Friend, philosopher and guide

Published On: 2012-07-12

Author: unknown

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'Friend, philosopher and guide'


Source: Sify
Date: 12 June , 2003


"I was always in awe of him right from childhood. I could never be myself in front of him. So I was closer to mummy. He was very strict in some ways and very kind in others. We used to hear a lot of stories about how our grandfather (music composer Roshan) had struggled to establish himself. Dad taught us the values of humanity and charity. I used to be very spoilt. If I didn't get anything I wanted I'd sulk and sit with a grumpy face till I got it, if dad ever scolded me he'd feel so bad that he would come back and ask if I was okay.

Once I remember a friend of mine and I were playing on the terrace. We were bored and suddenly we saw a crate of empty bottles lying around. We picked up the empty bottles and started throwing them down without caring as to who might be harmed. People kept shouting from below for us to stop but we didn't bother. Suddenly my father's car entered the building and boy, I got the thrashing of my life!

Dad always kept us away from the film industry and we were never allowed on his sets. Once, when I was about 15-years-old, I went to see him during a shoot and what did I see? Dad was sweeping the sets! I was so shocked and embarrassed and looked around to see if anyone was watching. I couldn't believe that my father who had given us every kind of luxury at home was actually sweeping the sets! It taught me a salutary lesson. I admire him tremendously and have learnt my values from him. He's very God-fearing and generous, and I too feel that whatever we have needs to be shared.

Even before I started earning if anyone came to ask for charity I would give away my pocket money. That's what my father has taught me. Money is not more important that humanity.