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Published On: 2015-08-14

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Hrithik on HRX heroes, Mohenjodaro and living in the real world!

Source: Telegraph
Date: Nov 1, 2015
By:Sudeshna Banerjee

Hrithik Roshan was taken aback on hearing that the last time our paths had crossed, this reporter was trying to hide from his bodyguards. “But why?” he asked, green eyes wide in amazement. On hearing about the undercover reportage of his dance rehearsals for the IPL 8 opening in Salt Lake stadium, he broke into a grin as we settled down to a tete -a-tete.

Calcuttans were floored by the scorching performance you gave on a wet stage at the IPL inauguration earlier this year...

Yes, it was wet. Maine toh thaan li thi ki even if it rains, I am going to dance. In fact, I wanted it to rain (laughs). I enjoyed it. I get a lot of love from Calcutta whenever I go there. My first show was there (Salt Lake Stadium in the year 2000). Maybe it has something to do with my having 25 per cent of Bengali blood, thanks to my daadi... dida (Ira).

From IPL to the ongoing ISL. Who are your football heroes?

Right now, I am inspired by the way our Pune (FC) team has started off the
season. I feel vindicated because at the start, I had said that I know this time we will win the trophy and right now, we are at the top of the table.

So the defending champs, Sourav Ganguly’s Atletico de Kolkata, better watch out?

Why just Sourav? Every team better watch out!

Why have you agreed to do the show HRX Heroes and what was your reaction when you heard these life stories?

I was deeply touched. In fact, I had tears in my eyes so frequently that I was concerned that this might look like I was overdoing it. This is the kind of impact each story had on me. When we watch news channels, regretfully most of the information we get is focused on the horrors, the chaos and the negativity in the world. I do not want my children and the youth at large to be moulded by fear. I want to balance that out as much as I can by bombarding them with powerful examples of the accomplishments of people who have done the impossible, to give them evidence so that they emerge as fearless and independent. That will lead to a happier, more progressive society and country.

Would you want to do more of HRX Heroes?

This is just a start. I know there will be a second, third, fourth, fifth season.
How different is this show from Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate and Amitabh Bachchan’s Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi?
It is important for us to understand that everyone around us is celebrating heroes. Koi competition nahin hai. The more the better. We need to spread more awareness.

Who or what was your biggest support when you were low?

Of course it helps to have outside support, but I won’t tell people that you can’t do it if you don’t have people supporting you. What supported me most was a visual image of myself five years from then. I chose to imagine myself doing the things I wanted to do. People said it was stupid. But I had a recurring dream of being that guy on top of the mountain, with his hair flying... I got locked onto that dream. Much later, with Krrish, I grew long hair and I became that guy (laughs).

Stars tend to live in a bubble. Does it bother you not being able to step out for vada pav?

I am not among those stars. I live in the real world. You want to have vada pav with me? I can go. I have no inhibition. I go to PVR to catch a film or take my kids (Hrehaan, 9 and Hridhaan, 7) shopping to Hamleys.

With their father shooting for Mohenjo Daro (directed by Ashutosh Gowariker), are your sons taking interest in ancient Indian history?

Well, they are curious. They ask me. Very soon, they will be learning about the civilisation in school. It will be nice to have a visual representation in their own father. Shooting is on the last lap now.

Are you among those watching with interest Priyanka Chopra’s career move of shifting to the US to do Quantico?

Everybody is watching. She has taken a phenomenal leap. Credit to her efforts and her strong-headed, level-minded intelligence. Talent finds its own level everywhere.