Hrithik Roshan makes Remo work hard

Published On: 2015-04-28

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Perfectionist Hrithik Roshan makes Remo work hard

Source: TOI Date: Jun 10, 2014 By: Tanvi Trivedi Hrithik Roshan Usually, choreographer-turned-filmmaker Remo D'Souza makes actors sweat it out, practising hard to get their moves right. But when it comes to Hrithik Roshan, it is the other way around. Remo says, "All Bollywood actors dance well, so it's not strenuous for me to choreograph them. But Hrithik is an exception. He is meticulous when it comes to dance and does not let go even the smallest imperfection that only a choreo-grapher may spot. He makes me observe his dance for hours, just to check if anything can be done better. So, I have to work harder with Hrithik."