Hrithik Roshan isn't a Greek God

Published On: 2015-06-06

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Hrithik Roshan isn’t a Greek God

Source: Deccan Chronicle
By: Lipika Verma
Date: October 2, 2014

As good-looking as a Greek God... Only one person in Bollywood can stake a claim to be that Hrithik Roshan. But ahead of his release, Bang Bang, the actor jokes, “When I landed in Greece, I was expecting people to come forward and recognize me as a “Greek God”. But since no one did so, I feel sab mujhe jhut mein hi Greek God bulate hain.”

‘It’s about giving back’
“I do not do films for money,” says the actor. “Through this medium I can give something back to people. It is always better not to bother about having your own cup filled up to the brim. I think that in this one lifetime I can give something to people all over the world, which will inspire them. I never do anything merely to set trends. I like to focus more on this medium in order to be able to give a little happiness. My aim is always to give a good film,” he adds.

A tough shoot
“I wanted BB to be one of my best films. But I started the shoot late. I would have severe headaches and could hardly speak. My own vocals would make me feel miserable as though someone was striking back. I did not know whether to laugh or cry…I could do neither. I soon realised that instead of sitting and asking questions like, why me? I needed to get up and go ahead in life.

“We need to go on with life, leaving all the bitter experiences and be able to learn, also by giving more to people. The bad things need not be given a chair to sit on. My films are my life and I am using them as a channel to be happy.”