Hrithik Roshan on Current Bollywood

Published On: 2012-07-06

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Current Bollywood – Hrithik Interview

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After KHNP I was a one film wonder, termed as a one film wonder by a lot of people. Then suddenly after K3G I became a two film wonder, now after KMG I am a three film wonder and maybe after fifty years I will be a fifty film wonder. So I wonder if I use to wonder if these you know things are important you and whether I should waste my time in thinking about it. It doesn’t matter at all I mean …uh…no man or magazine can predict or foretell the destiny of another man.

(Fiza’s music n him running against the wind in his black outfit….macho)

Living up to the expectations of my father was the biggest thing in my life. I couldn’t have (du sighs) I couldn’t have the fear of feeling in his eyes, was worst than the fear of feeling in my eyes at that time during KNPH which is why I could not let him down .So right through the making of KNPH I did each and everything that I could possibly do, to directly or indirectly help me in my acting, in my work. 

(the music of dil ne dil ko pukara…mesmerizing)

I worked with my father as an assistant for six years before I really face the camera with him to (in hindi) those six years I uh…we, I understood him a lot, was when you stand as a student and you watch uh you get to learn a lot. I embed a lot of his instincts, so there is a lot of uh silent understanding between me and him. 

(KMG dialogue…apne kaha tha na sir apne baap se seekh ke aao mein apne papa se seekh ke aya hoon sir…now aren’t we proud of our dudarlin’)

KMG was not a consequence of uh…my fav films as in the concept of the idea of KMG came right after the success of KNPH, so it was not uh a determined or no from and what to do now hrihtik’s film have not faded well, so what to do now. It was the next step after KNPH, it was the next thing that dad got it in his head…..so there was no pressure at all. 

(KNPH ….r u ready??….so inspirational)

It was, I think my most heartfelt performance till date. A lot of times in my previous films even with KNPH , all the other films that I have done, have always you know uh when the film was about 90% complete I use to have you know I use to gage the minimum and the maximum that this film could do, then I use to cut off from the film. I use to be able to detach and then go on with my life because I had adjusted myself to the minimum that it could do and the maximum that it could do. So I was ok with both, I use to get ok with both and I use to carry on with my life but for the first time in my life with KMG, I have realized that I was so attached to it, that I could neither determine the minimum or the maximum and I could neither detach from it. 

(HAILA….song sequence… really….haila!!!)

I think, I relate to Rohit uh…more than I have related to any other character that I’ve played so far uh because I guess all of us in our childhood have uh walked that path one time or the other, the path of you know being embarrassed, the path of not uh matching up to your peers, peer pressure you know, sometimes you don’t look good enough, sometimes you make a fool of yourself, you are not intelligent enough, you know uh somebody dances better than you, you can’t dance, you are shy there are girls, you know there are so many various things that every child goes through so I just I got Rohit from my childhood. Rohit, in a very simple term is an extension of my childhood. 

(Jadoo….song n his other dance moves n acting sequence showing him doing jadoo on us all…sniff)

And I think I have put in so much, if this time my character would have not been accepted or this film would not have worked, I would have broken my heart, I don’t think I would have find the motivation or the energy or the drive to ever put in so much into anything else in my life again, so I am glad, I am happy, I am thankful to God that he has reaffirmed my belief in the equation, that I believe in that- honest hard work equals success.

(NTJNH dance sequence songs at background n du posing for the shots….muah)