Hrithik on Kaabil, Indian Army and more

Published On: 2015-10-10

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Hrithik in Kanpur

Excerpts from Hrithik's interviews in Kanpur

I don't get angry often. But stupidity bothers me. If someone repeats the same mistakes again, then I get angry.

If I get a chance to make a movie, then I have no problem becoming a producer. I will continue my father's legacy.

In the future, if I get a script like #Guzaarish; I will prefer to become a partner in the movie so the budget can be kept in check-

It's very important to control the budget when you are trying to tell a story like #Guzaarish.

When you are doing a movie like #Guzaarish, the economics of the project becomes a very important point. -

My association with #RadioCity and the Jagran family has been a long one. - #Hrithik

I am a man of peace and love. But the soldiers posted on the border of my country pay the price for maintaining that peace. - #Hrithik

I feel deeply for the soldiers. They protect us without even knowing us. They are ready to sacrifice their lives for our safety.- #Hrithik

I will always stand by my nation's army. - #Hrithik

We keep hearing about the difficulties faced by the different abled people. But I experienced them in #Kaabil.

For #Kaabil, I used to blindfold myself and practice around my house. But the darkness used to frighten me a lot.- #Hrithik

I am not a VIP. I am a WIP - Work In Progress. - #Hrithik

I try to remain as true to the character as much I can. But ultimately it all depends on the director; how he wants to present me.- #Hrithik

#Hrithik-I don't have a favourite character, but I think there is something special about the roles of #Guzaarish, #JodhaaAkbar, #KMG #KNPH

My diet is protein rich. - #Hrithik

I exercise for 90 minutes in the morning and for 90 minutes in the evening. - #Hrithik

I am on a strict diet right now but I am going to try all the #Kanpur specialities - #Hrithik

#Kanpur isn't just lucky for me but it is lucky for my papa as well. - #Hrithik

I think good time management is the key of success. - #Hrithik

Discipline isn't a cage. I think it is a way of living. - #Hrithik

But I lost 8 kgs in four to five weeks itself. A little discipline goes a long way. - #Hrithik

I play a common guy in #Kaabil so I had gained a little weight for the role. - #Hrithik

I don't have lunch or dinner. Instead, I eat every three hours. - #Hrithik

Discipline is very important in life. Even in the matters of food. - #Hrithik

I practiced for #Kaabil's role by blindfolding myself. - #Hrithik

They say that if nature takes away something from u,then ur other senses r stronger. So I tried to understand how blind people feel-#Hrithik

I always had respect for differently abled people but after #Kaabil, my respect for them has grown so much. - #Hrithik

You naturally tend to sympathise with blind people but I have felt just how incredibly powerful they are. They have all my respect- #Hrithik

The role in #Kaabil has made me nervous after a very long time. - #Hrithik

I am extremely shy. I face trouble if I have to tell directors about d kind of roles I want.If dey come 2 me on their own,den fine-#Hrithik

If someone suddenly told me that I had to play #Akbar's role, then I would have said that how can I even play that role? - #Hrithik

But since Ashutosh showed some trust in me with the role, I did #JodhaaAkbar

In recent past, the one movie that I enjoyed the most is #BajiraoMastani.

I don't have a dream role or a character in mind that I want to play. I go with the flow. - #Hrithik

Having said that, I think I wouldn't mind reliving #Rohit's character from #KMG. He is one character who is very close to my heart -#Hrithik

I am biggest fan of my chacha Rajesh Roshan. He composed music for Julie when he was 19 years old - those songs are my favourite. - #Hrithik

I have put my heart, my soul, my passion, my emotions in #Kaabil. I have tried to show my worth in it. - #Hrithik

If you change your pitch, breathing and note a little, you can speak in anyone's voice. I learned to do it. - #Hrithik

My role in #Kaabil is very difficult. I play a dubbing artist in the movie and I had to practice a lot. - #Hrithik

I will come to promote #Kaabil in #Kanpur soon. - #Hrithik

I share a very close relationship with the @JagranNews family and with the city of #Kanpur as well. - #Hrithik

#Kanpur has been extremely lucky for me. Whenever I have come here to promote any movie, it has succeeded. - #Hrithik