My first watch was brought by Sussanne

Published On: 2015-03-13

Author: Lisa Antao

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My first watch was brought by Sussanne from her pocket money : Hrithik Roshan



Source: DNA India 

Date: Nov 10, 2013 

By: Lisa Antao 



Actor Hrithik Roshan talks about watches, importance of time and more. Riding high on the success Krrish 3, Hrithik Roshan seems to be on cloud nine. The hunk gets candid at an event where he unveiled a collection of watches by Rado. 



What are your earliest memories associated with watches? 


My first memory of a watch was a Rado. My father used to wear it. As a kid I used to see this sleeky, solid-looking watch on his wrist. And he had a solid wrist to support it. I always wanted to have that kind of a wrist to wear that kind of a watch. And it’s quite uncanny, it’s strange that now I am the brand ambassador of Rado. It’s amazing how time travels. 



What was your first watch? 


My first watch was brought by my girlfriend at that time, Sussanne. She bought it from her pocket money. I think it was a Swatch. 



Do you have a penchant for watches? 


I never had a penchant for watches. But ever since I have been introduced to an unbelievable range of watches by Rado, I truly have a fascination. Whenever I go out, I want to wear that watch. Because it does something, it gives you an edge. I don’t know if it’s a mental thing or it’s actually something that impressive. It feels good. 



How many watches do you have? 


I have a collection of Rado watches. In all I have a collection of seven to eight watches. One for each day of the week. 



What do you look for in a watch? 


I know the outcome, I know it has to fit right and match with the person I am, and Rado and me are a perfect fit. I come from my experiences. I have experienced the worst in my life, I’ve gone through my own fire, and it’s made me the person that I am today. And Rado believes in achieving the impossible. In fact, the watch that we’re launching this evening is a watch that has actually gone through fire. Twenty thousand degrees of heat is what makes this ceramic almost look like metal. It’s quite magical actually. And it’s something that I identify with. It’s like I’m wearing myself. 



Do you prefer metal or leather straps and why? 


I don’t really have a preference, as long as it suits me and what I’m wearing. 



Would you prefer a gold or silver strap and why? 


A silver strap. I don’t have a fascination for gold.



Your thoughts on big dials... 


I like big-dialed watches. When I had a small wrist, I used to hate the fact that I couldn’t wear a big-dialed watch. And now my wrist is quite an appropriate size where big dials can look good. I would rather have a big-dialed watch than a small one. 



Would you wear a diamond-studded watch? 


Why not? It depends on how much you shine yourself, so you can make the bling look less bling. It depends on the occasion. 



How important is time for you? 


My father always told me that you can never be on time. You can either be early or you can be late. That’s what I have learnt from him. 



How do you inculcate the importance of time among your kids? 


Well, I’m trying to right now as they have a tight schedule, so that they know that their days are proportioned according to their classes and there’s time for every single thing. But slowly and steadily as they grow up, this needs to be inculcated because time management is what eventually makes you successful. 



Have you already begun to give them small lessons in time management? 


Yes, of course. They know they have to be back at a certain hour, they have to leave at a certain hour. 



Do you gift watches to others? 


Yes, I do. 



Is that usually your safe choice? 


Well yeah, for a man it’s the safest choice. 



Tell us about the collection that you unveiled... 


The one that’s been launched is the most innovative in the line of watches. It’s truly something magical. They say ‘Alchemy doesn’t exit’ but Rado has proved that wrong.