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Published On: 2012-07-03

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Hrithik Roshan

Transcript of live chat Hrithik Roshan, Actor on June 27, 2003

“Actors never share chemistry”

crazyabtu> I just saw MPKDH first show! It was simply mind-blowing! Your chemistry with Bebo is amazing! Are you doing any more films with her? If not, then please do!

hritik.roshan> How sweet thank you so much. I'm not currently doing any films with her but I'm looking forward to. Maybe sometime in the future.

punjabikudi18> I read somewhere that you are not going to do concerts abroad anymore why is that because I know people in USA would love to see you!!

hritik.roshan> Not true at all. My next concert will be in 2004 and I'm looking forward to meeting all my friends in America .

crazyabtu> What are you forthcoming projects apart from Laskhya and Koi Mil Gaya? I've heard that you have signed Zoya Akhtar's film and Raj Kumar Santoshi's film? If yes, who's the co-star in these films? I hope its Kareena or Rani!!

hritik.roshan> Apart from Koi Mil Gaya and Lakshya I have not signed on for any other film but when I do I will let you know.

punjabikudi18> Why did you choose to come into the acting business so late?

hritik.roshan> I started my first film when I was 24 because that's when I think it was the right time for me. Late? I don't think so. What do you say?

gagori> In MPKDH you have done many adventurous sports. Do you like to do it in real life also?

hritik.roshan> Of course I love the rush of adrenalin in any which way possible.

letsgoforit> Yun to hum kisika picha kiya nahi karte hai, darde dil liya aur diya nahi karte hai, yeh too kismat ki baat hai ke yeh dil tum per aa gaya warna itne kimti cheez kisiko diya nahi karte hai. Please reply.

hritik.roshan> Waah waah kya baat hai. You should be in the film industry. Come soon we need some good poetry.

salina> Was Suzanne OK with you focusing hard on your role in KMG? How did she cope with your intense concentration that you don't talk to her for days on end?

hritik.roshan> Not true, Suzanne was a constant part of my work on my character, we almost became kids, watched cartoons and we lived our childhood. It was great fun, could not have done it without her.

dolly1> I heard that you and Abhishek were like childhood friends and went to the same school so how was it working with him, like a school reunion?

hritik.roshan> Abhishek is a great actor and a greater human being. We were both looking forward to working with each other and of course we had the greatest time.

grltalk034> How did you feel when you first read the script of MPKDH? Did you know immediately you wanted to play Prem or were you uncertain?

hritik.roshan> I knew I wanted to do the film even before I read the script. How can one refuse a Suraj Barjatya film?

duggu_ka_deewana> You and Abhishek were both considered to be the next superstars. However, both of you had a bad time with your films. How was it working with someone who was said to be your competitor? Was there any competition to prove yourself at the sets of MPKDH?

hritik.roshan> Not at all. There is no competition between Abhishek and myself. In fact he was a motivating factor and I think our performances compliment each other in the film.

gagori> I have seen all your films in theatre and also going to see MPKDH this Monday. I just want to ask you which role did you find more difficult, the role of Prem or the role of mentally challenged child in Koi Mil Gaya?

hritik.roshan> The role of Prem because he is very flamboyant, a complete extrovert, confident, almost over the top kind of character. His qualities are inspiring but very far away from the man that I am. Whereas in KMG I simply played out my childhood.

gagori> Do you think that a solo hero project is better than a multi-hero project?

hritik.roshan> It is not so much about how many stars but the quality of the film. I did a woman oriented film called Fiza right after a blockbuster like KNPH, simply because it inspired me.

aaby> Are you receiving any offers from Hollywood?

hritik.roshan> Yes, I am, but I think its going to take them a lot more to get me out of my film industry. I want to be here and watch our cinema progress and advance in every which way possible. I want to try and take it to the next level. KMG is my first attempt at that.

knph_veeru> On the MPKDH website in your signature you say that now when you see MPKDH you don't like it. Why is that so?

hritik.roshan> There is a hahahaha after that which means that I meant just the opposite. I was just in a fun mood.

princess1> Are you going to do any horror movies? Do you prefer comic movies?

hritik.roshan> I don't have any specific preferences but I would love to do a good horror as much as I would love to do a comedy.

RUMI> Is it true that you and Kareena are back together and that's why you two share that chemistry onscreen?

hritik.roshan> The actors never share chemistry, its the scenes between the character conceived by the director which creates the chemistry.

shaun> You have had four hits and three flops if I'm not mistaken. If both these movies don't do well do you think you will have the nerve to perform?

hritik.roshan> It's the survival of the fittest and I have a very strong survival instinct. A true hero is one who rises after every fall and hell I have always wanted to be a hero so I will keep trying.

princess1> Which was the last movie you saw and what did you think about it? Are you going to do any horror movies? Do you prefer comic movies? Please come to Egypt we love u here very much?

hritik.roshan> Would love to come to Egypt . Last film I saw was MPKDH and I loved it. You should see it too.

meinhrithikkidewanihoon> I read that Coke sued you for Rs. 9 cores, is it true?

hritik.roshan> Will let you know in good time as soon as they allow me to talk about it.

agfsgfk> Abhishek Bachchan rocks in the movie where as you have the same old perfect boy stuff, time for a change.

hritik.roshan> Thanks for the suggestion, will do my best. God bless you.

atomicjelly33> Please clear up the rumours that you refused to work with Aishwarya Rai after she rejected to work with you in Kaho Na Pyar Hai for your fans who love you so much?

hritik.roshan> Aishwarya was never offered KNPH. Would love to work with her though.

aquarius_girl_21> Being married and all how do you deal with all this female fan following? Better yet how does Susan deal with it?

hritik.roshan> I take it as a compliment and so does she. It's a blessing to be able to put a smile on someone's face just by being there. I cherish it and would never take it for granted.

kittyeyes> How come no films with Amisha nowadays?

hritik.roshan> Have not been offered any and it is not up to me

navita_03> What do you think of the new crop of model-turned-actors who are entering films?

hritik.roshan> They are very good, I wish them all the best.

letsgoforit> The media has been quite harsh on you. May god bless you. You will never be 'finished'

hritik.roshan> Thank you and God bless you too.

vikas79cc> Which is your next movie with Big B?

hritik.roshan> Lakshya.

celina17> Hrithik do you hope that MPKDH film is better or Koi Mil Gaya?

hritik.roshan> Answered

atomicjelly33> Hey Hrithik, I'm Shasha from Malaysia. Your used to be a child star when you were about 6 years old, did you ever think back then that being in Bollywood is the thing you want to do when you grow up or do you have other dreams?

hritik.roshan> I always wanted to be an actor as far as I can remember.

punjabikudi18> If Bollywood made movies like Matrix would you be interested in doing them?

hritik.roshan> Of course.

unnuthegr8> To whom would you like to give the credit for your success?

hritik.roshan> My hard work, my sincerity and of course my father for being my inspiration.