I am driven by life: Hrithik

Published On: 2015-05-18

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Source: Daily Pioneer Date: 28, August 2014 By: Karan Bhardwaj One thing we really admire about Hrithik Roshan is absence of any sort of pretence in his personality. There’s an unapologetic honesty about this actor that hits you the moment you strike a conversation with him, of course, besides his killer looks. He exudes positivity in his utterance and that’s one of the many reasons why millions of his fans look up to him as a source of inspiration. Fresh from his marriage turmoil and physical injuries, Roshan refuses to bow down before any odd ball in his life. In fact, he has always turned around the tables and beaten odds to his advantage. “I am driven by life,” he told us with an infectious smile. He might have suffered immensely of late, but like his onscreen avatar, he is determined to be a real life hero. Even his posts on social networking websites reflect his strength. In Delhi to launch latest series of Rado’s DiaMaster collection, the actor impressed us with his attitude and appearance alike. Looking suave in a grey suit, he shared with us his secret of living. “Even I have my low moments. But the amazing support and feedback from the well-wishers keep me hooked. There are days when I don’t hit the gym, remain in bed, sink and sulk, and give in to life’s luxury. But then, the very next moment, I get all the files and work on my table, look through them and ask myself if I really have the capacity to take on them and create wonders. That gives me a push and I wake up in a Kung Fu position and bang on!” he said. We trust him. The record hits on YouTube to Bang Bang trailer and songs second his views. Hrithik’s fans keep him upbeat all the time. “We have received phenomenal response for the song and teaser. This proves I am on the right track and I am happy doing my bit and contributing to cinema,” he said. More than once in the conversation, Roshan emphasised on his efforts to achieve perfection. Take this small incident during the shoot of a Bang Bang song. As per the reports, he changed several pairs of shoes for a song just to hit the right note. “I cannot compromise, I strive to achieve excellence. I may not achieve it but I make sure I reach somewhere near to it. So it might take 10 or 100 pairs of shoes or anything else, I go to any extent to get the best. And that has been the funda of my life, too,” he said. The actor is now promoting Bang Bang and will soon start shooting for Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo Daro. But of late, he has kept paparazzi at bay. Why has he become so reclusive? “(Laughs) I really don’t have perfect answer to that. Actually I was entirely engrossed in the shooting of Bang Bang which took little more time than expected. Then I suffered an injury and there were unfavourable circumstances that couldn’t make me attend public events. But yes, it’s going to change in the days to come. I want to do more films. There’s a perception that I don’t work in more than one film a year and only do big projects. But that’s false. I am quite open to do films which wrap up fast,” he said. Roshan also complimented his colleague-actor Rani Mukerjee for her stupendous performance in YRF’s Mardaani. “If there’s one actor who could pull that character off, it’s only Rani. I have known her for years and she is full of strength and character,” he said.