I don't want to lose time: Hrithik

Published On: 2015-06-18

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‘I don’t want to lose time’

Source: Deccan Chronicle By: Natasha Coutinho After a prolonged spell of hard times, the success of his latest release Bang Bang has Hrithik Roshan smiling at last. While shooting for the film, the superstar was battling a lot. He underwent a brain surgery and around the same time he also split from his wife Sussanne. But there was no stopping. The actor fought on and came out winning on the other side. Hrithik hopes other actors follow his example. “I hope upcoming actors follow my example. When you are faced with impossibilities and life makes no sense and you feel who do I work for now? You are mentally and emotionally down, it’s easy to halt. Actors who have gone through all this (like me) have even taken a two to three year sabbatical. But I believe that life is made up of time, I don’t want to lose time. I want to be that soldier who will march ahead no matter what.” Ask him what kept him so positive despite a bad phase and he says, “Positivity as a word is crap there is no such thing. It’s like your phone has broken but in your head you are trying to convince yourself, nahi toota hai. Positivity should be determined by evidence and from there you can gain positivity. So you think a part of me is broken but I still have so many things and then you move on. You have to do something to make things alright, it won’t happen on its own.” The ordeal while making the film makes its success all the more sweet Hrithik has one more Rs 100-crore hit to his name now. “While I was filming for Bang Bang, I was just out of my surgery I could not take loud sounds. I did the entire film with earplugs on. I could barely hear the beats of the songs; it was all muffled. I managed somehow. But it was all worth it when my kids loved the film. Their reaction matters the most. My mother had tears in her eyes when she saw it” Hrithik is known to be extremely choosy about his projects, but insists that he is working on taking up more films. “I’m pushing myself to have regular releases since the time I started my career but that doesn’t seem to happen. I want to do at least two to three films a year. Hopefully, now the time has come. I will plan my year in such a way that I have more releases,” he says. Otherwise known to be a reserved person, of late Hrithik has been called an “attention seeker” by a certain section of the industry, owing to his Bang Bang dares. “I believe that in the industry, we people are much better as human beings outside our films, money and success. I believe in doing my best and helping others do their best. It was not like I asked any actor to do something for me. Instead, I created a platform where actors could do something for their fans and in that regard the contribution was in both ways. I know that this will go down as an example in history,” he says. Hrithik continues, “My intention was right, else it wouldn’t have worked. In fact it worked so well that some people are feeling bad that I didn’t give them a dare. I have been getting requests, there is a big list on my phone, post the release. Now I’m thinking who do I give what dare. I feel obliged to give them something. If you think this was my strategy, it will kill the intention because if we see something too good to be true, we think isme kuch khot hoga. Toh phir achcha kya hai? We should appreciate good and pure things.” Hrithik is candid enough to admit that box office figures matter a lot to him and he cannot deny their importance. “When I did Guzaarish, I earned a lot of respect. People’s lives changed but at the box office, the film did not work. The fact is box office numbers are the only way to judge a film’s success. You could have 10,000 people praising you to the skies, but then maybe there are the only 10,000 people in the world who liked your film. Numbers give you a perspective about how much the film is loved.” But he is quick to add that he does respect critics’ opinion too. “Everyone’s opinion matters including that of critics. They plant a seed in your mind about how the film is. But fact remains that the films that have crossed the Rs 100-crore mark have got mixed reviews while films, whose reviews made me seem like some sort of god, have not worked,” he says. His fans, especially the female ones, are however, too happy with his look in his latest film. “Yes, the reactions I’ve got for Bang Bang are interesting. There were a lot of oohs and aahs from the audience and that’s good. The last time I got such a reaction was when I did Dhoom 2. I have consistently worked towards that goal of achieving a certain body type. I want to inspire people to be better versions of themselves. Everyone makes mistakes, but that isn’t the end.” He and his father Rakesh Roshan have always been a winning combination. Hrithik says that his father loves commercial cinema and is unapologetic about it. “My father will never make a small-budget film. His films are like sunshine full of drama, entertainment and dance. He can never make a Guzaarish or a Fiza. We are working on Krrish 4, but there may be another film before that.” After working back-to-back for a long time, Hrithik is now looking forward to spending some quality time with his family his parents and his children. With Diwali just around the corner, Hrithik says, “This Diwali I plan to spend time with family and if I get a few days off, I may exit the pollution of this city.”