Pain is nothing but weakness leaving your body

Published On: 2015-11-10

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Pain is nothing but weakness leaving your body

Source: TOI
By: Debashree Mohanty

Hrithik Roshan unplugged on love, life, heartbreak and dealing with controversies.
Q. What is a day in the life of Hrithik Roshan like?
Wake up to work out, keep things spontaneous, decide to sink deep into the task of the day (even if I don’t feel like it), finish work with another workout session. Then I chill with my kids, get them curious about at least one thing in life, celebrate the last meal of the day, then surrender to the need of sleep, only because it helps me rise brighter the next day. Or else, I wouldn’t sleep at all.
Q. What have tough times taught you?
Tough times are important in our lives. It’s during this period that we develop strength and abilities, and learn how to overcome obstacles. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then it’s easier to understand this. You have to lift loads that you cannot lift, for your muscles to get stronger. So tough times are like a gym for the mind, I call it the mental gym – that single perspective makes pain a fun thing to overcome. Pain is nothing but weakness leaving your body.
Q. Do you believe in living life like in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara?
Absolutely. That’s the thought that makes me fearless. I do believe in living life to the fullest. I do believe in enjoying, smiling, and more importantly, I believe in learning and being a student throughout my life. Whether you get one life or 10, this would be my motto in each.
Q. If life was a journey... who all would you like to take along?
My kids. I enjoy travelling with them the most. Not just because they are my kids but because they are fun individuals to be with, and to talk to.
Q. Do you enjoy shopping-on-the-go?
I don’t like shopping at all. I take out just one day to shop when I travel. That’s a rule my kids follow too. We have the list ready and a deadline we adhere to, no matter what.
Q. Your favourite corner at home...
My sea-facing balcony. That’s where I like to sit most of the time. But there is a space in my house for every mood I am in. It’s the way I have consciously created my environment – to suit all my moods.
Q. How do you keep your cool amid controversies? There have been a few...
People can only say two things about you – either the truth or lies. When it’s the truth, I’m okay with it. When they lie and I know the truth, I’m okay with that too. As long as you know who you are, you will always stay centred. But it’s not always possible to maintain your cool. Sometimes, emotions do take over. Having said that, you gain better perspective eventually.
Q. How do you deal with heartbreak?
We all deal with our own heartbreaks in unique ways. I have mostly relied on time and curiosity. Time heals you. And curiosity turns it into adventure.
Q. Is marriage always a decision made with the heart? Or mind?
It’s very difficult to generalise this. It differs for each person.
Q. Is it possible to be good friends with your ex?
Again, this depends on the nature and temperament of people involved and circumstances that they faced. The possibility of being good friends with your ex is absolutely there.
Q. How do you spend time with your sons – Hrehaan and Hridhaan?
All of us are very physical and love adventure. We love discovering new places and new things in the world. We love analysing stuff too. And teaching my sons about life has, in turn, taught me many things.
Q. People often confuse strength with masculinity...
Strength is not gender dependent.
Q. Do you believe in finding love again?
You look for things you need. I don’t need more love than I already have around me in my life.