Hrithik will be there for my launch : Sussanne Roshan

Published On: 2015-03-18

Author: Upala

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Hrithik will be there for my launch : Sussanne Roshan



Source: DNA India 

By: Upala KBR 



Sussanne Roshan gears up for her second lifestyle store along with friends Maheep Kapoor and Seema Khan.


Beauty, talent and women always make for an explosive combination. Close friends for years, Sussanne (Hrithik) Roshan Maheep (Sanjay) Kapoor and Seema (Sohail) Khan are set to mix friendship with business. On December 11, the girls will soon be giving Bandra its first luxury concept boutique called Bandra 190. The ground floor will have classic jewellery pieces by Maheep, the first and second floor will house The Charcoal Project by Sussanne, and the third floor will be stocked with Indian and western clothes by Seema. The other floors of the six-storey building will house other brands of clothes and accessories. Here the three friends chat about their new pet project... Sussanne says that though the trio have been friends for years, this wasn’t a planned association. “It just came together. I wanted The Charcoal Project to be accessible to the SoBo part of Mumbai hence Bandra 190 was conceived for that side of the city. The experience will be one of a jewel box, which you will enter, and then decide where you want to go. We want to make the space special enough to seduce all those who love to think beyond just luxury. Here you will have a story to tell after your experience.“ 


She has designed the entire building and has incorporated both masculine and feminine elements, keeping in mind the fact that both sexes will equally frequent the store. She dismisses rumours of shutting down her store in Andheri, “That is our main centre and will be my biggest pride and joy always.” 


We want to branch out all over the country eventually. The products at Bandra will be more for gifts and accessories in our own eclectic n unique style to cater to all the needs of a proud home owner.” Speaking of hubby Hrithik, she says, “He has always only motivated me to grow at work.” When asked if he will be present at the launch she said, “Yes of course he will be there for sure.” 


Seema Khan says, “It’s great to have three like-minded people working together. It’s exciting when we all sit down together and give each other ideas. It’s going to be a totally different boutique experience. Earlier it was not the right time for me as my babies were growing up. I was looking to get back into work and opening my own studio when this fell into my lap. I primarily do western outfits but off late have been doing a lot of Indian outfits too. I do the whole look and styling of individuals, depending on their personalities. Malaika Arora Khan and Katrina Kaif have worn my outfits. My husband Sohail has always been supportive of my work but right now he is very busy with Jai Ho. He has accompanied me to my shows in Dubai and Singapore and knows what I am capable. If he didn’t approve of it I wouldn’t be able to do this. I don’t think anyone has attempted this kind of eclectic boutique before where every floor has something different to offer.” 


Maheep Kapoor adds, “Sussanne and Seema have been my friends for years and I love and respect them. I first met Seema on the day she got married. Sussanne, Seema and I have had our children together, evolved and grown up together. The idea of doing something together came when Shravan Satyani (I’m a designer in his jewellery store) told me he owned a building in Bandra and why didn’t we do something about it as it had a great location? First I asked my husband Sanjay and then I bounced the idea of Sussanne and Seema as I love their work and find them very talented and when both said yes, we all came on board. We have done everything together right down from the concept to the name and it’s been so much fun. My jewellery will be spectacular, high-end classic stuff which one generation will gift another. We plan to have a huge launch where we want all the women in Mumbai to come! If this goes well we plan to take it to other cities in India.”