Choose the battles you want to fight -Hrithik

Published On: 2015-05-20

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Choose the battles you want to fight: Hrithik Roshan

Source: Freepressjournal.in Date: Aug 31, 2014 When you achieve celebrity status or fame, you have to first of all choose the battles you want to fight. Every Tom, Dick and Harry can say anything about you; if you stop and try to set everyone right and try to fight your case, fight every little inconsequential thing written about you, you will lose focus. You will have no time, no peace to do things you actually need to do. So first, choose the battles you want to fight – and you have got to be very intelligent about that. “The fact is that people can say only one of the two things. People can either say the truth – and if it is the truth then why fight it? And if what they are saying is lies then it is lies; how does it affect you? You know your truth. You know he is lying… that’s all that matters, how does it affect your life? For sure, it doesn’t affect mine. No point is making yourself miserable over it. “Misery cannot be shunned; you cannot choose not to have it for it will come! All you have to ask for is enough strength to walk through it and, if you have a better perspective, then you’ll be glad you had the opportunity to rise and become stronger… that is how I look at it. Nothing gets me down. Just living comfortably isn’t enough. It is the same philosophy in body building – you lift more weights to get stronger, you grow more. I am just made like that! “A cheetah is made to run at 160 miles/hour. He doesn’t have a choice even though it tires the hell out of him. If he runs, if he sprints, he does that at 160… if he goes any slower he won’t look as beautiful. That’s my gift and my curse, I have to bear that weight, face that fire, and I will be doing it as long as I have the strength to keep at it.”