Bang Bang is the interval point of my life

Published On: 2015-06-14

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"Bang Bang is the interval point of my life; second half would be better" - Hrithik Roshan

Source: Bollywood Hungama
By Joginder Tuteja
Date: Oct 4, 2014

Bang Bang has released, and in Hrithik Roshan's words, 'he has done his happiest film in the toughest times he has ever encountered'. With his health and personal issues prevailing for over a year now, it was a tough journey indeed for Hrithik to start and finish a film that has been made at a made at a budget of RS. 140 crores. That, when it was expected to be a quick film! However, meet the man today and he is at his cheerful best, while also happily reflecting at things that pulled him all back at every nook and corner, even as he shrugged his way past all the deviations and diversions.

More than a year in the making, Bang Bang has finally released and is already being tagged as one of the biggest and the costliest films of all times.
When I started this film, it was a small one. My destiny is such that whichever film I do thinking that it would be a small or a quick one, it turns out to be my biggest ever. In fact I wanted to do something light, cool and fun after Krrish 3. I thought that it would be easy. However, the kind of challenges that I faced and the kind of hurdles that came in our way, it all turned out to be very difficult. Having said that, my work has been the easiest amongst all the films that I have done. I don't know how it all happened but whenever I was in front of the camera, I made sure to raise the bar and make this my best film. I think I have achieved that.

It is quite a paradox, isn't it, to have your work being the easiest in a film which has been the toughest of them all?
Yes indeed, but really, in terms of action or emotion, this has been my easiest ever. Also, I discovered that in contrast to other films that I have done where I had to get into the character, this one just required to be me. The character of Rajvir that I am playing in the film is me. I didn't know that I am Rajvir in real life too and in that aspect, Bang Bang has allowed me that discovery.

From Krrish 3 to Bang Bang, it has been some journey too…
And guess what, I didn't prep at all for Bang Bang; it was absolutely 0%. See, most part of Krrish 3 was shot in studios and I just got suffocated and tired at the end of it all. So with Bang Bang, when I got the chance to roam around the world with no emotional burden, I was game for it. In any case, I love to travel a lot, whether it is in terms of geography or a journey through heart. A human being is meant to travel all roads of life while passing through situations and experiences. When I meet people in different parts of the world, I realize that we are all the same; there is no difference in people's core. You smile at them and they do the same; you love them and they love you.

So which was your best traveling experience for Bang Bang?
Greece. When I was there, I started wondering that people call me 'Greek God' but yahantohmujhekoyijaantabhinahi (laughs). I think Greece is just paradise. Tomorrow, if I have to settle down in life outside India, I would go there for sure. What I really like about Greece is that people there only believe in love. They live like how I like I live. They are very family oriented, very dildaar log. The kind of love that they give is amazing.

You were facing some trying times personally though when you were shooting the film.
I knew that I would succumb if I didn't do this film for a while. I had to battle my personal issues and the only way to move out of the box I was confined in was to break out of it. I had to find the power inside me that would channelize me. I just trusted the universe and jumped into it. It is ironic that I have done the happiest film of my life in my saddest time. If I wouldn't have done this film, then I would have been locked up for long. I didn't want that to happen to me.

Now that you look back at the experience, how does it all seem?
I think if I ever write a book, there would be a chapter where Bang Bang would be the interval point of my life. I am sure that my second half would be the better half of my life. It is a new beginning for me after all and the book would narrate how to rise after a fall. See, I am not a perfect individual but then my effort, my hard work is perfect. I give my 100% to things in life; I don't fight with anyone, my focus is from my sunrise to my sunset.

And still rumors around you emerge which, at times, are scathing.
Just the other day, I was telling someone that suppose I am walking on the road and someone screams - 'Arrey, Hrithik's right hand is missing', then I would know that either he is lying or he is mad or he is blind. Similarly, whatever someone may say about me, I know my truth and I won't care beyond that. I won't lose focus just because someone wants me to believe otherwise as per his or her convenience. I would just keep walking.