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Published On: 2015-03-10

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It was heartbreaking for me to hear that I might get paralysed : Hrithik Roshan



Source: Team HT Café , Hindustan Times 

Date: November 01, 2013 



For someone who underwent brain surgery recently, Hrithik Roshan comes across as a really positive guy. The actor visited the HT Café office to promote his latest superhero film, Krrish 3, and was welcomed by a mob of his fans. He spoke about the film, his never-say-die spirit and finding your inner superpowers.



A number of old timers feel that promotions are tiring but you can’t avoid them. Do you also feel it’s the most tiring part of an actor’s life? 


If your premise is that something is going to be tiring, then it will be. It depends on how you want to perceive your own life. So whenever you are faced with something that you have to do but don’t want to, I think you have to change the conditioning of your brain. If you just decide that you’re going to make the best of the day, you’ll enjoy everything that comes your way, and if promotions are the order of the day — whether you believe in them a lot or a little bit — then you better enjoy them. 



You also underwent brain surgery. 


There were a lot of problems, but they’ve all been fixed now. Again, it happened because I kept asking all the right questions. It was scary because I was awake through the operation. Someone drilled a hole in my scalp and I actually saw blood spurt out. It came as a shocker. But my spirit is intact. You can put four-five holes in my brain and I’ll be happy because I have the power to smile and give strength to my family. 



You’ve been saying that there is a superhero in everyone. What makes you believe it? 


All my life experiences. Since my childhood, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to do the things I’m doing now, but I’ve turned those weaknesses into strengths. Life is not about holding the best cards in the pack; it’s about how well you play the ones you have. Once you’ve crossed the pain barrier, there are infinite possibilities. When Krrish 3 began, I had a double slip disc in my back. Any kind of movement could have left me in a wheelchair. But information, education and research are your weapons, so you have to look at all the possibilities and the resources you have. If there’s one thing I learned from Krrish 3, it’s that when I wore the character’s suit, I felt unstoppable. Many times after that, I would touch the cloth and the mask and wonder if there was anything in them, but really, it was just a mental shift. 



Are there any recent films you wish you were a part of? 


I find it regressive to look back, regret something and say I wanted to do it. If any film has inspired me, it’s because of its content. Even then, I can’t say that I would have done the film. “It was heartbreaking for me to have the 50th doctor in a row tell me about the state of my back and that if I hit my nerves, I will get paralysed” 



Rakesh Roshan said that that the sequel to Krrish was almost dropped because of your health. Was it the toughest phase in your career? 


It was heartbreaking for me to do the scans and have the 50th doctor in a row tell me about the state of my back and that if I hit my nerves, I will get paralysed. I knew Krrish was going to start in two months. I don’t know why I am naïve, but sometimes, it’s nice to be like that and believe in Santa Claus. Every doctor told me it was impossible, but I went to China and did every single thing I could. I then managed 125 days of action for the film, with cables etc on me. I didn’t have any pain at that time, and here I am, feeling stronger. My back is fantastic. I’m ready for Krrish 4, 5 and 6. 



As a child, did you wish for any superpower? 


I wished for a lot of things, but none of them came true. The things that did come true happened because of hard work and willpower. The biggest superpower you can have is the ability to change your own life. It’s in your hands, and if you believe that you can get the power you want, you can do whatever you wish to do. 



Will we see you on television again on Just Dance season 2? 


Why not? I haven’t had the time because I’ve been busy with Krrish 3. Bang Bang has also been delayed a bit, so I will have to concentrate on that. Once it’s done, maybe I’ll get some time. That show earned me a lot of love. I went all over the country and people showered me with love like they had discovered me for the first time. “My father has gone where no man has gone before. It’s a challenge we took on. the journey of Krrish has been a reward in itself” 



After the trailer released, certain similarities with other films have been pointed out. Have you noticed any yourself? 


That’s going to happen and I look forward to it. Please compare and discuss it. Do whatever it takes to keep talking about the film. We have made an effort, and in terms of our vision, it’s path-breaking. My father has gone where no man has gone before. It’s a challenge we took on. The journey of Krrish 3 has been a reward in itself. Whatever comes now will be a bonus for us. 



People are saying that Kangana’s character resembles that of Mystique from X-Men. 


Yes, they might also be saying that I am like Batman. That’s good.



Twitter questions @ihoney_22: How has success changed you as a person...? 


It’s become more of a responsibility now. For a lot of what I have achieved, the credit goes to people who have contributed to my life and work. I now have the power to make a change, and for me, cinema has become a way to contribute to the world. Whenever I get a chance to use this responsibility or power, I make it a point to use it for something good. 



@LUVUShahidd: Which is your favourite dance genre? 


At every party, there’s always one guy who dances really well and another one ‘jo ekdum mast apne hi steps kar raha hoga’ (who is just happy doing his own steps). That guy is the best dancer in the world because dancing is an expression of joy. It doesn’t matter how your hands move; you need to be enjoying yourself. So when I see someone dancing like that, I appreciate them and go watch it. That is my favourite genre.