I will not move out alone: Hrithik

Published On: 2015-06-02

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Hrithik Roshan reflects on split with wife, says it has been 'quite easy’

Source: Hindustan Times
Date: September 25, 2014
By: Prashant Singh

For Hrithik Roshan, the past few months have been trying times, owing to both physical (he underwent brain surgery) and emotional (he separated from wife Sussanne) reasons. But the actor is optimistic. In this interview, he opens up about life after his separation, and all things films.

Has the recent past, after your split from Sussanne, been difficult?
In a way, yes. But it has been very enlightening too. It has also been very easy because once you overcome the toughest challenge, the rest of the things become really simple. It has actually been quite simple and easy.

Was working on your new film challenging due to the emotional turmoil in your life?
Of course. It was more challenging due to emotional reasons. But that is exactly where the mental strength comes in. This is the brightest film I have done. And I’m playing a happy character. I did all this at a time when my life was in deep contrast to that. This journey has been a great victory in itself.

In between, your equation with Salman Khan apparently took a hit (rumours of a rift were rife after Hrithik didn’t promote Krrish 3 on Bigg Boss 7). How is it now?
I don’t have any so-called bad equation with any human being in the world. I am not that kind of a person. If I was not on his show, I was probably sitting on Salman’s sofa, chatting with him at his house. It’s silly to say that if I am not in his movie or I’m not working with him, then we don’t have a good relationship.

Your decision to walk out of Karan Johar’s Shuddhi (now starring Salman) made big news.
It’s a big film. Whatever news comes out of a big film will make big news. But it’s fine. They didn’t want to wait anymore. So, I gave them a nice and dignified way out.

Apparently, that soured your equation with Karan?
Why? How? First of all, it’s not that I didn’t do the film. Karan Malhotra (director) wanted to move on. So, he asked me whether he can make the film with someone else. I said, ‘Of course. Yes, please. By all means’. And then I gave out a statement saying that the film has been in a limbo for too long, and I can’t let someone’s vision stagnate like that. And so, they are moving on without me.

Do you feel bad on having missed out on Shuddhi?
Not at all. When the director doesn’t want you in the film, what are you going to do? There’s no point in feeling bad about the past.

Were you surprised at being pulled into all kinds of rumours at that time?
People don’t have the power to pull me in the direction that they want. They will write and say what they feel like. It doesn’t affect me.

Talks are that you might work with Rob Cohen (director of The Fast and the Furious)…
It’s not official yet. We are still working something out. It’s happening, and that’s obvious. He has come down twice and spent two weeks here. It’s not finalised yet, but if something works out, you will know.

Also, are you planning to move out of your family home, as reported?
I’m still looking for a plot. That’s (a flat he has bought in Akshay Kumar’s building) my apartment, but I’m not moving there. To move out, I have to zero in on the plot because we are a big family. I am not going to move out alone.

Has Bang Bang been your toughest film yet?
The situations were tough. There were physical and emotional challenges. But I went about doing the right thing with strength and minus any assumptions, which is based on just outcomes and goals. If you stop assuming the worst, your brain clears up, and you can be far more objective. That made it easier.

Was it different working with Katrina Kaif for the second time?
She’s great fun on the sets and is a superb team player. She’s also a perfectionist, who will go to any length to achieve something she wants. That is proved by the way she has conquered a career in a language she didn’t know.