Hrithik Roshan reveals his pricey watch collection

Published On: 2015-10-20

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Hrithik Roshan reveals his pricey watch collection

Source: GQ
By: Varun Godinho

There’s a wall of humans that include bodyguards, publicists and hangers-on separating me from my subject at a five-star hotel in Juhu. Hrithik Roshan is behind that swell, keenly scoping out those around him while simultaneously appearing disinterested and nonchalantly humming a tune – a play celebrities pull off like a second skin. When the room clears and we get started on our interview, we aren’t talking films, but watches. It’s impossible to tell whether the animated vigour with which Roshan answers is a part of the character he slipped into when entering that room. That Hrithik Roshan does have a history with watches even before signing on Rado is beyond doubt.

Remember your first watch?

I do. My first one was a transparent Swatch, where I could see and hear the mechanism. I wore it to school. I’m very curious about how things work, so I used to love watching how it does its job.

And your earliest memory of a Rado?

When I was around eight or nine years old, I remember my dad used to have this really tough, thick wrist and on it, this thick rectangular Rado Ceramica. It was a very expensive watch, at least for my dad at that point in time, and it symbolized that he had made some money and found some success. I thought then that when I grow up, I want to have a watch and a wrist like that. My wrist didn’t grow to that size, but the second part came true.

Were there others who shaped your opinion of luxury watches?

All the men in my family. My uncle, my dad, my grandfather. In fact, watches became a predetermined birthday or anniversary gift. It’s one of my staple gifts too. A watch to me signifies dignity, elegance, makes a statement and also says that I value you.

Which are some of the other luxury watches you own?

I remember being gifted a Cartier. I was also given a Jaeger-LeCoultre and a Rolex. My dad has a lot more watches – he’s got most of the big brands. Those and lots of sunglasses and shoes.

Things Hrithik Roshan loves as well as can’t stand in a watch?

I love ones that fit well – watches with a little weight on them, but not too weighty. The one I’m wearing shouldn’t be too fussy, just elegant and strong. So, just like me – does the job, does it well.

How did you learn about the complex world of horology?

I’m still learning. I haven’t really been taught about watches, until Rado happened in my life. Now every time a new watch launches, I read about what is possible. This particular watch [points to the HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition on his wrist] has a dial that changes its shade according to the light. I think that’s pretty amazing.

You love high-performance machines like mechanical watches. You probably love cars and bikes too.

I own a Rolls-Royce that I presented myself for my birthday, and also a Mercedes-Maybach. As for bikes, I was gifted a Harley by a friend. I loved riding it, but even with the helmet people recognized me. So I gave it up, paid it forward and gifted it to another friend.

Have you ever paid for not being punctual in your career?

Thankfully I became what I became with my first film only. So then late or not, they forgave me. My dad though is very strict with punctuality. He actually says that there is no such thing as “on time” – you’re either late or a little early.

If you could rewind time to give a 30-year old Hrithik Roshan some advice, what would it be?

That you’re never allowed to say “I don’t have enough time”. Time is a bit of an illusion, and the moment you set out to do the things you want, you see there’s more than enough time. It’s just a shift of your belief system. You can’t have that excuse in your life, it’s just not allowed.