. It was a long and beautiful process, I don’t know if love at first sight exists or not but after what I’ve been through, I don’t think its possible to fall in love just like that…true love is far deeper and greater than that! 

The way Hrithik and I have both grown together has been an unbelievable journey; there are memories that I keep close to my heart at all times. We both feel that marriage is the most fulfilling experience… We never really had half as much fun as we have now…every time we tend to feel wow this has gotta be love… it doubles the next year. It just keeps growing into a stronger relationship with time. I think marriage is the most fabulous thing that can happen to anybody who is in love, but yes I definitely think that it should be a consequence of love. Both of us keep doing these little things together or for each other to keep that little bit of excitement in our relationship…it keeps the romance alive, sometimes it feels like we’ve just met…today he is my best friend! And I think we’ve evolved a lot from the time we’ve met…it’s been nine years. 

When we met I remember he was assisting his dad for Koyla, and he was very conscientious about everything. After the film got complete he even made a short documentary on the making of the film. It was the first of its kind and believe me, it is the best ever ‘making’ I have seen till date and this is not just the wife talking. Everybody told him it was excellent! That was the first time I saw his dedication to his work. When I think back, I remember nothing could hold him back. He believes that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and everything he does is either the best or then bad, there are no in betweens for him. Basically he puts in a lot of thought into every little piece of work he takes up and I think that is what is so special about him because hr gives it so much of his love, so much of his energy to make it as perfect as he can. And that goes for his relationships also. Whether it is his family or friends, he’d give his life for them. That’s what makes him such a loving and lovable person himself… Looking at the way he works is an inspiration for me to work harder on whatever I am doing. I can never forget when he once told me that one of the major things that had attracted him to me was that I was working and earning my own money, that had meant a lot to him. I’m still working as an interior designer, though I’m just back after a pretty long gap but I’m just loving the feeling of working again. He is so dedicated to every little thing he does sometimes even pushing himself to the limits. I feel he is too hard on himself, its painful sometimes to see him what he puts himself through. I sometimes feel anger and want to stop him but I know what he needs most at that time is my support, my strength, to tell him to push harder and never give up, even though its killing me inside. As his wife I totally admire him. Its been 5 years he’s been working almost continuously, all we’ve had are a couple of days off in the entire year, but it’s like we’ve lived the most fantastic vacation in a matter of two days, cause he’ll make sure even that is perfect! 

I still remember the day he proposed to me! 

It was the sweetest moment of my life. He did not pop up the normal question, ‘will you marry me?’ We were at the same place where we went on our first date, and exactly a year later at the same place very sweetly he asked me, ‘will you spend your life with me?’ And this was way before Kaho Naa fame. He’s written some of the most beautiful poems for my birthdays. He always made it sound like; marriage is the natural culmination of love. In our hearts, we both knew we wanted to spend our life together, we were totally in sync with each other. But that moment, that day – the 13th of January will always remain special and on every anniversary of our first date, we go back to the same spot to celebrate that moment. 

And then I watched him working on his film. I think he put every inch of himself into the film, he put his soul into Kaho Naa..Pyaar Hai, and he did it with so much love and passion that I knew it had to pay off. 

Everybody thought that now he would be busy and I would be neglected. Hrithik has always made time for me, whether it was before he became a busy actor or after that. If he were in Bombay we would meet everyday, only on the days when he was on outdoors that we wouldn’t meet. He is a very caring person; forget me, he would never let anyone feel neglected.

We, that is Hrithik’s family and mine were together through each phase of the film and by then I had become very close to his family also. Like his sister Sunaina and I had become very friendly, she had already accepted me, and his parents took me as their daughter. So when the events were happening we all were together, we would be together for every little event of Kaho Naa..Pyaar Hai. Everybody used to watch the rushes and from the time we watched the first rush till the day of the release and then till the day when we had to go and see the first show in the theatre, everyone was together, supporting, encouraging and praying! 

And everything worked out better than we had expected. God had been very kind, but I think those six months were the most difficult period for him, because at that point when success came to him, his dad got shot. I remember all of us were devastated. Hrithik was too shattered; he thought he didn’t want to be in films anymore. He was like; ‘if this is the price of success then I don’t want it!’ He was totally upset about the whole thing. He was an overnight phenomenon, wherever we went, 100 to 200 people would be standing there, going mad. Oh it was crazy! He was splashed everywhere, stopped traffic wherever he went, became a sort of demi God, all this was happening around him and he couldn’t notice a thing. He never let it affect him, he kept saying that it was all not true and that he knew the truth, which is why I think it never went to his head. Any other man in his place would have gone mad, but Hrithik was so calm throughout that whole period. He would get very worried because of his dad; I don’t think he was very excited about his success. He was shooting most of the time, so he didn’t get time to enjoy his success. He gave so much of his time to other people and shootings. He wanted to please every single person that wanted something out of him. He didn’t want to party or celebrate, because dad had just come out of the hospital. But I believe there is a balance of life, along with the bad there was so much good. Everything happens for a reason. 

I think Hrithik works best when he is put down or is given a reason to fight for. His failures have only made him stronger and evolve as a human being. I think failures bring you closer to the truths, the unimportant things get filtered into the background and you start seeing what matters most in life. In fact I’m thankful to all those people who wanted to put my husband down, who said he was finished, said he was a one film wonder, cause it was like fuel to his spirit, they gave him something no one else could, a reason to fight! He always made sense of it by saying ‘how will you ever find out how brave you actually are, if you only have wonderful things happen to you?’ Because of his dad’s guidance he was aware that these things happen, so he didn’t take it badly. Otherwise also, he was very calm, strong and composed throughout the event though he was badly written about. I used to get affected, I used to get upset and feel horrible, and I just felt that it was not nice to write all that about him because he is such a wonderful human being. He used to tell me not to get upset and that it was all a part of it. He would calm me down but I’m glad we went through it, and I also know that we’ll have to go though it again sometime in life. But next time I’ll actually be looking forward to it, cause I know now what it feels like to be standing victorious together in the end. 

Hrithik is very righteous in everything he does, he never likes to talk badly about anybody, and he would not badmouth anybody even if that person hurt him. Instead he will feel sorry for that person but he would never say bad things or show his anger or want to ruin that person for what that person has done to him. 

If he gets into a complicated situation or a problem, the way he deals with it, with so much ease and so much calmness, that he surprises me. I think he has been taught, it’s the inbuilt emotion in him and he knows how to deal with problems. Touchwood, he has had great role models through his life. I think he’s been lucky where role models are concerned, apart from his father from whom he’s learnt all the important lessons of life, there is his grandfather, his nana Mr. J. Om Prakash who is one of the most well read and spiritual people I’ve ever met. In a lot of ways I feel Hrithik is a lot like him, he’s learnt a lot from him. Whenever he’s with his grandfather, I see him like a child trying to absorb everything he sees and hears. He often repeats his words of wisdom like ‘the world is out to provoke you, if you get provoked – it’s your downfall!’ Deda’s knowledge and wisdom is something that keeps Hrithik completely in awe of his grandfather. But you can have all the role models, learn from each person but what you tend to grasp and tend to keep within you is what matters. In the end, we are human and we feel anger, hatred no matter how great one tends to be. But with Hrithik, he was definitely more focussed that that, he never let the other side get the better of him, he matured a lot in the past 2 years. He is very basic by nature and takes every thing as a simple problem and finds a simple solution to deal with it.

He has this most vulnerable side to him so people can take him for granted, completely walk all over him and he would not say anything. He will probably say, they’ve done something wrong so it’s their problem and life is too short, lets have a good time and make good memories! 

Inspite of having a crazy schedule he’ll do the littlest things to bring a smile to my face and those small things is what truly matters in the end…romance is just about that! 

At home, he likes to see films; it’s his passion, his home theatre lounge and his gym. He is so obsessed that even if he comes home at 2 o’clock in the morning, he would go to his gym, like for 20 minutes or something. He is crazy about films, all different kinds. He likes to do things at home, fixing up something or the other. He is a homebody, and even when we go out its only for quiet dinners with friends. He seldom likes to party. He just likes to enjoy their company, which he misses out on a lot these days.

I think his fans should know that he would like to someday meet each and every one of his fans; he would like to reply, talk to or interact with them at some level. Whenever there is mail we both go through it. So many loving letters and little gifts come that he gets very touched. He wants to meet each and every person, but his schedule doesn’t allow him to do that. He really wants to make his fans feel special. Sometimes he’ll put a letter down and immediately pick up the phone and call that fan! You could imagine the excitement on the other end of the line! Now that he is doing less work, he will perhaps make more time for doing these things and meeting people. Like he did recently, on Children’s Day. He does it because he really wants to be there and he felt good about it. He came back home and he was so emotionally charged and told me, ‘those kids made me feel so special, they have given me the greatest kind of joy.’

To sum it up…well after the first phase of my crazy roller-coaster ride with my soul-mate, there have been major ups and crashing lows but there isn’t a single moment that I have not enjoyed to the fullest. And I have had the time of my life. No matter what else life has in store for me, I thank god for everything he has blessed us with… And I pray that I’m gonna get the chance to spend all my other lives with my best friend, my husband! 

Suzanne. K. Roshan.