Omkar Purohit recalls working with Hrithik

Published On: 2015-07-04

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Child actor Omkar Purohit recalls working on Koi Mil Gaya with Hrithik Roshan!

Source: Bollywood Life

Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan! For many of you who love and idolise Hrithik, today is a special day when you get to celebrate your favourite superstar’s birthday. But for me, Hrithik walked into my life 12 years ago when I was a kid who got the fortunate chance of working with him on one of his most iconic film – Koi Mil Gaya.

On his 41st birthday, I thought of sharing some of my memories with Hrithik….

My character in KMG was called Chotu who was one of Rohit Mehra’s friend

I didn’t recognise him at first meet

Well, initially I didn’t know that I was going to work with HRITHIK ROSHAN when I got selected for the film. But there I was on the first day of the shoot standing with Hansika Motwani and other co-stars eagerly waiting to meet the star. And then Hrithik made his apperance almost unrecognisable as Rohit Mehra in his role of a grown up kid who had this child like innocence about him. He shook his hand with me and I was like “OMG this is Hrithik!”. He then told me why he was dressed up in such a way and behaving in a particular manner, he was actually getting into the skin of his character.

Our nick names for Hrithik

I feel he is one of the most humble people I have ever met in the industry. He made us really comfortable between the scenes we shot together. Being a star he never made us feel as kids and behaved as a friend. We called him with various names like ’Hrithik bhaiya’, ‘Duggu bhai’ and sometime just ‘Hrithik’ to pull his legs.

When Farah yelled at him!

Let me start with Hrithik’s one of the inspiring stories he told us. While he was shooting for Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, his dance moves were not as great as they are today. His then choreographer Farah Khan was upset with Hrithik as he couldn’t match his steps with other dancer while shooting for his first song Pyarr Ki Kashti Main. He said,”I practiced my dance moves after the shoot again and again to make it perfect and later on the next day all dancers got shocked and applauded for my perfect moves .” I was awe struck after hearing this from the super star who is now one of the best dancers in the industry. Clearly he’s worked hard on a lot of things!

Hrithik the real super hero

The most heart touching moment for me was when we were shooting for the famous Koi Mil Gaya basket ball match scene. I was wired up with harness all around my body and had to jump around 20 feet high in the air. During the take one of the wires snapped and I was hanging mid-air with the help of just one wire and shivering with fear. To my surprise Hrithik rushed towards me and grabbed my legs and made sure I land safely on the floor. He screamed at the technicians for the mishap and asked me if I could continue. I just gave him thumbs up and completed the shot successfully.

Koi Mil Gaya baccha team punishes Hrithik

We were shooting for the films songs in Canada for more than a month. Whenever we finished our shoot, Hrithik use to take us for a long drive or shop on the streets of the city. Once he had promised to us to McDonald’s, but due to his workout schedule he just gave it a miss. Next day he did 10 sit-ups saying a big sorry and made our day by taking all of us to McDonald’s in a local bus in Vancouver.

We all ragged him!

Apart from that we troubled him throughout the shoot by forcing him to repeat his dance moves from her earlier films, takes us to various places, to play around with his biceps and what not.

Well, he is one man who apart from being a star helped us grow and taught us how you to fight against all the difficulties in our lives.I wish Hrithik bhai happiest birthday ever!