Hrithik Roshan on getting fit, holidaying and fashion

Published On: 2015-04-07

Author: Latha Sunadh

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EXCLUSIVE! Hrithik Roshan On Getting Fit, Holidaying in Style and His New Fashion Line!



Source: Estylista 

Date: January 30, 2014 

By: Latha Sunadh 



Chiseled jawline, light brown eyes and a body to die for – Hrithik Roshan is the star we’d all been waiting for. No, not that we’re tired of the Khans, but we needed a 6-foot wonder to fulfill our Mills & Boons fantasies. After all, who needs fictional crushes when you have one that’s real. Not attainable, but real nonetheless! From his debut in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai to his latest superhero venture Krissh 3, he’s made sure his acting chops met his flat abs to create a signature style that’s entirely his own. Oh, how we swooned! His dance moves, his easy smile and his intensity – just a few things that had us at hello. Though, he’s been in the eye of the storm with his separation to Sussane this year, he still managed to stay afloat and made sure Krrish 3 hit all the right spots with his fans. And as he debuts his new fashion line, the Myntra HRX Collaboration with Myntra, we bring to you a drool-worthy interview with our favourite super star of the moment. Read on to know more about his flair for fashion and his enviable ( and copy-able!) fitness routine. 



What’s your personal style? 


My personal style epitomises fashion, fitness and flair. Fit is fashionable! 



3 fashionable everyday pieces in your wardrobe? 


I love my staples – a good pair of jeans, a plain white tee (t-shirt) and a good pair of designer shoes. They are the first things I look for in my wardrobe! 



Your current fitness regime? 


I do work out every day, that’s my routine. I exercise at least five to six times a week without fail. To remain fit, you must be strong mentally, not just physically, that for me is the key. 



Any special diet that you follow to stay fit? 


I eat sensibly and healthily. This doesn’t mean that I don’t indulge occasionally! But on the whole, I do try and stick to a balanced diet comprising all food groups. 



Favourite vacation spots and why? 


Definitely Bora Bora, I love the idyllic scenery and the water sports, my boys love it. It’s one of my favourite vacation spots! 



Tell us a bit about your Myntra HRX Collaboration? How did it come about? 


The essence of this brand was conceptualized about 3 years ago. It started with a conversation about challenges, clearing those obstacles, and celebrating the gratification from my successes. We wanted to develop a platform that served people, wrapped up in a brand ideology that people could relate to. We have big plans to develop this into something that people can go to for inspiration, teachings, and support. The first phase was to build the brand. The identity, and quality is important and we saw that launching an affordable, well-designed, and cool sports-inspired brand would be a great way to start the brand building effort. We spoke to a lot of different people, and when we met the Myntra team – our destinies came together. They are the best fashion company online, their attention to detail, and forward looking approach, it aligned with the HRX brand ideals. You are going to see a lot of cool, innovative things with HRX and Myntra, just like this. 



5 Pieces from the HRX collection that you recommend? 


The faves for me would definitely be the HRX Men slim fit casual shirts, the over dyed shirts, striped polo t-shirts, brown casual shoes and finally the stretch twill trousers. 



Your de-stress mantra? 


My fitness workout is a major release for me, my own method of relaxation. I also love to spend time with my kids and my family. 



A song that’s been on your iPod these days? 


Funnily enough, I still have Emile Sande’s ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ on replay. Just can’t seem to get tired of it! 



If it’s your last day on earth, what would you wear? 


I’d wear whatever makes me comfortable, so that I can leave the world in my own signature style!