Hrithik on fitness, home and happiness

Published On: 2015-11-04

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Fitness, Home and Happiness: Hrithik Tells it All

Source: NDTV
Date: December 08, 2016

Hrithik Roshan is more than just your average Bollywood actor. He is a performer par excellence, literally sets fire on the dance floor (okay maybe not literally but you know what we mean), and is the definition of cool! But what makes him all of the above? Read on to find out!

1. Ambika Anand- So Hrithik, what makes you happy? What does it entail?

1. Hrithik Roshan- What makes me happy? Wow! You've gone straight to like a deep question there. Being enthusiastic about what I'm doing, keeps me happy. It is about knowing yourself and what makes you happy. And that takes quite a few years. And you have to live enough life I guess, to really understand that okay I don't need to do what the other person is doing. and follow that pattern because everyone says that you know, that's good or that person seems like he's enjoying more than you/ he seems more successful than you/ he's on the cover of magazines/ he's doing all these things that people keep praising and talking about. But maybe what gives you joy is reading a book and writing. It's just about understanding who you are.

2. Ambika Anand What song depicts your life at this moment?

2. Hrithik Roshan I know Ek pal ka jeena!

3. Ambika Anand - You love to travel, so what has been your favourite holiday destination?

3. Hrithik Roshan Well this time we did something crazy in my last vacation. We were in Venice and had organized this treasure hunt over the entire city. One of them that was we had to be in the center of a square - the main square and sing aloud. Jamaica Farewell was the song and I have shot it all, I keep shooting my moments. So we had to sing this song aloud and if we pass that test we would get the second clue which would come from a waiter in a random restaurant. So the treasure hunt was like organized in the entire city so we had to go like from one corner of the city to the other and travel and do these crazy things and all the challenges and finally you know get the prizes. So that was what came to mind was one of the craziest things. It is work, you cannot laze.

4. Ambika Anand - So what's your next holiday destination or what's on your list of places to visit?

4. Hrithik Roshan In my sons' bedroom I have a map of the world that covers the entire wall. And what we do is we throw darts and wherever the dart falls close to that you know that's where we will go next.

5. Ambika Anand - You have travelled so much, obviously both for work and for pleasure, where would you like to acquire holiday homes?

5. Hrithik Roshan I don't know if I would want a home because I don't get stuck in one place. You know the idea is to experience one thing and never go back to recreate it. Recreating is what takes away the magic and that's where we all get stuck. You know we have a great experience in one place and we are the memories of that place and you want to go back there and when you go back there.

6. Ambika Anand - Did you always want to become an actor?

6. Hrithik Roshan I thought that's what I am supposed to do. I didn't know I had a choice.

7. Ambika Anand - You are extremely fit! What's your fitness regime for everybody watching?

7. Hrithik Roshan Right now, I have just finished with my shoot of 'Kaabil' and I am in the process of getting back into my peak fitness state. So, right I do an hour and a half in the morning and an hour and a half in the evening. Morning is mainly cardio and mobility and evening is weight training and cross fit. In terms of diet I have about 5-6 meals a day, and all of them right now contain about 70-80 gms of protein.

8. Ambika Anand - Both your grandparents were into Bollywood and movies, what did you learn from each of them?

8. Hrithik Roshan Well I never got to meet my father's father, but my 'dida'- my 'dadi', what I learnt from her was to always keep growing. I mean she was like 82 years old and she used to wake up in the morning and come to me because she made a new tune in her voice. She used to make this tune and record them on a Dictaphone. And she just made music and I ended up using two of her songs in my films. So that's what I learnt from her. And from my dad and my 'Nana' who I learn so many things from every single day. I mean my grandfather, you know, he started off with absolutely nothing; studied under lamp lights and sold his wedding ring for books, he was self-educated.