Bang Bang is my greatest victory!

Published On: 2015-05-24

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'I have made many new friends'

Source: Mumbai Mirror By Roshmila Bhattacharya, Date: September 13, 2014 For almost a year he's been incommunicado with the media as his life and career hit a rough patch following a freak accident on the sets of his upcoming film, Bang Bang, that led to a brain surgery, and an announcement of separation that ended his 13-year-long marriage. But yesterday, Hrithik Roshan invited Mirror into his beautifully appointed living room dominated with several canvases, and a smiling portrait of his mother, Pinky Roshan. The actor himself walked into the room, casually dressed in jeans, Tee and a cap, to talk about the positives which have kept him on his feet at a time when the negatives threatened to pull him down. Excerpts from the conversation during which he admitted that he has changed--becoming more giving, and is reaching out to more people: Ever since the first trailer was unveiled, everyone's been talking about Bang Bang's spectacular stunts. Pulling them off, soon after a brain surgery, must have been taxing? When you enjoy doing something, it's never taxing but energising. I've always been an action man who thrives on adventure. For me it's is difficult waking up to a day when I have nothing to do. I can do somersaults all day, but if I have to sit cross-legged, my back hurts. But even your director, Siddharth Anand, didn't expect you to jump into action on the first day you returned to the sets and today rues the fact that they spent so much money on doubles, who were never used. Before I reached Shimla for the second schedule, Siddharth had already shot quite a few action scenes with my double. I thanked him for his concern, but after seeing the shots, I told him I could do that myself. One shot lead to another, and soon we had reshot two days of work. If you really want to do something, your body and mind will never stop you. But there must have been a period of prolonged inactivity before that... That time was used to build my mental muscle. I used all the tools I had at my disposal—from a passage in a book to my vision of the future—to help me get through each day. I was told, it would take me a month to recover, it took me six-seven months because I was busy with the post-production of Krrish 3 and didn't rest enough. Three years of my sweat and blood had gone into that film... My father (Rakesh Roshan) had been with it for so long... There was no other way out. It wouldn't have been easy... It wasn't. An injury to the brain meant I couldn't laugh or cry—both hurt. So I could neither watch a comedy or a drama. Silence was deafening, but when I spoke, the sound of my own voice grated in my head. It was scary! I was literally living in a dark box. That's when I discovered the X factor in me which has given rise to the dream of HRX which will help me reach out to millions who would succumb to the fear if there wasn't someone to pull them out. Right now I have zero fear. How did you conquer it? By staying on course—if there was something I couldn't do, rather than dwell on it, I would ask myself, "What can I do?" It's all about asking the right questions. Also, I have stopped assuming anything about anyone. Weren't you afraid that the surgery could go wrong? Out of 2000 such surgeries, only a couple have gone wrong. So, the chance of it going right in my case was 98 per cent. I held on to that thought and made the nurses sing and the doctors shot a video of me spilling blood. What was painful was being caged in bed after that. Was this the biggest hurdle in your life's journey? I don't know about that but I can say that today, I'm prepared for anything. A rollercoaster ride is not supposed to be smooth. You take it for the rush and to conquer your fears. You learn, from experiences, from nature... Nature? Yes, I would watch channels like National Geographic and Discovery.... See a mother watch her calf being killed in front of her eyes by a leopard... She had 20 seconds to watch this macabre scene and then she would have to join her pack and move on. You have a choice to let life get you down or take it in your stride, like a man, and make the best of the situation. That's a great attitude but while a splintered back can heal easily, a shattered heart doesn't? It depends on which illusion you choose to live by. If you focus only on yourself, you would be sad. But if you focus on others, you can be happy. You can create love and it will fill you. For me, love has no flip side. You have to own love, not the person you love, in the same way that you have to own pain and not let yourself be blown away by it. The best thing you can do for someone you care for is to be happy when you see them happy. I have stopped existing for myself—I live for my parents, my children, all the people who love me. For many people out there, Susanne and you were the ideal couple and your separation, came as a shock. How have you taken the break-up? It's not for me to talk about someone, when it is just me talking. All I can say is that I'm proud that my children have two strong individuals as parents in their life. Everyone has the right to be happy. If that happiness lies in being without you, you learn to live with it. Are you happy? Happiness is fickle, it comes and goes. You may think that you would be happy if your film is a success, when that doesn't happen, you are driven to work harder. Are box-office figures important? Figures are important, not comparatively but as a pointer to how successful your film is. How important is Bang Bang success for you? Bang Bang should be the biggest success of my career. It's the happiest character I have played, when I was going through my worst. When I was physically damaged, I had to pull off those stunts. It's my greatest victory. Do you feel like a superhero today? Feelings are temperamental, they change everyday. I base my life on outcome and results. Every day I wake up, and set myself four things to do, which I have never done before or are difficult, even impossible. At the end of the day I tick them off. If I've accomplished what I set out to do, I sleep like a baby. Talking of babies, how much have your sons—Hrehaan and Hridaan— helped you through the crisis? I'm their parent, provider and protector. When I am with them I don't look for hugs but focus on how I can educate, inspire and stimulate them. We're told Salman and Aamir Khan were big supports when you were going through trying times? I don't need anyone's support. But yes, there was a time when I was happy in my own little cocoon. I never went out and made friends. Now I have made many new friends. Wherever I go, I connect with people. May be this is the real me. You're a good-looking man and now that you are no longer in a committed relationship, there will be lots of rumours about link-ups... Rumours don't bother me. Write away. There's been talk of a film with Kabir Khan that you opted out of and one with Zoya Akhtar called Road that you have given the nod to... These are filmmakers I look up to, I am here for them. But the only person I have given the nod to is Ashutosh Gowarikar for Mohenjo-Daro. He came to me three years ago, when I was too involved with Krrish 3. After that he kept re-drafting the script. Then, when I was in Delhi for Bang Bang, he came back. At that time I had just learnt that Karan (Malhotra) wanted to go ahead with Shuddhi which had been in limbo for a long time, following my accident. I respected that, it's only his second film, and gave him a dignified way to move on by announcing that I was opting out. At a time, when those whom I considered friends wanted to go on without me, here was a man (Ashutosh) who stood by me for three years. I owed it to him to read his script. And once I did, I was blown away. I signed Mohenjo-Daro in two minutes. You are reportedly charging Rs 50 crore for the film. Won't this inflate the budget? Change equations in the industry? What I charge is my business. And would you be in a business which does not look like a profitable proposition? I'm justified in what I am charging. Reportedly, you dropped out of Shuddhi because the role required you to be in prime physical form... That's not true. It was a decision taken by the director to move on. Has this created friction between you and Karan Malhotra and Karan Johar? I don't think so. Life has taught me that if people are happy without me, they should go ahead. I'd be happy to do a guest appearance for them. Maybe I will get to work in Karan Malhotra's third film. Seems you want to set up your own production company? That's not true, my father is a one-man army, and I will always be with him. Buzz is, he's working on Krrish 4 but wants to make a family drama, like Bhagwan Dada, starring you before that? My father is working on three-four scripts simultaneously. Every day he sits down and works on them for four hours. But he's still not happy with any, though some are really good. As for Krrish 4, I had to force him to take a break from the franchise which he has been with for almost a decade. Rumours are that you're looking for a new apartment... I'm looking for a plot. To build a bungalow? Yes. For youself? For all of us to live in.