Hrithik on Mohenjodaro, Shuddhi and Bang Bang

Published On: 2015-05-29

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Hrithik Roshan talks about Mohenjo Daro, Shuddhi and Bang Bang

Source: Talking Movies

Q. Rajveer comes very easily to you. So what was the most challenging situation you faced while shooting for Bang Bang?
Hrithik- To get the blood out of my brain (Laughs). I had a flight to catch in 8 hours and I felt something was wrong. I got the scan done and my whole left side was filled with blood. I told them I had to fly in 8 hours and so get the blood removed in 8 hours, they told me if you fly you die, I said ok I won’t fly (Laughs). So then I relaxed and I educated myself on this problem. So I choose the best doctor to solve this problem.

Q. Hrithik how scary was it being a part of surgery. Did it change your life?
Hrithik- It made me even stronger and I was confident that once the blood will go out everything will be normal.

Q. Comparisions with Tom Cruise are bound to happen. So how will you tackle with that?
Hrithik- Yes comparisons are bound to happen but I think its all about individuality. Tom Cruise will interpret the same situation according to his life and experiences. I will interpret the same line in my own way. So there is a lot of difference and I need to get my individuality into this. Mr Bachchan did his own interpretation for Agneepath and I did it according to my interpretation. My look is not so angry but I was being honest and fearless.

Q. Arjun, Sidharth, Shahid are all inspired by you. So do you somewhere feel you are a senior superstar now?
Hrithik – Time comes when you have to stop being the underdog. You have to become the provider. You have to be the one on whom people should depends on. Some people never get to that point but at some point of life you have to get to that position. That transition has happened in my life and I make sure to inspire others.

Q. Hrithik are you doing any Hollywood project?
Hrithik- Hollywood projects are always there. They keep on sending me scripts and there are 6 scripts in my hand now. I have not found anything exciting so far.

Q. You gave the Bang Bang dares to the stars. So what has been the biggest dare of your life?
Hrithik- Life itself is the biggest dare. We chose that dare when we chose to live the life.

Q. How do you act despite suffering from so many problems?

Hrithik- I don’t label them as problem. They are my strengths and I turned them around. I made use of the pain in a creative way so it became my strengths. They influence me as an actor and I interpret the lines according to the experiences in my life.

Q. In an interview you said Ashutosh Gowariker has been the man who stood by you during your tough time.
Hrithik- By tough time I meant, when everyone was quitting on me that guy offered me a script. The shuddhi thing happened and that was the time when I realized that I need to meet Aashu once. He had offered me a script 3 years ago and he offered me the same script again. After reading the script I was stunned and I felt this is the film I have to do next.

Q. Initially people felt that you were the one who walked out of Shuddhhi but later on you said that they wanted to move on. So did that affect you?
Hrithik- Not at all. If you are happy without me, you can move on.

Q. How different is Bang Bang from Knight and Day?
Hrithik- The germ is of Knight and Day but I wanted to do something in that space. I saw the film in a flight and when I saw the film I felt that it can be made in a Hindi film and one month after that Sid called me. After Dhoom 2 I wanted to do something of this sort and be into the cool space. I did Rohit and Agneepath recently and this was one space where I got to do something I wanted to do since a long time. I told Sid a yes on the phone itself within 5 seconds but I told him I will sign the film once the script is ready. We worked on the script for 7 Months and then I signed the film.

Q. Sujoy Ghosh has come In as a writer in the film. So why was that decision taken?
Hrithik- Sujoy has done a incredible job. He is somebody who has worked with Sid as a team and when I walked in Sujoy was already onboard and the entire team has got the script together.

Q. Was Bang Bang more difficult that Krrish?
Hrithik- Of course Bang Bang was more difficult than Krrish. But again it is one of the easiest film I have been a part of may be because I have passed through the worst phase in my life. I just got to play myself in the film and I loved it.

Q. What about Knight and Day made you feel that it can be a Bollywood film?
Hrithik- The entire presentation of the film and even the screenplay made me feel that it was a very Bollywoodish kind of film. Infact people who don’t know that the film is a remake of Knight and Day won’t ever come to know the same as we have made a lot of changes in the script and the screenplay.

Q. The character in Bang Bang is very similar to what you are in real life. So could you tell something about it?
Hrithik- For me it was a new discovery as I lock myself in the room to get into the character. When I locked myself in the room for Bang Bang I got to know there is nothing in it and this is just me. Rajveer is equal to me in real life and I hope you guys like me.

Q. How was it working with Danny sir?
Hrithik- It was a great experience working with him. Danny Sir gave me a lot of advice for the film and we had lots of fun on the sets. So it was great bonding with him on sets after 30 years.

Q. Do you think Bang Bang will redefine the action genre in Bollywood?
Hrithik- I Think so it will. I think it will motivate the other makers to make it even better. For me it is my greatest achievement.

Q. How much effort has gone in for shooting the title track of Bang Bang?
Hrithik- The song looks very effortless and as effortless the song looks is the exact amount of effort that has gone to shoot the song. You are not born perfect and I tried to be the best version of myself which came through practice and there is one song where I kick my leg and while shooting that step I could not do that step. Take pe Take, Take pe Take and finally it went right