Hrithik through the eyes of those closest to him.

Published On: 2015-05-30

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Hrithik Roshan: SattuÕs mission in life is to make me realise that I am Hrithik Roshan

Source: TOI
By: Priya Gupta
Date: September 25, 2014

Hrithik Roshan is by far the most good- looking star we have in our country. While we all know about his determination and dedication to being fit, we introduce you to Sattu (Satyajit Chaurasia), a man originally from Nagpur, who is not just Hrithik's fitness trainer, but his friend and partner in it too. We bring you excerpts from a conversation with Hrithik and Sattu, who share a lot in common, be it their clean hearts, their spirituality or their determination to never ever give up.

Sattu, how does it feel to be The Hrithik Roshan's trainer?
Whenever someone comes to know that I am connected to HR, they get a smile on their face, but with Hrithik, he is so grounded that I have to keep telling him who and how big he is. I have been training him since 2004 from just before Krrish. He loves fitness and the best part in him is that he gets irritated and angry when he doesn't train. He knows the nuances and is very dedicated. He loves to explore and is very committed to his training. He feels that 'this is my life and this is my job, my religion and without this a lot of things in my life are missing.' He is extremely consistent and feels that working out at the gym is the best thing he can do for himself. HR is a different person before entering the gym and after finishing his workout. He gets his love from the gym. After a good session, he feels happy and his head is set. He is clear that the gym is what he does for himself. The rest he does for others. A body is always hard to build and maintain, but he will give his everything for that one shot.

Sattu, are you also his friend?
I met him through Zayed Khan, who is like my brother. The last time when HR went for a month to the US when he was not well, I was there taking care of him and he found a friend in me. He is easy emotionally, but can also be very difficult. The best part in him is that he is very good at heart. He is simply superb when it comes to taking care of his people, including even his boy Sushil. We were recently shooting in Abu Dhabi for Bang Bang when HR told him, 'Sushil, you have not done shopping' and he ensured he went and shopped. He is also very short-tempered and many a times, when he is irritated, he shouts. Sometimes, he will get so angry that I feel that I should just run away.

Hrithik, tell us about training with Sattu?
He has seen me grow, not just physically but mentally. The best part about him is that he is more than just a trainer. He is such a spiritual guy. Sometimes, before or in the middle of the workout, our talks go into a spiritual zone about life, what life is about, not the kind of talk that gets you down, but the kind of talk that gets you higher. He has the wisdom and the purest heart and mind and whenever I am a little down, he has his way of telling me in a very relaxed tone, 'So kya hua yaar, chal karte hain na. Do set marenge, life khoobsurat ho jaayegi do second mein.' I am the kind of person who doesn't work out to dhinchak, dhinchak kind of music. My zone is to be calm in the eye of the storm. So, there will be chaos around, but I operate my best in the eye of the storm. I will hear music that is very calming, be it old Hindi songs or a track that is mellow. I always see aggression in very very slow motion. So the music is calm, but the aggression in that is solid. And Sattu is the same. Also, he is such a spiritual guy. I am short-tempered, but Sattu mein gussa kabhi dikhta hi nahi. There were times over the last year when I would enter the gym completely low, never felt like working out, but I knew that I must do all the things I didn't want to do. I would call Sattu half an hour before the workout and we would chat and through words, we would find the pathway in the mind where you say, 'C'mon man, let's just do it.' It's that talk that happens before the workout that gets you empowered. And then you see the transformation after every session, be it mentally or physically. After the workout is done, I feel so unstoppable and feel so mentally happy. And Sattu is the strongest man you have ever met in your life. Physically, he is so strong that it is absolutely incredible and very safe for the person who wants to train, as the trainer has enough strength to protect and give the right kind of assistance. I have broken my shoulders, knees and back, but we have built the body through all these problems finding alternative ways to exercise. There are sometimes some basic exercises that I can't do and sometimes, he will fire me. He is probably the only person who has the right to tell me, 'Arre yaar, ek baar meri baat toh sun, tu yeh kar.' And even though he has shouted at me, it is very encouraging as his conviction motivates me also. We have been friends, confidantes and we have been working on my body as our meditation, as our temple. He is a very religious man and he makes sure that I read the Hanuman Chalisa before I come to the gym. Even if I have to work out at 2 at night, he is just a call away and wherever he is, even if it is at a party, he will reach me in 20 minutes. What else can someone like me who has such a busy schedule expect? The best part is our partnership, where we don't ever quit and empower each other. If it doesn't work, we try some other way. Before every film, we have a goal and in Sattu's language, 'Iss film mein toh hum phaad denge.' He will tell me, 'Tu jaanta nahi hai tu kya hai. Tu Hrithik Roshan hai. Tujhe pata nahi hai ki public tujhe dekh ke khush ho jaati hain ek second mein. You are too grounded. You don't even know what a big star you are.' Sattu has been through my best times and my worst times. The perspectives that he must have on me winning the superstar award to coming to the gym to another state of mind, the contrast of being a superstar and being in the gym, where I am just a student, a worker. He has seen the difficulty we have been through and we have really empowered each other through thick and thin. When I have been in extreme pain, he has hunted pandits from all over the world and he will say, 'Main karoonga yaar.' And I will tell him, 'This is not going to work yaar.' But he will say, 'Even if you don't believe, you do it for me.' So for Sattu, I have done so many things, met so many pandits. I don't have belief, but when Sattu says and he has so much belief in it, I feel I have to do it for him.

Sattu, what makes you have so much belief in spirituality?
HR is also very spiritual, but I believe from my experience that wherever you are, if you read the Hanuman Chalisa, you will definitely get help from there. I believe that I asked Hanumanji for us to be so close and that is why, we are the way we are. I asked Hanumanji that he must be fully content and healthy. He is my brother, my friend and he is like Zayed to me. Professionally too, I have gained a lot from HR and I am committed. HR is so determined that I can do however much he would like me to do. We went to Greece to shoot the Meherbaan song and Sushil forgot to keep the tube in his bag. I was so scared that without the tube how would I pump up Hrithik. So, I took the security's cycle and quickly got the tube, praying all through the way that the shoot should not be delayed due to this and God please meri izzat rakhna. I made it on time and when we saw the scene, we were so happy and knew HR's fans would go mad seeing it. He is very strict and can scream. But then he hugs and that is the best part, otherwise, I would have run away by now. My heart broke down many times seeing him in the US during that month, but I did my duty as a friend, as a trainer and as a human being and feel satisfied for doing it.

Hrithik, how was it to shoot action outdoors in the high temperatures of Abu Dhabi?
The temperature was so high that it was like shooting in a sauna. We were shooting in the sand there and I had to be at my fittest. But then you keep at it, as it is always about that one look. We know each other so well and would just know by a look that we were both very tired, but then Sattu would say, 'Gym chalte hain and uske baad, pool ke paas we will sit and have a drink.' I don't drink at all otherwise. But Sattu was concerned that I must also relax, so in the evening he would take me to have a glass of wine. He would be happy just seeing me relax, otherwise my brain keeps working 24 x 7. He would call all the guys from the crew and say, 'Come and see HR having a drink, we will all be less stressed now.' Recently, we were at a friend's party, who has a house next to the beach. People saw me at the balcony and there was a huge crowd and I was getting embarrassed and saying to Sattu, 'Let's not go there.' But he was pushing me and saying, 'Dekh tu kya hai. Tujhe samajh aa raha hai ya nahi?' Sattu's mission in life is to make me realise that I am Hrithik Roshan.