I can't travel alone : Hrithik Roshan

Published On: 2015-04-11

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“I cant travel alone” says Hrithik Roshan



Date: Summer 2013 



Catch Hrithik in a candid interview, talks about holidays and more! Since his debut in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai to his being established and finding stupendous success as India’s first home-grown sueprhero, Hrithik Roshan continues to send hearts aflutter. Whether on screen or sitting in front of you – it is impossible to take your eyes of Hrithik. And yes, thirteen years after that incredible debut, his green eyes still make you jelly-kneed.view There!! I’m losing focus again! I am here to tell you what our own superhero’s travel travails and tribulations are. So here goes… 



What do vacations mean to you? 


Vacations are a time to rejuvenate, to look and feel better. I binge a lot. Usually, in the hotel, they ask for how many people I’m ordering, and they get shocked when I say one, because I have ordered for four! I have ordered four main dishes, a salad, and a side dish and more. I just go crazy. Vacations are mostly about getting away from noise. I don’t like noise on my vacations, so I don’t like places like New York, (though I go because Susanne loves it). I’d rather go to the other extreme. I’d either go to the top of a mountain or the edge of a beach. A few things remain the same, like I will still be as physically active. 



What is your favourite holiday destination? 


I love Mumbai, but other than Mumbai, I love London, for its ancient beauty. I like spending quality time there, Other than that, Phuket islands are also a favourite with my family. Chaweng beach is the favoured location in Phuket but we often choose the quieter side for a real getaway from the crowds. 



You wouldn’t holiday without…? 


My family! I just cannot fathom the idea of vacationing minus my wife and kids! We do all sorts of crazy stuff and have a total blast, wherever we are. In fact in 2012 my entire family – including my grandparents – holidayed in Bangkok. That was more fun than you can imagine. That was by far, my most favourite vacation. 



What do you not like about traveling? 


I do get nervous and edgy if there is a schedule. Yes, I do like seeing things and exploring – but at a leisurely pace. That is a reason why I’m getting the jitters as the promotion and marketing phase of Krrish 3 comes closer as I am likely to be traveling the world over for more than a month – and I don’t think I’d be spending more than two days in a particular place – so that will be hectic. And since there will be no scope for looking around, even if I go to a place where I haven’t been before, it will only be a mere stamp on my passport. 



What do you collect from vacations? 


I love taking pictures as mementos. Even as a kid, the first thing I would pack is my camera. I used to make scrapbooks of wherever I went. Now I take pictures, but just catalogue them on my comp. 



Any destinations on your wishlist? 


Oh yes! Plenty! I want to go to Spain again – I shot for Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – but I want to go there for at least a month. I also want to take my kids to Mexico. I haven’t been to Japan ever and I want to witness the migration at Masai Mara.