With Bang Bang the praise is a bit too passionate

Published On: 2015-06-15

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Krrish3 got me respect, but with Bang Bang, the praise is a bit too passionate to handle

Source: TNN
By: Priya Gupta

What do I say about Hrithik Roshan? We all know how good-looking he is and how he is so loved by millions of young and old boys and girls. But what truly impresses me about him, is his humility.

Bang Bang is your third film to have crossed the 100-crore mark and your highest opener so far, beating even the most loved Krrish 3. How does it feel to be a superstar at the box office?

Box office numbers are important, as they determine the success of the film in its entirety. Every film will draw individual opinions about it. But individual opinions are not the truth. The box office opinion gives you the true magnitude of love for a film. An actor needs to do all kinds of films. One film can cater to a limited audience and garner huge praise from that section of the audience, while a film like Bang Bang caters to the entire spectrum. So, I have done films like Guzaarish and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, which become classics in the minds of some individuals, who will remember them for life and have been filled with praise. And then there are films like Bang Bang that are out-and- out entertainers. The majority of India as a country just wants to be entertained. There are people who just want to go out there and have a great time. Which is why entertainers do so well.

Are you happy with Bang Bang?

I am overjoyed with it. The kind of praise I have got with Bang Bang is unprecedented. I got a lot of praise for Krrish3. But it was more on the lines of respect. This is more on the lines of 'oohs' and 'aahs', the claps and the ceetees. It's a bit embarrassing actually to hear women yelling 'I want you' and men saying, 'I wish I was gay.' This is a different world of compliments that I had secretly missed J.

How does it feel?

The feeling is the same, be it critical acclaim, respect or this youthful passionate thrust of compliments. You got to make sure that you understand that it is not all you, but the entire team that is behind the film.

Explain the adulation?

I have faced this kind of adulation only twice before, during the time of Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and then during Dhoom2. In just the way the female and male fans have reacted and the love that I am getting from youth. This time, it actually seems more than what I experienced then, as maybe at that time, I was more at the cusp of growing. Also probably, there is a growth in me now. Also, it has been a long time since my fans saw me doing the stuff they like besides just acting — the dance and action. And the purpose of my doing this film was just that. After doing Agneepath and Krrish3, I wanted to do an out-and-out entertaining film, not going into a world that got into strict authenticity, reality or depth of the character, carrying a mountain of emotions or sending a message of vindication or sending a spiritual message through the film. My last few films have been that, be it Guzaarish, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Agneepath or Krrish3. In Krrish3, the character is either a simpleton or the fantastic character with a mask. So I personally missed seeing my own face, and that too in a way that I could, in Bang Bang. Finally, I can see how I look when I am angry, the way I look when I am smiling or emoting and then get a chance to do something that is cool, that I have not done for sometime. People have loved Rajveer because he's got a lot of power and character and has just the confidence of being a man, who is not the nice guy, but a powerful good guy. This film gave me all those opportunities and it was something that my fans were asking for a long, long time. I would always be asked, 'When will you do a film like this which is pure sunshine?' Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and Dhoom2 were like that and now, Bang Bang is. It is not self-indulgent. It's about hope, dreams, aspirations, laughter and adrenaline. There is no character in the film that is looking for a personal vindication. It's just a fun, light, entertaining film and that is why it has generated the response that it has.

Are you aware how good-looking you are?

I keep getting made aware when this kind of film comes out, but it surprises me. The power of cinema surprises you. Personally, I don't know if I can compare to Rajveer on screen. There is a side that comes out when I am acting and I understand that, that side of my personality is being looked upon as attractive and I take it like that.

Coincidentally, you were single during the time of Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and again during Bang Bang. Any thoughts?

Maybe, it's kind of like a re-start. In a similar way as in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai time, where I was single and I got this kind of adulation. I'd like to see it in a positive way. Maybe this is my second innings. And hopefully, the second half of my life will be the better half of my life.

What is the craziest message you got from a fan?

I am embarrassed to even talk about it, but let's just say that most of the messages have just been... I guess orgasmic. And I take that very humbly as a compliment.

It's amazing to see you so very level-headed, despite so much madness for and around you?

Everyone feels good with a compliment, but over the years, I have realised that being sexy is all about your character. That is what makes one attractive. Not the placement of your eyes or nose or mouth. It's not ever just about looks. Also, getting too excited with something so fleeting, like the way you look, shows immaturity. You will look even more attractive when you are comfortable with the way you look and you are cool with it and you are not jumping up and down, if praised for it.

There are only 5 superstars whose films have crossed the 150-crore mark? And that includes you.

Well, if you don't have gratitude in life already, then even that will not fill you up. But if you practise gratitude every single day, then truth is you will be happy. Even if you are No. 1 and don't know gratitude, you will be like a hamster running blind, trying to maintain it. You will always be in a struggle and life will pass you by. What's worse is that you will never be able to enjoy your success. True power and true happiness are when you use your success to make others around you feel even more significant. So what is most important as against being No. 1, 3 or 5 is to have gratitude and to lead a good life.

There are many other superstars who, unlike you, don't get this and are far from being humble.

There is no choice. Others will also learn. Whether you learn it now or 10 years from now. Eventually if you don't find humility, humility will find you. Humility is nothing but the truth that we all are as significant or as insignificant as each other. That we are here to contribute to others and allow others to contribute to our lives.

Do you enjoy seeing yourself on screen?

Sometimes I do. When a particular shot matches the vision I had in my head while creating the image. If it matches that, I really feel great. I felt that in a couple of shots in Bang Bang. Tu Meri and the Bang Bang title tracks had some satisfying moments too.

Have you ever met your hero Michael Jackson?

All my life I have been his fan for his style. And yes, I met him once when I was shooting for Kites in this bungalow in LA. I was doing my make-up and he walked by behind me. I saw his reflection in the mirror wondering who this guy was, who had entered my room without knocking. He was walking across to the other room. And I realised that he looked like Michael Jackson. He had come to look at that location for shooting his video. I dropped doing my make-up and went to meet him. He was gentle, almost fragile. And he said, 'Hi. I am Michael.' But, of course, I understand watching someone's persona on screen and then meeting them in real life can be quite different. I noticed that and felt that and realise that, that is something people must be feeling when they meet me too. I respect the man for the work he has done and not for what he is in reality. He had no idea of who I was even remotely. Since I was a kid, I used to learn his moves by pressing play and pause on a VHS. I am his fan and as fans, when you meet stars, you sometimes expect them to be certain kind of way, but, in reality, he is a human being and may be having a bad day or is down or his energy that you see on screen may not be projected that day, and that may reposition his image in your mind, but that is not fair.

You went through a lot personally for making Bang Bang. How does it feel?

I am very happy with the journey of Bang Bang. Yes, it was tough emotionally. Somebody else in my place could have taken a 2 or 3 year sabbatical to get through, settle and then restart. That's the advice my friends and well-wishers gave me. But I went through it, as I knew that life is made of time and I didn't want to waste 3 years in finding my centre before I restarted. I knew that there is another way to find that centre through pushing through that, which seems impossible. So I just got up and got going. The image that helped was that of a soldier in my mind, who contributes and gives no matter what he is going through. The answer to any kind of pain or bad space in your life is to create. In work, in your home, in your environment. That shifts your focus into brighter zones in your head and then you get more ideas like a domino effect. I took this upon myself as my biggest challenge and I feel really happy, as it has been my biggest victory, regardless of the box office numbers, although the box office numbers are also great. I was quite shocked that it beat the first day collection of Krrish3. That was a great feeling, given that it was not a solo release like Krrish3 and despite the fact that we could not increase our ticket prices.