Health Tips From Hrithik

Published On: 2012-07-10

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Health Tips From Hrithik

Source: CineBlitz, April 2004 Issue
Submitted by Hina


This month our fitness editor box office heavyweight, Hrithik Roshan, gives some hefty tips on power eating:

I am a very instinctive about my eating habits. I know what the right things to eat are but I seldom follow them. My timings and schedules are so haywire that I am not always able to eat just the right kinds of food. These days because I am not working and I am at home, I am following a more regimented pattern. For instance as soon as I wake up in the morning, I have half a glass of juice because I need to pop up my amino acid, which is a protein tablet. I alternate this with protein shake.

Though I am careless about drinking water consistently though the day, I make sure that whenever I feel a little thirsty I gulp down lots of water. My dad and mom swear by having a bottle of warm water early in the morning; they say it works like magic. Water therapy is the best way to flush out all the toxins from your system.


Ideally breakfast should consist of cereals, milk, fruits and eggs. Unfortunately wheat doesn't suit me so I don't have cereals for breakfast. I believe it has something to do with my blood group. Wheat apparently doesn't suit people with a b negative blood group. My breakfast consists of a six egg white omelet with mushroom. If I am in the mood to pig out, I add some cheese in it. Many people feel that breakfast is the most important meal of the day I say, the whole idea behind it is to stock up the fuel to keep you going though the day. A hearty breakfast gives you the energy to handle a hectic day ideally it is best to make dinner your lightest meal because that way you will won't store up anything as fat. But if
you are one of those people who work at late nights, then it’s not good to miss dinner or have light meal. Your carbohydrate intake has to be controlled at night. But if you have problems sleeping. Lots of carbohydrate will help you sleep better. 


When it comes to lunch, I try to reduce my carbohydrate intake. That’s why I completely stay away from rice. I have very thin chapatti with some meat preferably chicken. I rarely have red meat; in fact I don't have red meat at all because it has very high fat content. If there is no chicken, I have three boiled eggs. Fish is great for lunch because of oats high nutritive value. It beats chicken in this department!

Having boiled vegetables as part of your lunch is a extremely good idea. Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, sprouts; these are the kind of greens that you should include in your meals. When having meat for lunch I prefer having it grilled because there is less macula. Sometimes I just have a grilled salmon steak, flavored with herbs and lots of greens to go along with it.
If you prefer vegetarian food, one thing to definitely do substitute chicken with paneer, tofu or soya because they are all high in protein. Lentils are another protein rich food. Also whenever possible make sure two helpings of fruits a day. Whenever I get hungry I have chopped fruits. During summer that means a lot of melons, apples and other seasonal fruit.


A popular theory is that you should have dinner before eight at night but that doesn't work for anyone. If I had to have my dinner before sunset and go to sleep on an empty stomach, I would die! I feel hungry every two hours. If I am awake for more than one hour I am hungry again. A healthy dinner is one that is balanced between protein and carbohydrates. Higher protein intake is great at the end of the day. Fatty foods are definitely out! These days when I have some free time, I give myself a treat out! A high crab and fat meal typically should be post work meal. Soup, a grilled piece of chicken or salmon with lots of veggies; this is an ideal cameo dinner.


Many people want to know how I put on weight. Well believe me, it was a next impossible task. I have a very high metabolic rate. I am thin because I am restless and I have a lot of nervous energy. I burn far more calories being restless than running on a tread mill for an hour! My main problem was that I was stressed all the time doing things with a calmer perspective, will help anyone who is thin to put on weight the basic problem with thin people is that they are too hyper and stressed out. I often advice people to eat every kind of foods; except oily and deep fried foods, which is seriously unhealthy. Boiled vegetables and stir-fried vegetables, lots milk with bananas, lots of cereals, sugar, chocolate, cakes, everything goes when you are trying to put on weight. The basic mantra is to start loving food when I had to put on weight I made food my passion. I had gulab jamuns with ice cream, I had banana milkshakes, and I had everything I wanted to have! If your intake is more than your outtake than your put on weight when you are trying to put in weight it is best to workout at the same time. Muscles weigh more than fat. Building muscles is easier when you have protein shakes.