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Published On: 2015-06-01

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Hrithik Roshan Says He Can't Be Tom Cruise: Exclusive Interview

Source: Moviez Adda
By: Divya Solgama

Our Bollywood Guide 'G9 Divya Solagama' had an interesting conversation with the talented and daring Hrithik Roshan and during the conversation we caught Hrithik talking about his upcoming movie 'Bang Bang', his life and a lot more. Check out the exclusive interview only at MoviezAdda.

Hrithik first things first how did the germ of making Knight and Day incept into making Bang Bang also why another remake?

The germ is of Knight and Day but I wanted to do something in that space. I had seen the film on a flight and while I saw the film I said that it's got something very nice and it can be made into a Hindi film. Coincidently, one month after that Sid called me and he said he wants to do a remake of Knight and Day and I was thinking the same thing a month back, it was a manifestation that was happening. So, I said this feels like destiny. After Dhoom 2, I wanted to do something in that cool space, wear those clothes again, have that kind of hair again; I wanted to do something I had no done for a long time. This was the perfect opportunity. Accordingly, I told Sid yes on the phone in 5 seconds but then I said I will sign the film once we work on the script. So, for 7 months we worked on the script and that when we started shooting for the film. Everyone said that why you doing this film, what are you doing with Siddharth Anand and I said a man should be judged on what he is right now. That man inspired me; he passed on his vision to me so judging a man because of his past is not right, also nobody has the power to know where I am going in my life. Even when I did Krrish people laughed, they said mask aur cape leke ud raha hai. In Koi Mil Gaya they told my dad you are going to ruin his career, but films are not about image, films are about exploring, it's about adventure. Films are about giving people what you believe in, giving them hope, giving them a way to vent their emotions, giving some aspirations, entertaining. You have to do all kinds of things. If you are stuck with your image it's a business for you. However, Films for me is no business, it's about contributing to the world with my art and ability and spreading that.

Hrithik don't you think that after doing Knight and Day you would be compared to Tom Cruise, just like when you did Agneepath you were compared with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan?

It's impossible to compare two people because I believe in individuality. Tom Cruise may interpret the same sentence because of his life and the experiences he's been through. If he's honest to that, he will interpret a line in one way. However, because of my life and instincts, I will interpret the same line in another way. Now if I start saying, Oh he's smiling a lot while saying that line, shall I do it because he's Tom Cruise? No! Because I need to get my individuality out, I need everything done my way. When you see the entirety of that, the character comes out as a real person. So, that is why you should not get confused with what another has done, even Mr. Bachchan did his own interpretation in Agneepath. It's very easy for anyone to go wrong in the remake of Agneepath but I did it according to my interpretation of each line. With honesty and fearlessness together, every actor's interpretation will be different. All of us have beautiful lives that we have lived and our instincts are made up of those experiences together. So you have to stick to your individuality at all times.

Hrithik in Bang Bang you will be seen sharing screen space with the legendary actor Danny Denzongpa after a long gap of almost 30 years after you both worked together in the film 'Bhagwaan Dada', so can you please share with us about your rapport and bonding with this great actor.

It was a great experience to work with him again, so much love is felt. That man is so wise and we really became friends, I mean imagine he is Danny uncle for me. But in Bang Bang we really connected as friends. He gave me a lot of good advice. One of the nice incidents that happened was my first shot which I had to do with him was a kick. It's the same exact shot I had done as a 12 year old child when I had to kick him in Bhagwaan Dada, so we were both stunned with this coincidence. After 30 years doing the same shot, can you imagine that?!

Hrithik while shooting for Bang Bang you went through a lot of physical and personal problems, so at that point what was the most challenging thing for you?

Hrithik Roshan talks about Bang BangWell, to get the blood out of my brain that was the biggest challenge, I was like what would happen now? I had a flight to catch in 8 hours. I said something feels wrong, my co-ordination, my legs, my hands, I don't feel Ok. While signing something, my handwriting was wavering; I was finding it difficult to write. I called up the doctor immediately and said I have to do one more scan and the results showed that my whole left side was full of blood. My brain had shifted to the right. So I said fine, but I have to fly in eight hours! The doctors said; fine if you fly you die. So I researched on that, got the best doctors, I did whatever I could do in my control. So I was relaxed, my work was done. I had to study and educate myself about the problem. Following that I met 3-4 doctors and asked them questions like doctor don't you think this should be done like this and his reply would be yes you can. Then I went to the next doctor, saying maybe we can adjust here, do this and he would be like yes we can. Amusingly, there was one doctor who said shut up I am the doctor, you are the patient, and I know what to do. So I said to myself 'This is the man' because when he is entering my brain his hands won't shake because he is entering Hrithik Roshan's brain. I was all set, sleeping on the operation table and that's when I saw the blood spurt out from my head. For any brain surgery, the only way to keep a check if the needle has gone in too much is by your facial expressions. You will twitch or make some weird face, that is the only check for the brain, because the brain in itself dosen't feel any pain. So, I had to be awake. It was like a jack hammer, like 10 people holding down your brain while the blood spurts out. And I was freaking out saying wow!

Hrithik lastly speaking of the title song from Bang Bang, your dance moves have become quite the rage. So after so many years of dancing are such steps a piece of cake for you?

No, you are not born perfect you can only achieve to be the best version of yourself. And that can only come through practice, through developing skills. There is this one shot in Bang Bang where I kick my legs and I am going back at the same time and now I see people are complementing that shot the most. I remember while we were shooting that step, I could not do that step and I changed 5 pairs of shoes so that I could get some level of confidence. I hoped that I didn't slip, after a couple of takes I finally threw out all the shoes and I got my Addidas tennis sport shoe, painted it black and gave the shot. I was wearing a formal suit, so the foot wear needed to be formal too. But I didn't care what I was wearing; my shot had to be perfect. So yeah a lot goes behind achieving perfection.