Luxury is about experiences: Hrithik

Published On: 2015-10-31

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Luxury is not about impressing, but about experiences: Hrithik Roshan

Source: Economic Times
By Aditi Saxena

Hrithik Roshan knows what it is to be suave. More than 15 years in showbiz means that one of the world’s best looking men has a sharply honed sense of style — seen in the clothes he wears with careless ease on screen, or the casual chocolate-brown knit shirt he sports at an event to promote watch brand Rado’s latest range as its ambassador.

Later, Roshan reveals that it is his journey that has defined this personal style. “Style really talks about your journey from one perspective. That is how your individuality comes through,” he tells ETPanache in a quiet conference room of an uptown hotel in Mumbai. These are luxuries that surround Roshan, but the ones that he takes seriously, that he enjoys indulging in, are the offbeat adventures he takes everywhere around the world with his two sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q. How do you define personal style?

Style comes from confidence. The more confident you are, the more comfortable you will be and the more stylish you will seem, even if you are not. Confidence comes from your experiences in life and how well you have been able to grow through your interpretations of those experiences, your challenges and achievements. Style really talks about your journey from one perspective. That is how your individuality comes through.

Q. What are you particular about when it comes to style?

Only about fit and comfort. It has to be of a certain kind. Apart from that, I know that whatever fails, I still have my spirit and my state of being that can override any shortcomings.

A watch is crucial to a man’s persona.

Q. What suits you best?

I have a watch to go with everything that I am wearing. It’s now so easy with all the Rado watches that I have. Are you a collector of watches? I used to love collecting them. My first watch was a Swatch — the transparent one, where you can see the skeleton and all the mechanisms. I don’t have it now, but I still love it.

Q. What would you count as your biggest indulgence?

My biggest indulgence has been very worth it. I indulge during my vacations. Everything else is on a need-tohave basis. But when I go for a vacation with my two boys, that’s when I splurge. We are like these adventurous explorers. I have a mission that by the time my sons are 21, there shouldn’t be a single place on earth that they haven’t seen. Last year, we explored Africa, this year, Europe. That’s when I actual ..

Q. So what did luxury mean to you when you were 21?

When I was 18 or 20, luxury meant impressing someone else. Impressing a girl or my friends with something I had and they didn’t. Now, it is not about impressing, but about experiences.

Q. When you were as old as your kids, what were your travel experiences?

Home to school and school to home. Home to Khandala and back. Autorickshaws, buses and trains. It was fun, but that was the scenario.