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Hrithik Roshan: I'm going to live till 90 and be an unstoppable force

Source: TOI
Date: Sep 21, 2014
By: Bahni Bandopadhyay

It was a rare gathering of sorts, with almost the entire Roshan family turning up for the CII Big Picture summit in Delhi. They were felicitated for their contribution to Indian cinema, and Rakesh, Rajesh and Hrithik Roshan sat down to talk about their lives in showbiz. Topics ranged from the bond that they share, both personally and professionally, to Hrithik's unexpected foray into films 14 years ago, and his directorial aspirations in the future.

The trio have worked in several films together, and Rakesh said he would never choose a subject where he didn't need to work with his brother and son. "I won't choose a script where both of them are not required," he said.

When Hrithik was quizzed about his Hollywood film offers, he said, "The whole world is looking at India right now. People are talking about me doing Hollywood films, and the dozen scripts lying on my table are proof enough that Hollywood is coming down here soon."

I had to rewrite my own philosophies
The conversation was, in large portions, a reflection on life, especially for Hrithik. Elaborating on his life's philosophies, the actor said, "Life is not supposed to be fair. Hoping that life should be fair is like hoping that the tiger doesn't eat you because you are vegetarian. So I've always asked good questions, to find myself amid the chaos. All my actions are progressive. My focus is not myself, it is my family and others, so that I can give back in return. We are conditioned to think that if we achieve certain things in life, we'll be happy - fame, success, life, and a beautiful family. It's actually untrue. Wherever you are in life, you have to be content. Open your eyes and see the environment and be content with it. From there you start off, picking up the one thing that you like, and build your life around it, and then as a byproduct comes the success, fame and money. My life has been about travelling in one direction, and then discovering that it was all wrong, so then I had to rewrite my own philosophies, and they have made me what I am now."

I'm lucky to be able to reach out to people
"My priority has always been to be a stronger, better person, to improve my skills, so that in turn, I can make other people's lives better, by giving them hope and dreams through my films as an entertainer. That's my life. If you want to be successful in life, find the one thing that the world needs, and contribute that thing. I'm very fortunate that I am in a profession where I can reach out to millions of people. I have such a huge responsibility and the power to bring about a change," Hrithik said.

I'm going to be an unstoppable force
His father has been an actor, director and producer, and when Hrithik was asked if he would be donning multiple hats in the future, the actor said, "I'm going to live till 90, and be an unstoppable force till my last breath. It's not easy to be a director, he is like the leader of a team. So, when you ask me that question, I feel a little fear, but I will direct a film in the future." He added, "Right now, Bang Bang is releasing, it just proves that I am still okay at what I'm doing, and I can last a few more years."

Hrehaan and Hridaan aspire to become actors
Rakesh reminisced about his father, and how he's been an inspiration for both him and his brother Rajesh. And as the question of carrying the Roshan legacy forward came up, Rakesh said, "I started off as an assistant director, and Hrithik has assisted me for 4-5 years before becoming an actor. Rajesh had assisted Laxmikant-Pyarelal, now his son is working with me on a project. When I asked Hrehaan and Hridaan about their career choices, they both said, "We want to be actors." "Really? Did they say that?" Hrithik asked. "Yes, they did," his father continued, "The Roshans are there, the Roshans will be there."

I want to watch Khoobsurat
Rakesh said that he is working on a subject which will bring the three of them together soon. "Very soon, you'll see us working together. I was looking for a script and I think I have found one. We are working on it, I hope it turns out well. Our next film will not be part of the Krrish franchise, maybe the one after it will be," he said.

When Rakesh was asked whether he had seen the remake of his film Khubsoorat, which released recently, he said, "No, I haven't seen it yet." Hrithik added, "I wasn't invited! I want to see the film. Write that down." He added, "But I believe it's a great film, and I congratulate Sonam Kapoor."

In time, I will direct a film: Hrithik Roshan

Source: IANS
Date: September 20, 2014

Actor Hrithik Roshan is currently happy and content in his space as an actor, but when the time is right and if he has a subject, he may go behind the camera to direct a film. However, he says “it will take time”.

His father Rakesh Roshan is a successful director and producer of films like “Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai” and the “Krrish” series. Does Hrithik see himself branching into these fields in future?

Well, the actor didn’t rule it out when he asked this at an event here Friday.

“I’m going to be living till I’m 90 years old. I’m going to be absolutely unstoppable and my service to the world will go on to the last breath of mine. Having said that, directing a film is may be...all I can say is, something has started,” Hrithik said.

He finds it to be a “difficult” process.

“To direct is not just to make a film. You have to be a leader, like a CEO of a company, or say like my dad! He’s incredible, he’s a boss who’s also a worker...and there’s a lot that goes as far as a director are concerned.

“But I’m a man who loves challenges....I don’t like to live in fear. So maybe in time, I will be directing,” he added.

During a later media briefing, the 40-year-old contemplated on the matter again and questioned: “I have a father who’s the best director in the world. Why will I ever not want to be directed by the best director in the world and take it in my hands?”

Nevertheless, he went on to say: “Maybe someday if I have a subject and I take his (my father’s) advice and guidance and if he feels it’s the right time for me and if I feel it’s the right time for me, and my uncle (Rajesh Roshan) is equally inspired, then maybe they will all back me and push me for it. But it will take time.”

As of now, his entire focus is on “Bang Bang”, his big ticket film, slated to release Oct 2.

“Right now, “Bang Bang” is releasing and it just reaffirms the fact that I’m pretty okay at what I’m doing...so I can last a few more years doing what I’m doing.”

Bollywood's Roshan trio felicitated in capital

Source: IANS
Date: 19 September 2014

Bollywood's famous Roshan trio -- Rakesh, Rajesh and Hrithik -- were Friday felicitated for their "incredible contribution to Indian cinema" at the CII Big Picture Summit 2014. Rakesh Roshan said the Roshans will continue to be there in the film industry. The family, including actor-filmmaker Rakesh and composer Rajesh's respective wives, were present on the occasion.

Hrithik, who has been receiving accolades galore for his flawless dance moves in the title track of his forthcoming release "Bang Bang", said the honour has given the family a lot of "happiness".

"It is very satisfying and fulfilling. Thank you so much for this," Hrithik, looking dapper in a formal suit, said at the event, which apart from a lot of media professionals, seemeed packed with fans of the screen hero.

A short video clip titled "The Roshans" took the audience on a journey across the the family's contribution to cinema. It also included works of Rakesh and Rajesh's father, the late composer Roshanlal Nagrath, popularly known as Roshan.

Snapshots from Rakesh's times as an actor, Rakesh's tunes and glimpses of the former's directorials as well as his son Hrithik's work as an actor, gave the audience a quick peek-a-boo into the film family.

The trio also participated in a discussion, talking about their camaraderie on the sets and studios; their love for each other; learning; and future career plans.

Rakesh, who has been an actor, producer and a successful director of films like the "Krrish" series and "Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai", said the next generation of Roshans will continue their legacy -- at least that's what he has heard from his little grandsons Hrehaan and Hridaan.

"Rajesh's son is assisting me, and he is heading to films. And once I asked Hrehaan and Hridhaan, 'What do you want to become when you grow up?' They said, 'Actors!'

The kids' father Hrithik interrupted and asked, "Did they really say that?"

The proud grandfather nodded and said: "Roshans will be there."

The evening was made more beautiful with Rajesh pulling off a rare stunt on Hrithik's insistence - he sang his father's evergreen composition "Rahein na rahein hum, mehkaa karenge..."


Working on next film, not 'Krrish 4': Rakesh Roshan

Source: IANS
Date: 19 September 2014

After giving Bollywood its "Krrish" series, Rakesh Roshan has finally set his sights on a new script. However, he hasn't ruled out making "Krrish 4" in future.

Rakesh, his brother and composer Rajesh, as well as actor son Hrithik were Friday felicitated here for the family's contribution to Indian cinema.

Asked by IANS when the trio will work together again, Rakesh said: "Very soon!"

"I am working on a script. I was looking out for a script for all these days. I think I have got one good idea and we are working on it. I hope it turns out well and we start the movie," he added.

Will it be another instalment of "Krrish"?

"No, not the next one (film)...('Krrish 4' maybe) after that," he added.

The trio has worked together since Hrithik's debut film "Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai".

At a discussion held after the Roshans were felicitated at the CII Big Picture Summit, Rakesh said that he would never choose a subject for a film where Rajesh and Hrithik aren't required.

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