My job was to turn Hrithik into a superhero

Published On: 2015-04-10

Author: Rajul Hegde

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'My job was to turn Hrithik into a superhero in 10 weeks'



Source: Rediff 

Date: February 17, 2014 

By: Rajul Hegde 



International trainer and partner at Physique Elite, Global Network of Elite Fitness Trainers, Kris Gethin tells Rajul Hegde just how he whipped Hrithik Roshan into shape. Kris Gethin is possibly best-known as the man who got Hrithik Roshan into a superhero suit in ten weeks. But long before he burst into the Bollywood scene, Gethin was already a well-known international trainer. His book, The Bodybuilding.com Guide to your best body is a bestselling book that explains his revolutionary 12-week diet and exercise programme that has been put into practice by over two million people around the world. In an interview with Rediff.com's Rajul Hegde, Gethin talked about working with two of Bollywood's fittest stars -- Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham. 



Could you tell us a little about your work with Hrithik Roshan? 


Hrithik called me, after he read my book The Bodybuilding.com Guide to your best body (purchase it here). He had a 91cm (35 in) waist, two slipped discs, was suffering from severe fluctuations in blood pressure, smoking two packets of cigarettes per day and couldn't even squeeze into the Krrish costume. He was far from worthy of playing the role, so my job was to turn him into a superhero in 10 weeks. Even though he is got an amazing physique he had to maintain it day in and day out. I had planned a 12-week schedule but Hrithik's transformation happened in just 10 weeks. I have been working with him for over a year now. There were a lot of exercises he followed, the most important was (DTP) Dramatic Transformation Principle that targeted every type of muscle. I had Hrithik consuming eight meals per day to drastically fire his metabolism in order to burn all the extra calories he was storing around his midsection. These meals were made up of egg whites, oatmeal, chicken, brown rice, fish, sweet potatoes, whey protein and Vitargo. It was further supplemented with the Grenade fat burner before his morning cardio. Workouts (for Hrithik Roshan) lasted an hour per day, two days in a row before taking a rest day and repeating a two days on, one day off pattern. Cross Fit was completed three days per week for 20 minutes a time consisting of tyre flips, kettle bell swings, rope drills, plyometrics, bungee sprints, and sand bag runs. This was advised to strengthen his core, and support the muscles aligning his spine to protect his discs from future misplacements. The following four days were made up of beach runs, swimming, and elliptical. The routine was perfect for the stability, power and strength of every muscle. Hrithik was able to not only build muscles but also burn a lot of fat. This along with his dedication and a healthy diet plan is what really did the trick. 



Could you also share John Abraham's workout regimen? 


It is no secret that John has been a fitness enthusiast most of his life, so at first I had no interest in working with him. When he showed me how fat he had got due to emotional eating and no exercise for eight months, I agreed to transform him, and we did so in 10 weeks. John weight trains four days per week using the Y3T and DTP principles. Our sessions only last 45 minutes but those minutes are intense. John also performs various types of cardio for 30 minutes twice per day to help him assimilate all the food I feed him while burning off all the extra fat he was carrying. To further assist, he supplements with Grenade, which is a natural fat burner taken 20 minutes before morning cardio. His diet consists of lean protein sources such as egg whites, fish and whey protein. His complex carbs come from brown rice, cous cous, oatmeal, and buckwheat crepes from Suzettes while his fiber was accompanied with broccoli, asparagus and spinach. He eats six meals per day, two coming in the form of protein powders two coconut waters per day and an additional 4 litres of iced water is advised to John to help him rehydrate from his workouts and carry electrolytes and minerals to the muscles for better contraction. 



How much time do they spend in a day working out? 


Around 45-70 weight training 5 times per week depending on the body part. 20 minutes per day is spent on some type of cardio 



Do they have a dietician to maintain their fitness levels? 


Yes, me. 



Any sport or habits outside of exercise that help them to maintain their body? 


John likes to participate in some soccer and as of recent, some hockey. Hrithik doesn't participate in any sport. 



Do they meditate or do yoga? 


Neither of them do but I have utilised visualisation techniques to psych them up before intense training sessions. 



What keeps them motivated towards the workout schedule? 


Much of it comes to the accountability of being a role model to others and in some cases, shirtless scenes where they have to set the bench mark due to their reputations of being known for their physiques. 



Are there some fun ways of working out? 


Yes, of course. Group exercise, tennis, boxing, cross fit and several partner routines are always fun to mix things up 



Can you give some fitness/diet advice for our readers? 


Focus on consistency rather than a secret exercise or a magic diet because there aren't any. It's hard work but focusing on gradual consistency is key. If motivation is what you lack, try reading my book: The Bodybuilding.com Guide to Your Best Body It is centrally motivational based with a lot of call-to-actions everyone can apply. If accountability is what you lack, find a reputable Physique Elite Trainer than can guide you, relate to your weaknesses and then who can help you become transparent and place urgency upon your goals.