Hrithik's Chat 2

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Hrithik Roshan


Date: November 15, 2003


Transcript of live chat Hrithik Roshan, Actor on June 27, 2003.
"I am thankful to my critics for giving me something to fight for" 


roshini> Hey why aren't you signing films now, when will we see you next? 

hrithik.roshan> That's what I am working on now, will be taking some time and hoping that the next step is the right one.

vinni> What about Lakshya, when is it releasing, why is there so much of secrecy behind your hair cut? 

hrithik.roshan> No secrecy at all, just media hype. It is not a style hair cut, just a mandatory, army cut. Lakshya will release next year in June. Hope you enjoy it! 

billg> Who is your favourite co-star? 

hrithik.roshan> My favourite co-star by far has been Shah Rukh Khan. He is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with it. 

gudoo> Conversations about you have remained fixated on the fall and fall of Hrithik Roshan for a long while. Does that upset you any more? 

hrithik.roshan> It never has affected me. In fact I've always been thankful to all my critics for giving me something to fight for and for keeping me motivated. I hold no grudges. 

billg> Do you see Vivek as serious competition? 

hrithik.roshan> I always believe in healthy competition, where you have others pushing you to excel. Vivek is very talented and I am glad he is a part of my fraternity. 

chets> Isn't it strange that you got success twice only when your father directed you, does that say that it's the director's fault in your case when the movie doesn't work? 

hrithik.roshan> I have felt successful a couple of times, apart from KNPH and KMG. For instance, my performances in Fiza and K3G were appreciated just as much and even though my other films failed my work was always applauded. So they were all different kind of successes and I am thankful for that. 

rohit> Did you get to learn a lot from Amitabh in K3G? 

hrithik.roshan> To be honest, it was not in K3G as much as in Lakshya. I saw an unbelievable level of restraint, strength and poise, that kind of power was very inspiring. 

ronit> You joined a couple of acting schools quietly, why was that, was your father strict or what was the reason and finally he landed taking you as his main lead, please tell us. 

hrithik.roshan> I have always been a person who works best alone. I was just more comfortable finding out for myself first if I had it in me before taking on the responsibility of a commitment. 


chets> What's that one thing that you would like to do which you have always thought of doing and was unable to do? [wink-wink] 

hrithik.roshan> Going on a holiday! Just a couple of weeks off, has been a long cherished dream. 

acra> Why did you do Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon, the script sucked? Why are people forcing you to pair with Kareena, in fact the screen sizzles when you are with Amisha? 

hrithik.roshan> It would have been almost ridiculous for any newcomer to turn down a filmmaker like Sooraj Barjatiya. The choice of my co-stars is never up to the actor it is the director's prerogative. 

sanjeev> Does your father-in-law also give you acting lessons? 

hrithik.roshan> Not lessons, but he is an institution in himself. There is always something I learn just by spending sometime in his company. He is one of the most well read people I know. 


hrithik_ki_sonia> Hrithik I'm your biggest fan and my name is Amy, will you come to Calgary ever again? If you do please come to me! 

hrithik.roshan> I am going to be in Canada on my next world tour in April-May. Hoping to see you there, take care. 


kunalshah253> Hrithik you are the best. Please tell me how can I get a body like you? I am serious about working out; tell me as much as you can please. 

hrithik.roshan> Perseverance is what will get you there my friend. So work hard and be regular. 

saleem> Hi Hrithik what are your forthcoming films in this year? 

hrithik.roshan> No films this year. Next year will see Lakshay in June. 


aastha> I am your die hearted fan. Can I know please which is your favourite film and favourite character that you have played till now? 

hrithik.roshan> My favourite film and character has got to be Koi Mil Gaya. It has been one of the most cherished memories of my life. 


life is perseverance> Hi Hrithik, I start off by congratulating you for the brilliant acting in Koi Mil Gaya, man that was amazing, really awesome. 

hrithik.roshan> Thank you so much! You are being very generous with your words. Have a great life. God bless! 


palak prasad> Are you performing in a concert in the near future? 

hrithik.roshan> Yes, I will be on my world tour in April 2004 and may be in Holland before that. 

ovi_n_izzy> How do you see yourself at 70? 

hrithik.roshan> Hopeful still acting and doing net chats. 


soniyaa> Hi Hrithik Congratulations! How're you keeping? I read you were not doing well? 

hrithik.roshan> I have a slight injury on my right shoulder. Apart from that I am doing great and being made to feel really special with all the love that I am getting from all of you. Thank you! 


hrithik roshan> When will Lakshay's trailers strike the screen? 

hrithik.roshan> It should be out by March. 


ovi_n_izzy> Mujhse Dosti Karoge is my all time favourite movie. I watch it over and over again. Are you doing any more movies with Rani Mukherji in the future, because you should, you guys make the cutest couple? 

hrithik.roshan> You are right. I too think we make a nice pair and I am looking forward to working with her. So let's hope I am offered a film co-starring Rani. 


vivid_beauty> Are you satisfied with the current quality of Hindi movies? Don't you think we are too much love-pegged, I mean so many love stories? 

hrithik.roshan> I think Indian cinema is moving towards the right direction. Different genres of films are being made, the subtlety is co-existing with the dramatics. Now we have even moved into the science fiction. So I think it's all for the better. Don't you think? 


aastha> Which is your favourite colour, subject in school and college days, and food? 

hrithik.roshan> Colour is white; favourite food- Indian; favourite subject- physics. 


bluebells> Will you take up direction like your father? 

hrithik.roshan> Hope not. It's too much work (wink!) 


sona> Who's is your favourite actress? 

hrithik.roshan> Don't have any favourites but I am a big fan of Madhuri and Madhubala. 


kunalshah253> Hrithik, I really want to tell you that no matter how many flops you have or anything else, please don't stop acting, you are a gift to the country! And I hope you also become James Bond now that Pierce Brosnan is bowing out! But other than that, wish me luck, I need your motivation, you have no idea how much it matters to me! 

hrithik.roshan> I wish you all the luck in the world and thank you for making me feel so special. Hope you have all the love, happiness and success that life has to offer. Have a great one! 


neha> Hrithik did you join some dance classes? 

hrithik.roshan> No, but I did practise a lot in my bedroom. 


gurgaon-boy> Hey Hritik, why don't you sign a movie with Madhuri, it would really be fabulous. Story of course should suit you both and your age gap. What do you think? 

hrithik.roshan> That would be a dream come true but that's all I can do. So let's hope, wait and watch. 


kiku> What is your favourite perfume? 

hrithik.roshan> Don't have a favourite. Currently I am using CK1.


Signoff Message> A big hug to all those special people out there, that have made me feel so special today. I would have loved to stay on but due to my other commitments I will be leaving, but I had a great time and will be back for more. Love you all! Take care, God bless - Hrithik.