Keeping Fit the Hrithik Roshan way!

Published On: 2012-07-19

Author: Deepali Nandwani

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Hrithik Roshan: What I do to keep fit


Source: Deepali Nandwani

For actor Hrithik Roshan, staying fit is all about taking the right kind of diet and nutrition. Exercising is essential, but so is a proper diet and nutrition. Here he tells Deepali Nandwani about his famous workout routine, which got him the body that he has now.


"I do not workout daily. I exercise about four or five days a week, out of which three days I try and concentrate on cardio-exercises. Unlike popular perception, working out daily could be injurious. Your body needs some rest.

I go to a gym at The Club, at Juhu in Mumbai. I do about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. For me going to the gym is very important. I do weight training mostly and cardio-exercises once or twice, sometimes thrice a week. I ideally like to do cardio about three times a week but my shooting keeps me busy and I don't get much time for this schedule.

My day begins early at 6 a.m., irrespective of how late I have gotten to slept in the night. I start my exercise with jogging and then do the workout. I concentrate on each part of my body separately and do special workouts designed for each.

I also own two separate sets of exercise equipment, one, which is kept at home, and the other, which I take along when I travel. They are imported pressure pull machines, which help me work out during my free moments even on a flight. With the help of a vacuum press, I fix this equipment to a flat surface and pull the handle to exercise the biceps. I follow the same process for my legs. This special mechanism is an essential part of my entourage, along with dumb bells."


"My dietary restrictions are few because I work out. Yet I avoid oily and fried food. I like Chinese food and Indian food, but hate milk and cannot have any milk product, except chocolate. I am not on any special diet because my exercise routine ensures that I stay fit.

Everyday, I have a special chocolate milk shake that is full of protein and recommended by my instructor. I have a heavy breakfast because I feel that's the most important meal of the day. My afternoon meal is mostly on the sets and an evening snack is optional.

Since I work late into the night, my dinner is either on the sets or I go out with friends to restaurants. I don't drink often but when I do it is Bacardi with Coke. I have a sweet tooth and love anything that has sugar but I am very careful about overindulging.

I'm very much into exercising but I love food too. I make the best eggs in the world - fabulous Spanish omelets and very good scrambled eggs but I can't give you my recipes. I haven't really cooked for two years but when I was in school I used to get ready early and then go into the kitchen and make my eggs.

But I do monitor my food habits. It's 90 per cent your diet that works and 10 per cent what you do. I eat very little oil, butter, ghee and fatty stuff. I balance my meals out - protein and carbohydrates and fats. I drink lots of water and stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. I believe nothing is bad in moderation but things like smoking and drinking are difficult to moderate."

Things he never does to stay fit:

"I don't ever overstretch my body or exercise too much. Like food, I also believe moderation in exercise. Besides which, I do not take any supplements to build or pump up muscles."

Things he always does to stay fit:

"Exercise regularly, and do a lot of cardios. I regularly jog on my treadmill. I'm going to buy a bike soon so I can cycle."

Advice on building muscles:

"Do a lot of cardio exercises. They help build muscles and are good for the heart. Do a lot of cycling and treadmill as far as possible. This way, you will your thighs and your arms in a great shape. Do crunches for the stomach. I do about 500 a day, but even if you do 200 a day it is enough to give you a washboard stomach. Swim or go jogging if you can about two days a week, it gives your body flexibility. And do not over exercise."

Recommended diet:

"As I said I do not follow any particular diet routine. But there are a few suggestions. Cut down on oily and fried food and take a lot of fruits and vegetables, which have natural fibers in them. Take about six small meals a day, instead of two large ones. Drink loads of water; say about a liter a day, since it will help flush out toxins in your body. Once a week, do a food diet. Eat only fruits and those who like milk can have two glasses of buttermilk. Take a protein shake everyday, but consult your dietician or fitness instructor before you take them."