Don't do a film keeping in mind the business

Published On: 2015-06-03

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I Don’t Do A Film Keeping In Mind The Business

Source: Movie Preview

Neha: How different is ‘Bang Bang’ from ‘Knight And Day’?
Hrithik: The gem is of ‘Knight And Day’, but it’s a different film. I wanted to do something in that space. I saw the film while I was on a flight and I thought that it has got something that can be made into a Hindi film and after a month Sid (Siddharth Anand) called me and said that I want to make a remake of ‘Knight And Day’, and I told him that even I thought the same. It feels like destiny. After ‘Dhoom 2’ I wanted to do something in that cool space, wanted to wear that clothes and all. I wanted to do something that I haven’t done from a long time. I told him yes on the phone, but signed after 7 months once the script was ready. Many people told me not to do the film as the director is Sid. But, I did it as I don’t judge people with their past. I don’t do a film keeping in mind the business, I do it for creativity.

Neha: What was the reason that Sujoy Ghosh was roped in as a writer?
Hrithik: Sujoy is an incredible writer. I don’t know for what reason he was on board. I think Sujoy and Sid knew each other from past and they have worked as a team before.

Neha: Was ‘Bang Bang’ difficult as compared to ‘Krrish’?
Hrithik: Yes, it was, but it also was also the easiest film in my life. I have faced biggest struggles in life before this, so other things seem to be small.

Neha: Do you keep your health at a side when it comes to films?
Hrithik: No, I don’t. It’s not right to keep anything at a side. People say that they are positive, but for me positivity is crap. It’s all about evidence and not positivity. You become positive because of evidence.

Neha: What made you feel that ‘Knight And Day’ can be a Bollywood film?
Hrithik: It was a fun film and the screenplay was kind of a Hindi film. You can’t compare ‘Bang Bang’ with ‘Knight And Day’. When you see it you will come to know that it’s totally a different film.

Neha: How was it working with Danny Denzongpa, you had worked with him in the film ‘Bhagwaan Dada’ as a child artist?
Hrithik: It was great working with him. We became friends on the sets of the film. For me he is Danny uncle, but we became friends. In this film my first scene with him was where I kick him and we had done the same thing 30 years back in ‘Bhagwaan Dada’. So, we both were stunned that the same thing happened after 30 years as well.

Neha: If there is a comparison between you and Tom cruise, how would you take it?
Hrithik: It’s impossible to compare. I believe in individuality. He will say a line in his own way and I will say it in my own way. I need to do it in my way and come up with my individuality.

Neha: If ‘Bang Bang’ would have not been made, would you have thought to make it under Filmkraft (his father’s production house)?
Hrithik: Yes sure! Why not? It’s a great concept.

Neha: What was the biggest challenge you faced while shooting for ‘Bang Bang’?
Hrithik: To get the blood out of my brain (laughs). I had my flight in few hours, I was on treadmill getting ready for an action scene, but then I felt something is wrong. My hands, my legs; the moments were not proper. While I was signing something my hands were shaking and it was difficult to write. So, I called up the doctor, did scan and then I was told that my brain has moved at a side and one side it was all blood. Then I found the best doctor. I educated myself for the things and then I just relaxed.

Neha: Did your life change after the surgery?
Hrithik: No, it just made me stronger.

Neha: Are you planning to do a Hollywood film?
Hrithik: Hollywood projects are always coming. They keep on sending me scripts. I have around six scripts, but haven’t decided which one to do.

Neha: In ‘Bang Bang’ title track you seemed to have danced effortlessly, did you do any preparation for it?
Hrithik: Its always the opposite. It looks like effortlessly done, but I have to put a lot of efforts. There was a step which I was not able to do it and I changed five pair of shoes to do it properly and then I wore my sports shoes, painted it black to make it look like a formal shoes and then I did that steps.

Neha: How the problems in life influence you as an actor?
Hrithik: First of all I don’t call them problems, they are my strings. They were the moments that gave me strength. They were my moments of strength and not problems.

Neha: You said that Ashutosh Gowariker stood by you when everyone turned away…
Hrithik: No, it’s not like that. Yes, few films I had quit like ‘Shuddhi’ and Ashutosh was behind me from three years, so I went to him and read the script and it blew my mind and I said this is something what I want to do next.

Neha: Did it affect that you were told to move out of ‘Shuddhi’?
Hrithik: No, it’s not at all like that. If they want to move on without me its ok.

Neha: Have you seen the remake of ‘Khoobsurat’?
Hrithik: No I haven’t, but I want to see. I really adore Sonam Kapoor, so I want to see it.